Mike Wallace thinks he should have had 15-20 more touchdowns

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Mike Wallace had five touchdown catches in his first year with the Dolphins. He thinks he should have had four or five times that many.

Wallace told the Miami Herald that he thinks if the Dolphins would have had an offense that better used his talents as a deep threat, he could have led the league in touchdown catches, and maybe set a new NFL record.

We have to,” Wallace said. “Definitely have got to get the deep ball going. That’s the difference between winning and losing a couple games. I should have had 15 or 20 more touchdowns. And that’s being modest. If you press me, you have no shot to cover me. Once I get you to stop your feet, it’s over.”

The all-time record for touchdown catches in a season is 23 by Randy Moss in 2007, so when Wallace says he should have had 20 more than he had, he’s saying he should have broken that record. That’s a tall order, but it’s certainly true that the Dolphins didn’t get nearly enough out of Wallace after signing him to a five-year, $60 million contract. Wallace needs to catch a lot more deep balls in 2014 if he’s going to earn that money.

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  1. It’s not about thinking what you should do… it’s about doing what you should do.

    Externalizing isn’t doing.

    I just can’t abide talk without walk.

  2. One trick pony. He’ll be out of the league in 3 years, out of Miami in 2. He’s right that once they stopped their feet, he can burn them. Thats why it worked in Pitt, big Ben would scramble the defense started watching him, wallace would get behind them. Unfortunately tannehill isn’t big Ben. The best thing wallace does now is take pressure off the other guys.

  3. This guy really needs to shut his mouth. He has no heart, does not catch with his hands and refuses to fight for the ball. The Dolphins gave $60 million to a one trick pony. The sooner they’re able to unload this disappointment the better.

  4. Turn the page already. Tired of hearing about this fool. Learn to be a better route runner, have better hands. As ur old coach called u “one trick pony”. U won’t catch 20 tds with one skill set dummy

  5. Looks like ol Hands of Stone has lost his mind. Throw to him all game long, he’s gonna drop over 3/4 of them. I’m so glad this arrogant, stone-handed moron is gone from Pittsburgh. Thank you Miami, he’s ur over-paid problem now.

  6. looks like this boy is the latest modern day player contestant on bill cosbys kids say the darndest things

  7. 2nd year qb and constantly have to change up on the o-line with that johnathon martin/ cognitto fiasco its a wonder the fins didn’t implode sooner. If Wallace got off to a faster season start he could have had much better td numbers.

  8. His one trick is a good one. With time he may learn to keep his mouth shut, and burn enough teams to earn the respect he deserves.

  9. Guy really is a one-trick pony, but he certainly should have had more scores. I don’t think I saw Tannehill hit him in stride once this season, every deep ball required a total stop and readjustment by Wallace. He complains too much and suffers from the dropsies, but man, Tannehill could not hit him in stride on deep balls at all, that would be a valid complaint.

  10. Wallace has potential but 25 td is delusional. He catches the ball in his stomach or hip area and that is at a 50% rate. If he brings his hands up the drop rate goes to 75%. He rarely adjusts or fights for the ball like big-time receivers do routinely. When he does make an attempt he goes up underhanded and still tries to make a basket catch. If you strapped a basket to his hip and cut off his hands you would have the same chance of completing a deep pass. It’s not Tannehill. Wallace needs to learn his craft and fix those issues.

  11. Wallace should have had at least 5-6 more TD’s at the minimum had Tannehill been more accurate. And if Sherman took advantage of opponents who Wallace had the upper hand maybe another 4-5 more TD’s so I can see him realistically if things were done correctly 10-15 TD’s last season.

  12. What I don’t understand is why people especially if you are a Dolphins fan, hate his self-confidence, it’s refreshing to have a player like him on the team we need more with his drive and confidence.

  13. Mike Wallace is over paid and over rated. He is the definition of a one trick pony. Less talk more action Mikey. He is the one that wanted to leave the Steelers and they were happy to let him walk. Speaks volumes about the kind of person/player Mikey is

  14. Tannehill has all the arm strength he needs, its touch on the deep ball he has not got and i am not sure if he will ever have it with Wallace, i just cant believe next year it will all come together either. But i will say this some of it might be down to Tanny being on his backside quite a bit and not knowing if he is going to get the time or see whats developing down field, that must have played a massive role in the lack of chemistry.

  15. Always the WR’s with the big Diva mouths, sometimes corners too…. But always those two positions have the most to say…. What is it with them? Maybe a guard should steal their lunch & dare ’em to say something about it….

  16. He should quit while he’s ahead. His agent conned the fish into a cap crushing contract for a one trick pony that Pitt happily kicked to the curb. The NFL formula is simple….maximizing $$$ means joining desperate teams that lack talent. Revis at Tampa, Haynesworth in DC, Peterson in Minny, Megatron in Detroit. They will never be on winning teams in a league that starts at QB.

  17. 2014 prediction of the year..You will see the same thing from Percy Harvin…The league’s resident overpaid receivers…

  18. Could a Should a Would a …U were an overrated overpaid receiver who didn’t do much on Miami it wasn’t the lack of touchdowns it was your lack of heart and passion on the field…catch the ball first before you start running! you drop so many passes what would you have US do keep throwing at you to watch you drop em? yes Tannahill through some bad ones but that’s your job to work with him get together and get better next year!!! until then take the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth

  19. For all of you blaming Tannehill: Wallace never caught 23 TD passes with the Steelers, either. Go figure.

  20. Wallace’s statement is obviously false, but anyone who says one trick pony automatically has their opinion disqualified. That’s false, and something as simple as watching the games will solve this.

  21. There we have it, an all about me person. Cares more about bbreaking records than winning games, he didn’t mention anything about helping his team win. If Wallace was a good WR, he would be able to make bigger plays on short routes. He basically said that he’s only good going deep, dolphins paid him 60 million to run one route. Wallace is not even in the same category as the pats WRs, speed is his only upside. Dolphins needs to cut ties with this me player or they’re never gonna get better, what a waste of 12 million a year on a guy who just run straight.

  22. I think Wallace is just planting a seed for the new OC. Get Ryan some protection get him comfy in the pocket and maybe just maybe he can focus on putting the ball to me in stride instead of worrying about getting slammed from all directions as soon as he gets the ball in his hands!! I for one think Ryan played pretty good considering how many times he got knocked around!!! Not too many QBs gonna put up numbers like he did under those conditions!! I suspect this year will be much better as long as the main focus of the offseason is to fix the O-line! Everything else is secondary. O-line first-Linebackers second- secondary (Nolan Carol) third–RB 4th.

  23. Miami agrees that Mike should have had more TDs……..Now if only they can figure out why he isn’t performing well enough to do that………

  24. Considering the leader scored 16 TD’s that is big thinking from a guy who’s line was 5 targets 1 reception for 15 yards VS. Joe Haden and the Browns.

  25. When people slam say Tannehill is awful, I ask them this one question……How did Miami get their 8 wins? With that said, he does need to improve on his accuracy on the deep ball. As far as Tannehill getting Wallace more TDs, there is work that needs to be done on both sides. Wallace tends to get bumped off his routes and when he was with the steelers he had time to recover because Rothlisberger is very good at buying that time. With Tannehill, though he has scrambling ability, he has been staying in the pocket. Who knows, that may change with a different OC and we may see more TDs coming from Wallace.

  26. Firstly he is exaggerating with 15-20 but it could eazily have been 8-12. Yes he is outspoken, overrated and overpaid however Tanne’s deep ball is horrible. Over the season he beat his.man deep almost twice a game and Tanne either didnt get that far in his progression readz or he threw an inaccurate deep ball. What I don’t get is why we drafted a guy without deep.accuracy then traded our best short to intermediate threat who is amongst the best in the NFL at fighting to catch bad ballz (Marshall) followed by signing a pure deep threat/screen guy? Marshall is a better WR a better sheme fit and suits Tanne better.

  27. He shouldn’t draw attention to himself so he can keep cashing those checks before the dolphins realize he’s not that good.

  28. Hey Mikey,tell ya what. You take some of the money the Phins stupidly gave you and give it back to the Dolphins and help them get an offensive line that qualifies as an NFL team. Maybe then, if poor little Ryan has more time to throw your precious long passes that I am sure you’ll drop may come your way.

  29. LOL the former #17 is delusional ..He’ll never have 15 TD season even on his best year. Cotchery outplayed him X’s 3 this season and so did Brown and Sanders..Still LMAOOO

  30. Sad to see so many fans call Wallace a one trick pony, when he has done quite a bit more.

    First, he catches quick slants over the middle, quick screens with runs through traffic, he’s a legit reverse threat and has rather efficient in the intermediate outs and hook routes.

    Secondly, he’s right. The deep threat is what we fans and the coaching staff was clamoring for before he got him. Furthermore if we had him for 10-12 more deep passes in stride that would’ve amounted to 3 maybe four wins more. Miami would then considered a team on the rise and contenders for the crown.

  31. Lets just give him one more year. Tannehilll not on his game either. He was over thrown a lot. Lets see what he brings to the table next year.

  32. Ireland gave him the money (not Wallace’s fault) because he wanted to save his job and Wallace does cause great concern for secondaries who do not want to get beat deep. Unfortunately, Tannehill couldn’t get the ball to him numerous times when he had beaten his man, so teams could take chances on letting Wallace run because of Tannehill’s inability to throw an accurate deep ball. I would say he could have had 10 more touchdowns, 15-20 is usual Receiver Diva Speak.

  33. @dadocta22
    Wallace didn’t overthrow Hartline at the end of the Ravens game, while he standing all alone and behind the defense.

    The point is Wallace isn’t responsible for the throw and catch, but only the catch and run.

  34. im sorry, but i never saw this supposed “elite” speed that Wallace has. several times i’d see him catch a ball coming across the middle, expecting him to just take off to the endzone, and he’d be tackled from behind 10 yards later.

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