Panthers open extension talks with Ron Rivera


The Panthers have plenty of work to do this offseason, with 15 unrestricted free agents.

But they also want to hang onto a key part who has a year left on his deal.

According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, the Panthers have reached out to coach Ron Rivera to start talks about a contract extension.

Rivera’s entering the final year of a four-year, $11.2 million deal. He’s earned plenty of praise for turning the Panthers around this year, leading them to a 12-4 record and the NFC South title.

But he also works for an owner in Jerry Richardson who flips long-term extensions for coaches around like manhole covers.

Part of the reason Broncos coach John Fox is in New Jersey tonight and not in his old house in Charlotte is because Richardson hesitated to pay him like an elite coach without back-to-back winning seasons on his resume.

So as excited as the Panthers might be about the recent results, the 13-19 record entering the year won’t be forgotten either.

Much like the Rex Ryan “extension” with the Jets, the devil will be in the details on this one. It wouldn’t be fair to Rivera to make him enter a lame duck season, but it would also be a surprise if he got a lucrative long-term deal on the back of one good year and two bad ones.

Unless Richardson abandons the way he’s done business in the past, a shorter-term deal seems more likely.

9 responses to “Panthers open extension talks with Ron Rivera

  1. Wait Wait Wait…. Were the Panthers not about to fire him in week 4 or 5? Then thanks to a soft schedule and ( please do not count EGO Newton because as in MOST games he acts more like Tebow in the respect that his team wins IN SPITE of him) a better than average defensive campaign? Then in spite of themselves (meaning their offense) they make the playoffs and then basically don’t show up for the game because they are facing REAL competition (all the while Newton is on the sideline during said game looking surprised that someone has bought him sideline tickets to Pro-Level game and then becoming shocked when the coach tells him he is part of the team and that he needs to take the towel off of his head and get ready to play)? Sorry this is America… let’s give the guy a raise and an extension… I apologize for actually trying to look at the real story. Sorry about my rant, carry on!

  2. He allowed the other GM Hurney to give out ridiculous contracts to players smdh, dont neglect your coaching staff, maybe this current GM has knocked some sense into the owner.

  3. Here is a FLASH: John Fox is not an elite coach. Nor is he a bad coach; mediocre comes to my mind. As for RR, The body of work says he is promising but if I was Mr Richardson I would want to see more. Give him a one year extension and a descent raise to see if this an upward trend.

  4. This is how you know people that comment here don’t reeeally know football just what they here or read. redsoxfan…1st: The soft schedule you speak of was 49ers (we won but lost in the playoffs yes), pats, and two games against the saints. When we beat the rams everyone was talking about how they were surging. Then after we beat them they faded of course. So that REAL competition you speak of we already beat once. Stop calling him EGO newton, he wears a towel win or lose (I’d wish people would let this go its annoying. Rag on people about wearing caps on the sideline then). He never puts himself first, always ups his teammates, always talks about how he could’ve played better. Just stop. Here’s the final point…better than average defensice campaign….??? we had the top 3 defense in the league bro… keep up if you’re going to comment.

  5. First two years of cam era, fans were begging for Rivera to get the boot and praising cam as their savior, now they want Ron back and praising the defense as the savior, looks like they were rooting for the wrong guy all along.

    That’s what happens when you give an average qb a great defense to get the win and cover up the qb’s flaws. Wilson, kap and cam, one in the same. Will get all the praise when they win and none of the blame when they lose.

  6. John Fox isn’t in Carolina because he wasn’t paid like an elite coach. He made $6M in his final year in Carolina. He was one of the highest paid coaches in the league. He came back in his final year as a lame duck coach and both he and the Panthers pretty much knew they were moving on the following year.

  7. Comparing Fox to Rivera is apples & oranges. Heading into 2010, Fox had been here 8 years and had 3 winning seasons – his second, fourth and seventh. The last winning season ended with a playoff game that was one of the worst-coached games in anyone’s memory (how do you as a head coach sign off on a defensive game plan that includes not covering Larry Fitzgerald?) followed by another losing season in his eighth year. The owner was cutting payroll to prepare for the coming lockout, leaving the team with a lot of rookies, and Fox would rather die than play rookies. So he obviously wanted out, and JR didn’t want to pay 2 staffs (that was a mistake).

    In contrast, Rivera comes in and has a badly disjointed roster that couldn’t be improved much thanks to a bunch of stupid contracts the GM handed out. He won 6 games his first year, 7 games his second year, and 12 in year 3 under a much smarter GM who drafted a very good class. Year 3 started slowly but the work from day one to October 2013 finally bore some fruit, and a better but still limited roster got to the playoffs.

    I think Rivera deserves a 2-year extension with a club option on a third year. If the winning continues the next 2 seasons, forgo the club option and give him a 5-year deal.

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