Report: Buccaneers were planning to part ways with Dennis Hickey

If he didn’t take the Dolphins’ G.M. job, there was reportedly a good chance Dennis Hickey would have been looking for work later in the offseason.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Hickey, the former Buccaneers’ director of player personnel, “was going to be fired” by new Buccaneers G.M. Jason Licht.

Salguero cited an unnamed source “close” to Licht in his report. Moreover, Salguero noted that the firing likely would have happened after the draft.

It is not uncommon for a new General Manager to make changes to a personnel department. Also, those changes can come after free agency and draft, given that the current staff has already spent months scouting pro personnel and college prospects.

Nevertheless, Salguero’s report doesn’t quite help the perception of the Dolphins’ G.M. job, which was turned down by multiple candidates before Hickey accepted the role on Sunday.

11 responses to “Report: Buccaneers were planning to part ways with Dennis Hickey

  1. From head coaches like Jim Harbaugh & Jeff Fisher, marquee players like Peyton Manning, and the billion different guys we interviewed for the GM spot…

    Something about Ross and the way he runs this Dolphins organization must be incredibly off-putting. We never get our guy. Hell, we can’t even land our 2nd or 3rd choices.

  2. After being with Miami for a few months, he may be wishing that he was still looking for work.

    Between the Browns HC job and the Dolphins GM job I don’t know which is worse.

  3. How do you tell a self made billionaire he’s making terrible business decisions? Frustrating time to be a Dolphins fan. If based off of everything that came out regarding the team last season, he not only decided to keep Philbin and Aponte, but actually give them more power, I have to wonder who is ACTUALLY behind this man’s real estate company, maybe let that man make the decisions. All I can hope for at this point is that the least interesting man in the world, Joe Philbin again coaches his way out of a job, and that based on the epic failure in finding a top 50 GM this year will force Ross to clean house. The fact that Ross can find “football minds” to get together to investigate a bullying locker room scandal, yet feels the need to make his own decision in the GM search is mind blowing. It pains me to say this as a life long Dolphins fan, but if and when we are terrible next season, and the growing feeling that the team doesnt respect this coaching staff becomes louder and louder, then perhaps Ross will stop rewarding mediocrity and a QUALIFIED GM candidate will get the proper control required to make the OBVIOUS changes that must be made here. Until then, 10-6 talent will go 6-10 due to Coaching/Leadership deficiencies!

  4. It doesn’t seem that this Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald gets many stories right. He seems to think he is an internet hack who can just float rumors to get his 15 minutes. The print media usually spends more effort to get the story correct, but we have already found flaws in a few of his Dolphin ‘insider’ sources.

  5. I have to ask myself, “What pro bowl players has the new GM selected?” The Tampa Bay Bucs are not exactly a team with a great personnel acquisition history! Didn’t this guy select the QB that bombed in Tampa and can’t get a look with the Vikings? Think of the DB that went to the Patriots – Talib – Issues in Tampa, corrected by Patriots – now a pro bowler! My guess is this guy needed the money and was willing to be a stooge!

    I predict that Philbin has another non-playoff season! I predict that he is demoted to Justin Ross’s advisory team at the end of next season. Will we ever say that Dawn Apponte was the greatest Team President since Joe Thomas?

    For those of you who don’t read my stupid comments – I have merged the personas of Justin Bieber and Steven Ross because both make very bad decisions and have very poor judgement.

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