Report: G.M. candidates “believed” Philbin would have final say on roster

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Will Dolphins coach Joe Philbin have final say on the club’s 53-player roster?

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, “candidates” for the club’s G.M. role “believed” Philbin would have the call on the roster.

Also, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reported that “several” candidates were informed that Philbin would have a role in personnel.

The Dolphins hired Buccaneers director of player personnel Dennis Hickey as general manager on Sunday, ending a search that lasted a little more than two weeks.

Just before the start of the search, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross seemingly defined the G.M’s role in a public statement. Said Ross: “The new General Manager will have autonomous responsibility for the 53-man roster and selecting players during the draft and will report to me.”

However, Ross also said the following: “Regardless of reporting structure, the relationship between the General Manager and Coach Philbin must be one of trust, respect, and collaboration, and this will be an area we will look closely at during the process. This individual also must be a person with integrity who is open-minded and creative.”

The questions now are whether Ross has amended his expectations for the General Manager’s role — and whether any more clarity is forthcoming.

UPDATE 4:13 p.m. EST: According to Salguero, the Dolphins have indicated Hickey will have control over the 53-player roster and personnel moves.

10 responses to “Report: G.M. candidates “believed” Philbin would have final say on roster

  1. This should have been obvious…it was already trending this way when Ireland was the GM. Do you really think Ireland truly wanted to get rid of some of his best pickups just because they weren’t perfect soldiers for Philbin? Brandon Marshall, Jake Long, Reggie Bush, etc.

  2. I think the person who has final say in players/coaches, etc….should be the first one fired when it goes to hell……Regardless who that be.

  3. Status Quo NFL organizational structures are not normal and outdated. If a team is lucky to have a GM and Coach that work well together and they are proficient at their jobs, Teams normally have success. If a team has a good Coach, he should have more weight and final say in which players they want. Does a college team have a GM? High School? No, the coaches are responsible. A GM’s role is to run the business of the organization primarily, organize the draft and scouting reports, and execute the plan which includes a cost component and salary cap strategy. Why is it expected that a GM is suppose to make the decision on all the players while the coach watches on. That would be ludicrous!

    Lets see what Philbin’s got. pure and simple.

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