Report: Nick Caserio wanted the ability to hire new head coach


A published report suggests Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio had visions of making some big changes in the Dolphins’ organization if hired as General Manager.

Via Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Caserio wanted to “start by cleaning house,” including the ability to replace Joe Philbin as head coach right off the bat.

However, Salguero reports that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is firmly in Philbin’s corner — and that new G.M. Dennis Hickey’s willingness to work with Philbin worked in his favor.

Salguero also reported that Titans vice president of player personnel Lake Dawson was more willing to give Philbin a season before making a call on the head coach.

However, according to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, any decision on Philbin will be made by Ross.

40 responses to “Report: Nick Caserio wanted the ability to hire new head coach

  1. He probably would have brought McDaniels in. Which might have let them mount a serious challenge to the Pats given how much McD knows about the offensive and defensive systems there.

    I think Philbin is a good coach though. The Fins could have done much worse last year after the Martin-Incognito fiasco.

  2. Philbin is the son Ross never had,,,,This is JARFU. Hickey will gone after next season if Philbin doesn’t play his players,,,just look at Dion Jordan, 3rd pk of the 1st rd played about 16 snaps a game and did rather well when he did play. Does Uncle Rodger Goodell have the power to step in and take over the Dolphin franchise if Ross continues to FU the entire team? Its very obvious Ross is way in over his head in the NFL.

  3. One thing I don’t get about some of the NFL organizations: For the amount of money they have and spend, you’d think they’d be run more efficiently. Is it really that hard?

  4. Good thing for the Dolphins that they avoided McDaniels the flunky as their HC had they hired this Belichick flunky with the ego.

  5. what has this guy ever done? the personnel in new england is absolutely pitaful outside of the QB. if they would have drafted better the last 8 years they’d have more world championships.


  6. Why would Ross proceed with making the offer to Caserio if he insisted on dictating who coaches the team? That’s a pretty important little matter to resolve.

  7. Good luck Nick finding a team that will let the GM fire the head coach where the owner has no say in it

  8. That’s hilarious…fire the GM who brings in good players and puts a team together…with decent drafts/free agency.

    Keep the coach who’s play calling fails, a coach who allows those players to lose TWO chances at a playoff berth.

    Miami is turning into the biggest joke in the NFL…everyone will be replaced in a year.

  9. Ross should of either kept Ireland for one more season or he should have been prepared to pull the trigger on Philbin now. Any NFL executive worth anything is going to want the final say over the HC.
    Dumb moves yet again Ross

  10. Omar Kelly and Armando Salguero are terrible sources to be using FYI… You’re better off making up stories than taking those 2 clowns seriously.

  11. Ross gathered Serena, Gloria Estafan, and Marc Anthony for an owners’ pow wow….and they decided to create a more vibrant red carpet before home games. Exciting times at Land Shark/Pro Player/Ross’s House of Lame

  12. Meddling owner. Recipe for disaster. You have to let the football people run the football organization. The NFL has plenty of crummy teams that reflect this.

  13. After reading all this about power, control and who wants to do what with football operations for the Miami Dolphins;

    I think if I spent 1.1 billion dollars on a franchise I would want some control over my franchise and not care what the media wrote or said. Ross wants control over hiring and firing even though most franchises are not run that way. He has watched celebrity NFL people like Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban and Bill Parcells take the money and run without doing the job. Therefore he will do things his way. He has paid for the right.

  14. Clean house? Blow up our terrible football team an rebuild?? Woah there Mr Enthusiasm! We were thinking more along the lines of signing the most expensive free agent head case on the market. Ya know… turning things around.

  15. That’s great, a guy who doesn’t know anything about football (or seem to care about his football team) wants to have final say on the patently mediocre coach who’s in charge of getting the most out of the roster you assemble. That’s the definition of dysfunctional.

  16. If this is true… it has everything to do with Ross wanting/needing to win now. No time to clean house and start over. That’s what comes when you spend all the money the Fins have, 5 seasons in a row not making the playoffs, and 13 years since winning a playoff game. The fanbase needs someone that can come in and work with the money Fins have spent and talent that has they have already acquired.

  17. Won’t work that way……Feeling sorry for the Miami Fans as no real change is on the horizon.

  18. The organizational structure of NFL teams is porous and flawed. The Dolphins are merely a microcosm of the problem and the inherent dysfunction. Other teams have their people in place but it does not mean they have good people in place.

    For example, the Vikings keep going through coaches yet the GM never gets canned. How many coaches have been fired when in fact the GM’s over them have done a poor job, yet they manage to escape the scrutiny of the ax.

    The GM should not have any power over the coach any more than the coach over the GM and his hiring or firing. Their roles should be completely autonomous (they keep their much discussed powers) with a third entity that forces both to work together or else.

    This does not mean that a coach that screws it up will jeopardize a GM who has done well selecting players and vice versa. This third entity should be the one to dismiss the coach or the GM or both when the time is right.

    This person is an onsite football expert who is president of football operations under the owner and knows the role of both coach and GM and interferes with neither. This person would also preside over the cap person (say Aponte) who has an autonomous role and no say over coach and GM. Post coaching Andy, Belichick, Parcells, Dungy, Shanahan.

    Should be like this with all teams. Imagine Tampa, NE, KC, and maybe two others where the coach has all powers over the GM (AKA GM light), and newer GM with powers over otherwise developing coaches who live at the mercy of these GM’s.

    Philbin is a developing coach but why should he be at the immediate mercy of a an unproven guy who has never been GM and saying he wanted the ability to gun for the coaches’ job.

  19. Who is going to be the GM now that Caserio said no? Time is running out in the Dolphins search. But seriously Ross doesn’t want Philbin to go? No wonder the Dolphins haven’t gotten over the hump yet. I may hate them but it’d be nice to see the Fins get better.

  20. All of this crying on here: “Fire Everybody!”
    And get who?? There were cries about Jeff Fisher getting away and look at his team. There were people on here saying Lamar Miller would be better than Reggie Bush. Sometimes the grass looks greener, but it isn’t.

    I’m not sure about Hickey, but time will tell as we get towards the draft and free agency. I’m willing to give him a season with DawnJoe before considering blowing things up.

    When you build something, you use building blocks, and not every structural problem requires demolition of all the ground work already completed.

    We have a new OC, LB coach, a good WR corps.
    Get a new OL coach, resign key vets & go LT, RB, OG, DB and BPA

  21. Silver hornet couldn’t have been mote right…josh McDaniels would’ve been in Miami if Caserio got hired

  22. I don’t think Philbin is too bad. He dealt with the Martin-Incognito thing and still almost got the team in to the playoffs. And the Dolphins don’t strike me as having a lot of talent.

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