Report: Ravens expected to choose offensive coordinator on Monday

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As Super Bowl XLVIII preparations ramp up Monday, the defending Super Bowl champions are reportedly expected to make a call on their next offensive coordinator.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Ravens are expected to choose between wide receivers coach Jim Hostler and former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan on Monday.

Hostler, who has coached the Ravens’ receivers for six seasons, was the 49ers’ offensive coordinator in 2007, while Shanahan has been a coordinator the last six seasons, with stints in Houston (2008-2009) and Washington (2010-2013).

For Hostler, the Ravens’ job would be a second shot at running an offense after a challenging one-season stint with San Francisco. The 49ers started four quarterbacks in his one year in charge.

For Shanahan, the Ravens’ position would be an opportunity to jump-start his career after Washington’s disappointing 2013 campaign. It would also give him a chance to stand on his own and perhaps chart a new career path after working for his father, Mike, the last four seasons.

26 responses to “Report: Ravens expected to choose offensive coordinator on Monday

  1. Now they will even go worse than they did with cam Cameron.

    I would pick the wide receivers coach over Kyle Shanahan, but I think that they made a mistake by skipping over Scott Linehan.

  2. Won’t make much difference until JumpBallJoe gets some receiving help and an offensive line that isn’t Swiss cheese. Throw in a D that doesn’t lead the league in penalties and the ravens are set. So fast from champs to chumps…so sweet.

  3. prefer Shannahan, but it will be Hostler because that’s who Harbaugh wants and can control. If Harbaugh hires Hostler instead of Shannahan it will be his last hire. This hire just might get him fired. What makes Hostler such a hot commodity? He had input in both Caldwell and Cameron’s game plans and they were poor. This offense needs NEW life and idea’s and they won’t come from Hostler.

  4. You know what’s funny? Harbaugh and Flacco have yet to have a losing season since coming to the ravens in 2008. So all the hate and vitriol from fans of other teams just remember that 6 years and the worst they’ve done is 8-8. Oh and by the way that comes as DEFENDING CHAMPS. So I’ll take my chances with Ozzie, harbaugh and biscotti over the opinions of data entry high school trolls.

  5. Hostler only got the job in SF after Norv Turner bolted at the last minute. In his defense, I’m not sure he had a lot of time to get ready but he was pretty bad. The Niners offense had a lot of trouble, but Hostler was a part of that. As far as I remember, even Frank Gore (the ultimate team player) was questioning his playcalling. A lot may have changed since then and I certainly don’t know more football than anyone named Harbaugh, but as a Niner fan who watched his offense, I can’t support hiring Hostler.

  6. What kind of imbecile thinks an offensive coordinator won’t try to improve the receiving corps and offensive line? I’m still laughing at that comment! What part of “offensive coordinator” does this drooling dolt not understand? Hahahahahahaha!

  7. In order to be defending champs, don’t you need to be in a position to defend your title? I’d think previous champs, last years champs, former champs would all be better.

  8. Joe Flacco.
    Super Bowl MVP
    Enough said.

    Romo? Rivers? Dalton? Luck? Cutler? Kaepernick? Ryan? Palmer? Bradford? Stafford?

    Oh yeah. NO Super Bowl titles.

  9. seriously crown? flacco is better then pretty much the whole list. and nofool. based on your logic, the steelers have been chumps for what, 5 years now

  10. How could I forget Hostler? Those days were so dark in SF. He couldn’t call a good play if it would’ve saved him and a thousand innocent babies.

    One game, he twice called simple runs (just straight over guard or tackle) when faced with 2d and 19 at or near the 9er 20. I forget who it was against, but SF was something like 3-10, and they were getting smoked early, so there was no point in getting all conservative. I wanted to see the team at least attempt something that might let them get lucky instead of straight chickening out, so I was wildly furious.

    The way Candlestick was set up, at halftime the coaches had to take an elevator from the skybox that opened onto the lower concourse, then walk across the concourse and down the isle of Sec. LR 12 to the field and then the locker room. So I’d often go from my nearby seats to the concourse and cheer for (or at) the coaches, depending on how things were going.

    Usually I was pretty positive and restrained. But this time I could hardly stand it. When the elevator opened up, I started yelling “Hostler! Hostler! Two straight runs on 2d and 19??!?! Two straight runs on 2d and 19??!?” As he walked by, he heard me call out those plays, and to my amazement he looked directly at me. So I yelled right at him, “I wouldn’t let you call plays on my PLAYSTATION!!” He turned most of the way around as he continued walking by, eyes still on me, and for a second he looked like he was going to rush back and pound me, but the pack of coaches just pushed him on.

    Everybody laughed, even the crowd control cops who were making the aisle in the concourse. Afterwards some random offered me a beer. And I sat back down to watch another half of offensive ineptitude and another brutal loss.

    Looking back, I feel a little embarrassed and sort of sorry for him. He was clearly overwhelmed. He only got the job at the last minute after Norv bolted for SD. And I was just a venting kuncklehead fan. Maybe he’s learned a great deal since then. But you know what? If it came down to it, I still wouldn’t want him calling plays, even on my Playstation.

    Good luck Charm City, you may need it with that guy.

  11. No opinion either way on the Ravens, but it needs to be pointed out that Kyle Shanahan is the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL. Since coming on as an OC with the Texans in 2008, he has never coached a squad that finished outside of the top 10 in the league in total offense.

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