Richard Sherman calls Champ Bailey a future Hall of Famer


Count Richard Sherman among the admirers of longtime star Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey.

At his Sunday press conference, Sherman, the Seahawks’ standout cornerback, said Bailey is one of the players he has studied as he tried to improve his game.

“I think he’s going to be a Hall of Famer once his career is done,” Sherman said of Bailey, a 12-time Pro Bowler who’s making his first-ever Super Bowl appearance in his 15th season in the league.

“He’s kind of laid out the base work to be a lockdown corner in this league. He did it for a long time, and he’s still doing it. For him to get to a Super Bowl I think is a great accomplishment for him, especially in 15 years in the game, man. That’s not easy to do.

“I think you’ve got to tip your hat off to him.”

34 responses to “Richard Sherman calls Champ Bailey a future Hall of Famer

  1. Haha all these negative posts from people that have had their team sent home for the year(pretty much trolling every Seahawk page)…Seahawks are the best in the NFC and Broncos are the AFC’s best. Let the game be played and quit crying around til after

  2. Sherman was humbled a bit in the last week. He is a great player and if he can be confident, brash and funny without acting like a competete idiot, he’ll be alright.

  3. You aren’t a Hall of Famer until you are in the Hall of Fame.

    Five years ago, A-Rod was a “future Hall of Famer”

  4. Don’t worry their will be plenty of broncos fans who will talk about how respectful they are of Seahawks but completely forget how respectful EVERY SINGLE SEAHAWKS PLAYER HAS BEEN .. Keep making the Seahawks the villain it will only hurt that much worse .seahawks 34-21 win first SB.

    Also redskins lead the nfl in ped suspensions and overall suspensions . Seahawks have only had 1 ped suspension This season and it was from last off seasons, hate I tell you but Denver has ATLEAST THAT MANY I believe more . So keep throwing those ped jokes Denver fans only ales your fan Base more laughable ..

  5. Ohhh boyyy – Sherman is all of a sudden going out of his way to come off as humble now.

    We’ve seen this guy for years. Sugaring it up for a week before the Super Bowl isn’t going to undo his 27 page long laundry list of b.s.

    It’s kind of interesting because Sherman was in full ME ME ME mode for a protracted period of time — and it was only after it was very very poorly received that he dusted off his attempts to feign humility.

    This is also the same guy who unfailingly insists he doesn’t care what people think of him.

    Very easy to see through this one — like a freshly washed window on a clear day.

  6. All hype and other distractions aside, at this point I’m just looking forward to a great game. I hope the weather cooperates a bit and gives the teams a playable field. Lots of great match-ups to keep an eye on. Any time you have the 2 number ones going at it there is the potential for greatness to happen. Can’t wait!

  7. Champ likely will make it eventually…. here’s a question for the so called diehard Seahawks fans. Why does everyone in the national media say the ‘Hawks run so much man? Everything I understood was that they run a press cover 3 scheme that LOOKS like man… just curious if any of you could actually shed light on this, or if we just wanna go back and forth on the classless b.s

  8. Chump Bailey no hall of fame for you. Hall of Lame!
    Chump Bailey was Jerry Porter’s b!atch. The numbers don’t lie.

  9. realitycheckbaby, since you asked…
    1 of the rules for eligibility for the practice squad is
    veterans are not eligible to be signed to the practice squad. Players with MORE THAN one year of accrued NFL service are not eligible. Players gain an accrued season by being on the active roster for at least six games.

  10. Sherman tipped his hat off, but fortunately Earl Thomas caught it before it hit the ground & got all dirty.

  11. I think this was absolutely a scripted comment — if not for the furor created by his post game rant last week , there’s no way Sherman hands out this kind of praise to an opposing player , much less another corner.

  12. Boom Time vs. Manning etc.? Game for the ages.

    Champ & Co. vs. Wilson etc.? Not so much.

    Broncos by about a field goal in a low-scoring affair, where Seattle turnovers are the difference.

    You read it here first!

  13. Richard Sherman is trying to score brownie points after acting like a complete idiot after the Crabtree incident when he yelled at the reporter and scared her.

  14. Sherman has a personal beef with Crabtree. Not surprising his comments about a classy, gracious person, which Bailey is, would be classy and gracious.

    It was mistake for Sherman to blow up on Crabtree after the game. It reflected more on him than it did on Crabtree, but…he was amped up. It’s hard to regulate your words when you’re so fired up adrenaline you can barely speak. He should have made a beeline to the locker room, but he’s still basically a big kid. I suspect he’s learned from that mistake…

  15. realitycheckbaby says:
    Jan 26, 2014 10:15 PM

    lets not get crazy. sherman has quite a while to go to be at champs level.

    sherman was talking today about choosing who he trash talks, and it really provided some logic into what he does i thought. someone said do you trash talk peyton manning? his response was pretty much, are you crazy? he picks his battles. i just dont understand the calvin johnson trash talking but maybe that is something he has learned since then.

  16. Champ Bailey 2006 stats: 10 interceptions, 8 passes completed against him.

    Arguably the best season, ever, for a cornerback.
    Somehow, Jason Taylor won the Defensive MVP that year….but my point is Bailey is elite and Revis or Sherman couldn’t touch Bailey in his prime.

    -signed non bronco or redskin fan.

  17. craniator says: Jan 27, 2014 1:03 AM

    I think this was absolutely a scripted comment — if not for the furor created by his post game rant last week , there’s no way Sherman hands out this kind of praise to an opposing player , much less another corner.

    He’s done it all along. The only guys who he blasts are those who try to call him out first.

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