Source: Caserio didn’t want to clean house


The notion that Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio wanted to clean house in Miami, that owner Stephen Ross didn’t want to clean house, and that Ross nevertheless offered the job to Caserio arguably describes the current state of the Dolphins in a nutshell.

But as one source with knowledge of Caserio’s thinking told PFT, Caserio didn’t want to fire anyone.  Per the source, Caserio likes coach Joe Philbin.  And Caserio likes executive V.P. of football administration Dawn Aponte.  And Caserio likes assistant G.M. Brian Gaine.

It appears that someone (i.e., some with the Dolphins) leaked to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald that Caserio wanted to clean house as a way to explain Caserio’s decision to reject the offer.  Basically, if he wouldn’t have the ability to do the job the way he wanted to do it, he didn’t want to accept it.

Which brings us back to the odd decision by the Dolphins to offer the job to someone with whom ownership would have had a philosophical impasse from Day One.

To summarize, either the Dolphins still wanted to hire a guy they wouldn’t let do the job the way he wanted to do it or the Dolphins have offered an embellished narrative in order to make it look like Caserio simply didn’t choose not to come work for a team that several others also have chosen not to come work for.

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  1. That’s the way folks — just keep ripping those Dolphins ! How dare they do the same thing dozens of other NFL teams do ? Keep hammering them . . . second highest winning percentage in all four North American major sports since 1970. What a crappy franchise !

  2. So to sum up, in order to save face over a GM candidate rejecting them, the Fins are promoting the fact that the owner will not grant GM power to the next GM

    Well, THAT should ensure they get the best candidates!

    What a brilliant strategic spin!

  3. I’m going out on a limb here but is it possible that the source with knowledge of the great Caserio’s thinking is lying or embellishing the story to make said great Caserio look better?

  4. Florio, I see you left out the part where the Boston media was that Caserio wanted a pay raise, not a new job.

    So you’re saying you believe Miami beat writers, who are routinely shut out of any real Dolphin-related information, but you don’t believe the New England press, who know Caserio best?

  5. I’m willing to bet that the source of the story was a relative of teo’s girlfriend.

    It seems the in thing to do now a days for the media is to find any way to bash the dolphins, it’s unfortunate that the beat writers are the ones at the head of the line. Reading salguros articles you would think he works for the jets.

  6. He should try to clean out one part of the New England house, the offensive coordinator position and Josh McDaniels.

    Why else did the offense underachieve in 2013 and see bumps despite greatness in 2012???

    Danny Amendola, Brandon Lloyd, Spencer Larsen, Michael Hoomanawanui, … Gator Boy (aka Tim Tebow) … all McDaniels’ garbage!!!

    Get rid of the real problem (aka the cancer) Josh McDaniels.

  7. Ross is a joke. From the Harbaugh fiasco to begging Peyton to firing Sparano and keeping Ireland to THIS!! Four people didn’t want to interview and 3 turned the job down. You could be one of. 32 people in America to run a NFL and earn a ton of money and you refuse?? The Dolphins are a dysfunctional disaster. I’m no longer paying my hard earned money for GARBAGE, and this product is GARBAGE

  8. How many times does salguero have to be wrong before you realize he has no idea what he is talking/writing about? Most of the guys covering the Dolphins have personal issues with people in the organization and they often put out smear stories. Use Dave Hyde rather than Salguero or Kelly. At least he will tell you if he is guessing rather than trying to make you think he is “in the know” and therfore important.

  9. The circus has moved from Florham Park New Jersey to Davie Florida. We will revisit this again next year when Ross cleans house, what he should be doing right now.

  10. Dolphins………Stephen Ross billionaire real estate businessman. Anyone remember Jerry Wolman real estate businessman from Washington DC owing the Philadelphia Eagles.

    What goes around comes around.

  11. On the surface, it certainly seems as though the Dolphins are beyond repair, but the reality is, I think the Dolphins could take a blindfolded monkey and have him throw darts at a board and he couldn’t do any worse than Ireland in terms of identifying college and/or free agent talent.

  12. For the fools who think they understand pro Football…..The job of General manager is what the owner says it is. Period. Bill Plus 68 says it as it is.

  13. Let’s see, the gm reports to the owner, I’m sure no other team does this. The coach has say about who is on his roster, I’m sure no other team does this, but this is no other team right media members.

  14. Or. The more likely solution… the media and their un named sources have no idea what is going on.

  15. .


    Always nice to have Jets fans giving advice to the lowly Patriots.

    1. McDaniels is Belichick’s protégé.

    2. Belichick has roster control

    3. Most New England fans find McDaniel’s work acceptable

    How’s gang green looking for next year?


  16. I just copied and pasted my comment from an earlier article and here it is:

    Omar Kelly and Armando Salguero are terrible sources to be using FYI… You’re better off making up stories than taking those 2 clowns seriously.

  17. rodge1 says:

    I just copied and pasted my comment from an earlier article and here it is:

    “Omar Kelly and Armando Salguero are terrible sources to be using FYI… You’re better off making up stories than taking those 2 clowns seriously.”

  18. We heard last night that Caserio was offered the Dolphin GM job and that he rejected the offer because of the organization structure. Today we find out Lake Dawson rejected the job for the same reasons, but Dennis Hickey accepted it. Hickey has responsibility for the roster and Dawn Aponte effectively reports to Hickey.
    I really struggle to understand why Caserio and Dawson rejected the position. The problem with the spontaneity of twitter reporting is that people are reacting to opinions rather than facts.
    The Browns Head Coach and Dolphins GM interview process have made both teams look like bumbling circuses because the teams took their time. For every other NFL team that requires a senior role filled, this is what you are looking at. A series of team “reporters” will tweet every possible interpretation and comment.
    Time will tell if Miami and Cleveland made good appointments but the twitter experts have spoken that these were both major calamities and the sky is falling.

  19. Caserio, like Farmer, are gutless yes men with cushy well paying jobs (likely even better now), who would rather take it easy on the porch. Taking on the task of being an actual GM is a lot more difficult than what they’re doing now, and with a lot more responsibility and accountability. I can’t blame them for making a move to increase their pay however.

  20. or armandos “secret source” is a sham. He loves stirring the pot.
    If the phins hired the dude it would be a disaster hire and he fell into our lap as the last choice.

    If he walked, we let a future hall of famer go and our #1 choice for gm, again a failure. Its how he thinks and writes

  21. Salguero constantly reports junk… since he is the source of this entire theory, reality is the public has no idea what is going on…

    50% he just made it up outright
    45% he thought he heard something from somebody at the Phins who didn’t actually know the real story
    5% chance it’s got some minor basis in reality

    the only thing we really know is that nobody seems to want to work for the Phins front office for some reason.

  22. Carefull about what you read about the dolphins on this site. The head guy is sour about the phins whoopn that patriot butt last time they played.

  23. The reason that the last two canadates
    refused the job was because Ross would
    not let them have the power to fire
    Philben. The news media doesn’t know
    what they are talking about and made
    the job and the Dolphins look bad. First,
    Hickey will be in charge of all player
    personel, next Hickey will report to Ross
    and Aponte will not be his boss. Also, if a
    canandate dosen’t want to be a GM just
    because they don’t have the Power to
    fire the HC without talking to Ross first
    they are not a team player and the
    Dolphins don’t need them. Last, Tampa
    Bay has more talent on paper and better
    draft picks than the Dolphins have had
    the last 8 years. Tampa Bay was gonna
    let Hickey run thier draft an then
    restructure after the draft and let this guy
    go because of his large salary. Get this
    straigt Hickey was going to be in charge
    of Tampa Bays draft in 2014. You should
    follow Omar Kelly on twitter and find out
    the facts before bashing the Dolphins all
    the time. We have a better GM, OC, and
    LB coach now and the sky is the limit.
    The Dolphins will win the AFC East soon.
    Go Dolphins!!!

  24. face it Dolphin fans.
    You hired the only guy left who truly wanted the position. There is no other way to spin it. These guys who didnt want the job arent gutless, they want to know there is stability, Not Darcy Regier, not win anything but still keep the job for 17 years stability, but they want to know they will be able to make the decisions and pick a head coach and be an actual GM. They didnt want to come here for various legit reasons, whether you want to believe it or not.
    They dont care about your 4th best winning percentage since 1970, esp since you havent been to a super bowl since 1984. Your team is irrelevant and has been for the longest time. but that doesnt matter because many people would love the challenge of turning around a once proud franchise.
    Nobody wanted this job because of organizational structure and the uncertainty that it holds down in Miami, sad but stop playing around like “its not us, its them”. It is you (the team)
    you hired the only guy that wanted the job:truth.

    Trust me, i root for a team that went after shanahan and cowher and ended up with Gailey. it sucks and it hurts but its still the truth

  25. Also… I’m wondering if alot of this is because some of these swinging “richards” don’t want to work with/under a woman’s watch…

  26. I applaud Ross for making the right hire. If Ross still believes in Philbin, he should want to protect him. Furthermore, it would be stupd to fire a coach this late in the season when you do not get the cream of the crop to choose from. This also end speculation that Ross is not loyal. Not only is he loyal but he is patient and models his business on consistency. Consistency wins in the NFL. Great move Ross.

  27. Having seen what hacks in the media can do when they hold grudges against sports franchises (Hello Ron Borges and Will McDonough), I’m going to have to give some credit, and buy off on what Fins fans are saying here about Salguero.

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