Baldwin: Sherman “was terrible” when he first moved to cornerback

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In a span of less than five years, Richard Sherman has transitioned from collegiate wide receiver to star professional cornerback.

Wide receiver Doug Baldwin, Sherman’s teammate at Stanford and with the Seahawks, was asked Sunday about Sherman’s initial move to cornerback in 2009.

And did Baldwin’s response ever paint a picture.

“To be honest, when he first switched over he was awful, he was terrible,” Baldwin said Sunday, according to an interview transcript from the NFL. “He couldn’t backpedal, he couldn’t track the ball, and he didn’t really try to quick jam, because he would get lost at the line of scrimmage.

“We had wonderful coaches at Stanford, they kind of honed in his skills, made him focus more on the details and then when he got here he kind of blossomed into amazing defensive back that he is now.

“He never in his mind had doubt that he would be one of the greatest, he’s always said that he was going to be one of the greatest whether he was going to be a receiver or a defensive back. I had no doubt in him as well because I know how hard he works.”

Sherman showed enough in two years at cornerback at Stanford to be invited to the Senior Bowl and the NFL Scouting Combine. The Seahawks selected him in Round Five in the 2011 draft, and it’s worked out quite well for player and team, to say the least.

But to hear it from Baldwin, there were some tough moments early.

32 responses to “Baldwin: Sherman “was terrible” when he first moved to cornerback

  1. Wait a minute…’re telling me that he wasn’t a boss at playing corner when he did it at first? Wow, go figure

  2. He obviously had the natural gifts and was blessed with coaches who could see all that promise. But what an amazing display of determination, hard work, and intelligence on Sherman’s part to be willing to stick with it and become the great player he is.

  3. Forget what happened before, he’s what’s happening now.
    One more game
    One more win

  4. That’s a testament from a teammate, both college and NFL, about Sherman’s determination to excel. I’m glad both Baldwin and Sherman are Seattle Seahawks, and I bet the haters out there wish they were on THEIR teams!

  5. Richard Sherman is still terrible.

    The best safeties in the NFL that play behind him make him look better than he is.

    All he does is hold the reciever for 10 yards then has Earl Thomas to help him from getting burnt every play.

    Did anyone else see Jarius Wright burn him for 2 TDS for the Vikings?

    Now a corner like Xavier Rhodes is a real shutdown corner.

  6. Check out da Seattle paper 10/8/13 Jayson Jenks article about Doug Baldwin and Aaron Curry. It’s excellent:

    ““I told Doug this,” said former Seattle cornerback Antoine Winfield, “but in my 15 years playing in the slot, he’s one of the best players I’ve seen.”

    Doug Baldwin is the Richard Sherman of Seahawks offense.

    With him, and adding Percy Harvin into the mix, I like our chances.

  7. It’s gotta just tear old Coach Harbaugh up.. he had both Richard and Baldwin at Stanford, and let them both head to the NorthWest, where they have thrived under PC.

    Just weren’t good enough for the 49ers, eh, Coach?


  8. In before a bunch of rabid haters furiously bleat their usual PED drivel. It got old a long time ago, guys, please give it a rest already.

  9. So quick to assign “greatness”. He hasn’t even been in the league for his first holdout yet. Sherman is a popular man right now, thanks to that ever open mouth….wait til he gets paid.

  10. Pete Carroll. A strange career. One season with clown Jets. Success and scandal at USC. Now on the brink of ultimate success with the Seahawks.

    Still, he’s 10X better than Jim Harbaugh, who can’t lose enough for my liking.

    Peyton gets the next win however.

  11. Out come the trolls to take their shots. Considering he is 5 years into his position and has worked to make himself the best in the world at it says something.

    Take your shots but ask yourself, what do you do to give back because I bet Sherman has done more in 1 summer. Good article on a great player. Go Hawks!

  12. The PED accusations are ridiculous. Drugs help a player get bigger, faster, and stronger. They don’t impart intelligence, or give a player a magical understanding of routes, ball trajectories, game situations and tendencies, etc. If it turns out that Sherman did use PEDs to gain an edge, then you can screen all you want about it, but until then, quit assuming that everyone who gets better over time is cheating. It just makes you look like a moron who doesn’t understand the process of learning and self-improvement.

  13. obviously he has great ball location skills for a d back. I wonder if there will be a trend of so so receivers jumping to corner and being successful. I didn’t like the me rant but can’t argue with what he’s done last two years.

  14. “we had some wonderful coaches at Stanford….”
    Wait, what? Wasn’t Baldwin another guy- like Sherman-who thought Harbaugh screwed him in the draft? And for those couple of comments about Harbaugh not drafting either Baldwin or Sherman, uh, there were 31 other teams including Seattle who could have made their own assessment as to whether those guys should have been drafted higher, -or in Baldwin’s case at all-and they didn’t. So these guys and Seattle fans, can spend their time trashing Harbaugh for whatever reasons, but they did get plenty of playing time under him in college and they obviously didn’t wow the NFL.

  15. By the way, Baldwin hasn’t exactly made anybody forget about Steve Largent, so this nonsense, that he’s this hidden gem, that Seattle discovered is rediculous.

  16. LOL 😉

    The only way to judge a book is by the story inside, not its cover….

    Sherman and Baldwin are young and great players too….they’ll probably still be playing great NFL football many years after Peyton switches to sports announcer….

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