Bills open door for O’Neil to follow Pettine to Cleveland


The Bills aren’t going to stand in the way of the Browns taking another one of their assistants this offseason.

According to Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News, the Bills have granted the Browns permission to interview linebackers coach Jim O’Neil for the defensive coordinator job.

O’Neil was the first name mentioned as a possibility to join Mike Pettine, assuming the Bills were willing to release him.

Given O’Neil’s background with Pettine (they worked together with the Jets as well) and a lack of familiarity with new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, there was no compelling reason for the Bills to block the interview.

10 responses to “Bills open door for O’Neil to follow Pettine to Cleveland

  1. What do you do with a 4-12 team?

    You take the coaches from one of the FEW teams you beat, who also were last place in their respective division. That’s the depressing reality that Lombardi, Banner, and Haslam have forced themselves into.

  2. Terrific news for the Browns. O’Neil and Pettine go way back together and should be able to hit the ground running. They will both be on the same page from the get go.

    Now to button up that OC thing…

  3. This is another good hire. I don’t know much about him but the fact that he has been on same team with Pettine and O’niel can only help the communication on the defensive side of the ball. So far the 2 hires are both no nonsince guys and will hold the players accountable yet are still somewhat considered players coaches which is a nice blend. We have the talent we just need the right people in place to lead this group of young, talented players. Forget what the media or these half ass fans that Don’t know what they are talking about think, Haslem and Banner are doing a nice job with tjis process and next year when we are winning games nobody will be complaining then. They Inherited a mess of a team and look how far we have came in less than 2 years. After this offseason we should be in contention for the AFC north title and thst i where we need to stsrt. So kudos to the front office for startjng to turn this tbthing around.

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