Browns expected to hire former Bills linebackers coach Chuck Driesbach

If Jim O’Neil joins the Browns as defensive coordinator, it looks like he’ll have a familiar face other than head coach Mike Pettine on the staff.

O’Neil has been given permission to interview for the coordinator job and Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Chuck Driesbach, O’Neil’s partner as a linebacker coach from Buffalo in 2013, will be coming to Cleveland as well. It’s not known what role Driesbach will fill on Pettine’s staff.

Driesbach was fired after the end of the regular season in a move that he said he never saw coming.

“I have no idea what happened. I don’t know if they felt like I did a [poor] job or somebody better became available,” Driesbach said after he was fired, via the Bucks County Courier Times. “I don’t know and probably never will. It’s the bad part of the business.”

With Pettine interested in bringing Driesbach on board, he can at least take some solace in the fact that at least one of his bosses liked the job he did. Driesbach worked mostly with the inside linebackers in Buffalo and has a long history with the Pettine family. He went to the same high school as the Browns coach (and O’Neil), where he played for Mike Pettine Sr. on the football team. Driesbach also gave the younger Pettine his first college coaching job at the University of Pittsburgh when he was the coordinator for the Panthers defense.

12 responses to “Browns expected to hire former Bills linebackers coach Chuck Driesbach

  1. I find it perhaps unfortunately amusing that as a Bills fan , teams like the Bills, the Browns, and the Lions are gloating about picking up the other guys “star” performing coaches

  2. So…the Browns FIRE a young HC after ONE season, who happened to have two of the BEST coordinators in the league (OC-Turner / DC Horton), for reasons no one has really given nor can be justified to date….and the answer is to load up on a new staff (beginning with their new HC) with a handful of coaches from at least as poorly performing organization in Buffalo?

    It’s no wonder so many people feel sorry for Cleveland fans. SMH

  3. Eh, I suspect he did fine. How’d Buffalos inside LBs do last year? Since they only used one, I’d say Alonso is the measuring stick, and he seemed to perform OK.

    I suspect Marrone just didn’t like Driesbach. I don’t know what about him rubbed Marrone the wrong way, but head coach sure seems to prefer guys he wants to go fishing with.

    Full disclosure, I think Marrone is an idiot.

  4. mock draft:

    1. HOU – Teddy Bridgewater
    2. STL – Jake Mathews
    3. JAX – Johnny Manziel
    4. CLE – Jadeveon Clowney

  5. This is what happens when u have a President of your organization, that used to own a clothing store. Fires a HC with a myopic plan that thinks hes goung to get to choose who he wants as HC. Too bad anyone worth anything at all tells Bozo Banner to go pound salt.

    Banner, Haslem, and Lombardi are getting Heisman’d just like they deserve.

    Like i said earlier, they have to settle on those coaches and free agents that have no other options

    Haslem you going to fire Banner and Lombardi when your team goes 3-13 next year?

  6. It boggles my mind that no HC ever seems to be interested in getting the best OC or DC that may be available to them- and instead, always preferring cronyism and handing out jobs to their friends or former collegues- regardless of the fact that they all worked together in the past with poor results.

  7. Ahh, nepotism, it’s everywhere. It’s never *what* you know, it’s always *who* you know.

    I always hated the whole buddy-buddy old boy’s club crap, and the bosses of the world wonder why their employees hate their guts.

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