Buccaneers praise Dennis Hickey’s contributions

Before joining the Dolphins as General Manager on Sunday, Dennis Hickey spent nearly two decades in personnel/scouting roles with the Buccaneers. To put that span of time in perspective, Hickey’s first year with Tampa Bay (1996) was also Tony Dungy’s first as the club’s head coach.

On Monday, the Buccaneers praised Hickey’s work as he moved onto his new role in Miami.

“Dennis was a valued member of our football operations for 18 years and he will provide the Dolphins with a wealth of football knowledge and experience,” Buccaneers co-chairman Bryan Glazer said on Monday, according to the club. “During his time here, Dennis provided steady leadership and direction for our college scouting and draft preparation efforts. We appreciate his years of service and wish him and the Dolphins continued success.”

Hickey spent the majority of his Tampa Bay tenure (1998-2009) as a college scout. His rise to the General Manager’s role in Miami surely won’t go unappreciated by the hundreds of scouts currently working in the league with an eye on moving up in the personnel world.

14 responses to “Buccaneers praise Dennis Hickey’s contributions

  1. Since Bryan Glazer feels Dennis Hickey will bring a wealth of football knowledge and experience then why didn’t Tampa Bay consider Hickey for their GM opening ?

  2. As a Miami fan I was not happy with this signing yesterday but Dennis does have 18 years experience. Sometimes in life you just need an opportunity a chance to prove yourself. So good Luck to you

  3. this is a cut throat, results now industry, for a guy to stay with a team for 18 years says a lot about him. he has brought in talent to the team like glennon, martin, mccoy, brought in v jack, revis, hitner and one of the best o lines in the nfl. is it possible that miami got a good gm here media? or are you just dead set on bashing the dolphins no matter what….

  4. It’s possible that the Dolphins accidentally got a good GM. But Hickey got the job because he was the only person not to say “no” to this dysfunctional environment.

  5. Well, I don’t know about our new GM. Only time will tell. BUT, did you know that 250M Americans are infected with something right here to my right? NO KIDDING!

  6. Please stop with the “TB didn’t even interview him for their open GM position” nonsense! Same reason the Fins didn’t offer Gaines the GM job. When most teams clean house, unlike Boss Ross, they don’t promote from within, or keep the HC & fire the GM, or vice versa, they actually “clean house”!

  7. Sorry for the Sunday rant, Mr. Hickey, and sorry for the “Dolphins fans need to boycott” their team until Ross sells it. Hickey wasn’t my choice (believe it or not Gaines was if Marc Ross didn’t want the job), but he’s got all kinds of experiences, player personnel, coaching, playing defensive back, that Ireland and other candidates didn’t have, plus unlike the male ego world of NFL footballl he doesn’t seem to have a sexism issue (and why aren’t you praising him for this, Florio, since the Redskins issues and the Rooney Rule issues are such a big deal for you? Why aren’t you ranting about sexism in the NFL? Is this why you think the Fins are so “dysfunctional”? Because they have given a woman quite a bit of power? If so, shame on you!) And I apologize to you too Mr Ross since it is apparent you have now gotten rid of the folks (Ireland and Sparano) you didn’t hire, which is probably the reason you fired Sparano and then Ireland separately which is not usually done that way. Now you have all guys (and gals) you wanted to hire so now you have no excuses. Again, sorry about the hateful Sunday rants. But I STILL think Hickey looks to much like that bankster/fraudster Jamie Dimon!

  8. BTW, Florio, weren’t you the one who kept on with the nonsense that the Bucs were gonna fire this guy so why did Miami hire him (just another one of your “Miami is dysfunctional” rants)…now who is more dysfunctuional-why did the Bucs want to fire this guy AFTER the draft, not before? So what you are really saying is that the Dolphins are so stupid to hire a guy who is so good at drafting that the Bucs needed him to stay for the 2014 draft and then they’d fire him? And what about the stinkin’ Browns, who have a crook for an owner? (But nooooo…that the Fins didn’t tell the Browns about Davone Bess, which maybe they didn’t know about, makes them more crooked, right?) And are they more dysfunctional that the Cowgirls, who keep an offensive coordinator but then hire a guy to cal plays and piss off the OC? Sounds dumber than Ross and Ireland going after Harbaugh before firing Sparano to me! And what about the Jets…weren’t they supposed to give Rexy an extention? The Bills…why did they hire Schwartz when they had a guy, Pettine, who could give Rexy the Dolphins game plan so they wouldn’t be able to make the playoffs–maybe the Bills should concentrate on trying to BEAT THE PATRIOTS INSTEAD OF THE DOLPHINS MAYBE?? SCHMUCKS!

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