Callahan will not be happy if Cowboys hire Linehan


The Cowboys haven’t hired Scott Linehan to be their offensive playcaller. Yet. But the mere fact that the topic is being discussed may be causing problems in Dallas.

Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan will be unhappy if Linehan is brought on board, a source told Calvin Watkins of And that’s no surprise: Even if the Cowboys offered to keep Callahan on the staff with the title of offensive coordinator, it would essentially be a demotion if Linehan came on board.

Callahan is under contract to the Cowboys for the 2014 season, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said Callahan isn’t going anywhere. But there’s been talk that if the Cowboys hire Linehan, Callahan could leave to become offensive coordinator of the Browns.

ESPN’s Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen have reported that Jones and head coach Jason Garrett disagreed about who should call the Cowboys’ plays, and Linehan could be a compromise who would make both men happy. But that compromise would leave Callahan unhappy. And maybe cause Callahan to leave Dallas.

51 responses to “Callahan will not be happy if Cowboys hire Linehan

  1. Too many cooks in the kitchen. If I was Callahan I’d want out too. Especially when Garrett already has a tenuous hold on his own job. All three might be competing for the same jobs next season.

  2. I think this is Jerry Jones version of the Manhattan Project: to get as many scientists in the same room to create something spectacular.

    Like usual, he’s completely wrong.

  3. As an Eagles fan it sure is nice to have two totally dysfunctional franchises in our division. Jerry and Danny just can’t get out of their own way.

  4. As a lions fan, believe me when I say you do not want linehan as your playcaller. He actually is a good coordinator, very inventive and good at using the weapons available to him. Let him make the plays, let someone else call them though. I don’t think he understands situational football in any way.

  5. For the first time in awhile, the Browns job would not necessarily be awful. Callahan would Gordon and Cameron to work with…plus if they find a good qb in the draft, they could do well. In Dallas the defense was so bad last year that it had to be frustrating to have a solid offense and still lose.

  6. Callahan won’t be happy about linehan, but what about shannahan? Or Saban? Hay by the bay whadaya say?

  7. At least he has a reason to not cheer for the Cowboys anymore.

    If he goes fans should follow suit.

    Jerry Jones is dumb to keep Jason Garrett and Monte Kiffin in town. If fans want both out they should bolt on the Boys the way Callahan might.

    Apathy ruins business and change brings back fans.

  8. Callahan should have been fired for his bush league playing calling against the Packers in the second half. All they had to do is run the ball up the middle every second half play and they would have won the game.

  9. To quote steve mariucci. “Bummer”. He should have been fired anyway. He single handedly cost them two or three games this yr by abandoning the run. I’m all callahaned out. Tommy callahan from sandusky oh could have done a better job than this guy.

  10. So Jones the GM is contemplating adding an additional coaching position, offensive play caller, to an already dysfunctional offensive coaching scheme

    There has to be some Freudian explanation for Jones’ deluding himself into believing he is an effective GM.

  11. Now that Al Davis has passed, Jones is clearly the most dysfunctional owner in the NFL. Like Davis, he’s allowed his ego to destroy everything he built. As a Steelers fan, it’s goes without saying that I hate the Raiders and the Cowboys. But as a football fan, it’s as painful to watch what’s happening in Dallas as it was to watch the meltdown in Oakland. It’s beginning to look as though the Cowboys won’t start to recover until Jones joins Davis in the great Skybox beyond.

  12. Callahan is awful. Demarco Murray has the talent to be a top 3 RB in the league if actually used correctly. When you average 5.2 ypc but only get 1100 yds, it means youre not being used enoguh. Which means your o-coordinator might not know what hes doing.

    Good riddance Bill.

  13. HaHa…

    grandpoopah says:
    Jan 27, 2014 11:57 AM
    As an Eagles fan it sure is nice to have two totally dysfunctional franchises in our division. Jerry and Danny just can’t get out of their own way.

    Says a fan of the only team in the division with an empty Super Bowl Trophy case…who’s last NFL Championship was when??? 1960 Eagle fans are hilarious…

  14. It doesn’t matter if he is unhappy or not. He should know by now that JJ is in charge of EVERYTHINGand the CowBabies are and will be just that.

  15. You know your franchise is pathetic when your coaches jump ship to take the same position with the BROWNS!

  16. As a Cowboys fan…

    It is getting tougher and tougher to remain a fan of the Cowboys. Should have immediately fired Callahan (hello…Murray avg 5.2 yds/carry) and Kiffin (worst Cowbows defense ever) and promoted Marinelli and someone else to OC.

    Dont know what else to say…tired of the excuses!!!

  17. Does anyone know if the Cowboys have even spoken to Linehan? All I have seen are a lot of quotes from the usual source… you know the one with no name.

  18. Yeah Jerry, hire an offensive ‘consultant’ when you had the worst defense in the league… Typical Cowboys buffoonery.

  19. The last few games were bad. I swear it felt like Garrett ignored Callahan and relayed his own plays to Romo. The calls were bad and so was situational clock management – – just like the years Garrett called plays as HC.

  20. So, to recap, the team had one of the worst defensive performances in the history of the game, a dreadful decline from the previous year, but they’re going to add a coach to the *offense*, after a fine year of offensive performance. A move that could mean that neither the head coach nor offensive coordinator is calling plays.

    How could this NOT work?

  21. Wow!!!!!

    Its gonna be the whole organization and the entire fan base that’s gonna be unhappy if Jones brings in Linehan!

    Nothing surprises me anymore and Jones has clearly lost his mind!

  22. Cowboys fans aren’t happy Callahan is anywhere within the state lines of Texas, let alone employed by the team. He called plays with his head so far up his own backside that he could smell last night’s dinner.

  23. Now this is what you call OVER managing. What is Jones thinking? That and why does Callahan still get jobs?

  24. I don’t know why Callahan is still there in the first place. He was TERRIBLE all season long. But not as bad as our defense, and JJ wants to make the first move on the offense?? wtf…This is another example of why other teams/GMs laugh at us…and rightfully so.

  25. As a Skins fan via marriage (wife’s a lifelong Skins fan), it is encouraging to see that the Cowboys are an even MORE dysfunctional organization than the Skins. We’ll take Snyder over Jerrud any day. At least we don’t have to hear Snyder babbling on camera after every loss every week like Cowboys’ fans have to listen to their clueless and embarrassing owner. Like threedeep says above, the Cowboys really do have to be the dumbest (and most laughable) organization in the NFL, although they DO have a really nice stadium….

  26. Who cares? I don’t see that Callahan was that effective calling plays. Anything would be an improvement…can anyone say Norv Turner?

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