Current (and very early) forecast: Clear skies expected Sunday night

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While it’s too early to be getting too worked up either way about the weather, one current forecast for Super Bowl XLVIII is relatively favorable.

According to, clear skies, 10 mph winds out of the northwest and a temperature of 34 degrees are expected around gametime Sunday in East Rutherford, New Jersey, site of Super Bowl XLVIII. A 10 percent chance of precipitation is currently forecast for early Sunday evening.

At present, there is a 40 percent chance of precipitation on Super Bowl morning, with rain and snow possible. However, dry conditions are projected to take hold later in the day.

The Super Bowl kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Eastern on Sunday night.

14 responses to “Current (and very early) forecast: Clear skies expected Sunday night

  1. It was 28 today and it was sweatshirt and shorts. It really felt heat wave-ish as single digit nights and cheap parents with the heat (me) makes a 28 degree morning a welcome delight.

    34 the first week of February is what we all dream for…

  2. With such a perfect match up (#1 seed & top offense verses #1 seed top defense) I wished they could play in a controlled environment (dome) so that there can be no excuses. I know that this kind of environment (cold, rain, snow) is where football originated but it’s just this one time of all times I wished it was played in a dome.

    I want NO EXCUSES from those who love Peyton/Receiver and the Broncos and the LOB/Beast Mode and the Seahawks.

    Good luck to both teams but especially to the Seahawks!

    GO HAWKS!!…3elieve RW3

  3. Only the media and the execs give a damn about the weather. Very few fans actually have worried for a second about the NY /NJ weather. even if it snowed and was ice cold as feared, all the hang wringing would have been done only by the media. Hopefully, this will help other cold weather football cities which are the BEDROCK of the NFL and actually value pro football more than college football will get more of a chance to host games.

  4. This is lining up to become much as the Broncos might have been looking for, though you’d have to wonder how the 10 mph winds from the NW would affect a passing game.

    Is the writing on the wall being outlined at this early point in time? Should we be getting ready for a Peyton Manning coronation as the best ever QB?

  5. It looks like rain and snow mix Saturday night, with the system moving out by noon on Sunday.

    There will be 3-5″ of snow in central PA and upstate NY.

    A near miss for the super bowl.

  6. Thor, God of Thunder, please smite these arrogant mortals in New York with a mighty storm to show them the folly of their ways! Verily!

  7. I remember watching the BIG SHOW. Started around noon on game day. Much talk about really nothing. How do you feel ? What do you think ? Could spend an hour discussing Big Joe’s shoe laces. Can you believe it, there BLUE. ( both of them ) Our resident shoe lace expert will give us an in depth view. ( right after this ” message ” ). Well we will probably miss the shoe lace discussion and tune in around game time. Last year we didn’t get around to tuning in until after the start of the game. Didn’t miss anything anyway. Heck in this and coming years we may miss the Big Show altogether. If your interested, the game will be shown without interruption Monday or Tuesday. No big deal, That’s what seems to be happening with The Big Show, it really is … no big deal…

  8. That’s hilarious that they think they can predict 6 days before the game how the weather will go down into fractions of the morning and afternoon.

    We expect precipitation with 37 snowflakes between 10-1, 112 raindrops between 1-2, but it will clear up for the game, where we can expect 4 clouds in the sky at kickoff. One cloud will resemble Grimmis the McDonald’s character.

    Pffffffffffffft. They don’t know jack — but someone figured out how to have their voice heard.

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