Demaryius Thomas’s mother, grandma will watch him from prison


Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas won’t be able to bring his family with him to the Super Bowl. Thomas’s mother is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence and his grandmother is serving a life sentence, both for their roles in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

But while they can’t be there to cheer him on, Thomas says his mother and grandmother will be able to watch the Super Bowl, and will support him from afar. Thomas’s mom and grandma are both in the federal prison in Tallahassee, Florida, so he doesn’t get to see them often during the football season, but he said he talked to them recently.

“My momma, she just told me, ‘I told you you would make it.’ We haven’t really talked about it much but I talked to my grandma and she said the same thing,” Thomas said today. “She got emotional and all, but they just said, ‘You were going to make it.’ They get to watch every game that comes on TV there and they’ve got the t-shirts. All of the ladies have the t-shirts and watch me, so that’s special.”

Thomas was only 11 on the day when police broke down the door of the family home to arrest his mom and grandma, so he has missed a lot with them, but he says they still inspire him.

“They drive me more to know that they’re there and they’re watching me,” Thomas said. “I try to go out there and play my best because they’re going to talk about it to the people in the jailhouse.”

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  1. With a start like that, it would have been easy for him to fail. I’m glad he didn’t end up like them.

  2. Thank God the Broncos didn’t have Jeff Ireland on staff when they drafted Thomas.

    Dude hates mothers with questionable pasts.

  3. Why do prisoner’s get to watch the SB? I do not care who thier kid or grandkid is.

    There should be no TV in prison, you lost that right when you sold cocaine.

  4. The prison system must be tougher in Mass than in Florida. Poor Aaron Hernandez.

    What a touching story. #eyeroll

  5. Unbelievable sentences. Life for a non-violent drug crime? Yet pedophiles, murderers, and woman beaters walk free every day. This country confuses me very much.

  6. Glad to see this talented young man make something of himself after the bad luck of being born to two generations of slimeballs. It sounds like the best thing that could ever have happened to him was that these two were taken out of his life before they managed to ruin him. And also before they could get their hands on his money!

    I hope he has good advisors that he listens to, and sets himself up for life. Good for you, Demaryius!!

  7. ravensterps says:
    Jan 27, 2014 5:59 PM
    Unbelievable sentences. Life for a non-violent drug crime? Yet pedophiles, murderers, and woman beaters walk free every day. This country confuses me very much.
    It isn’t any better over here in Canada.

  8. Good thing mom and granny are in a Federal prison, where life is good. In my home area, televised sports are off limits to inmates down at the local county jail. Watching sports, they say, riles up everyone and causes the prisoners to become hyperactive…
    Guess writing bad checks is worse than “conspiracy to distribute cocaine” in some parts of the country.

  9. These ladies are serving insane sentences for selling a drug while Josh Brent gets probation for killing a man. Yep that makes sense.

  10. Grandma in prison…sound like she is a Bronco at heart! Multiple arrests this season, Miller trying to throw a drug test and two execs arrested for DUI. Might have to call out the SWAT team if the Broncos lose!

  11. What is it with Vikings fans being such tool boxes? Between the blow hard @thepftpoet and all these other losers I can’t believe it. To all the packers and bears fans I feel for you. I guess trolls wear purple.

  12. You don’t get life for selling cocain, you get life for making/distributing crack. Penalties are like 10x harsher. Good for d thomas. How is this heart warming? No clue. Mom and grandma didnt give a crap enough about him to stay on the straight and narrow, and if they did they would be living the good life because their son is rich. Welcome to America.

  13. Non violent drug offenders with those kinda sentences just keep the privatized prison systems making huge profits for them bc of no labor costs and getting the owners filthy rich while at it…it’s a disgrace

  14. When I first heard this story, I realized that I live right down the street from his mom’s prison. Like I could literally walk there.

    Tragic story and glad Demaryious didn’t follow in their footsteps.

  15. Let’s not make this a debate about the judicial system. Let’s make this about a kid that went down the right path, probably with the deck stacked against him and made something out of his life!!!

  16. DT=1
    Dick Sherman = 0
    Looks like Dick doesn’t even measure up to
    DT off the field. Little Dick’s Compton sob story doesn’t seem so impressive. 2-0 after Bay Bay owns him on Sunday!

  17. Great for him. Those sentences are no doubt not for first time sweet innocent offenders, they knew what they were doing was criminal. He deserves all the credit.

  18. They should send that little dweeb Beiber to spend a day with Thomas’ mom and grams, he might just get scared straight.

  19. Twenty years and a life sentence for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. My God. I mean, unless these women are Columbia drug lords, the laws in this country really need to be reconsidered.

  20. I commend this young man for overcoming such steep odds when his primary role models in life took the wrong path in life. There are far too many stories of children who barely have a chance in life because of such circumstances and live down to those circumstances. Good to see one of the rare ones overcome his environment to rise above.

  21. Wow, I didn’t know this story. I just looked it up. This happened when he was 9 years old. His mother got a 20 year sentence because she would not testify against the grandmother. His mother is close to being released.

  22. You know it was destiny when they were wearing bronco orange jump suits before he was even drated.

  23. Just something else Sherman has to mouth off about whe covering Thomas. Just SHUT UP and play football.

  24. Don’t want to go to for a long time? Don’t violate serious federal laws. Not that hard to understand and it’s nothing new. But, likely this wasn’t their first offense and thus the stiff(er) penalties. Congrats to DT for making it through all the adversity.

  25. Wow,I can’t beleive the morons who say tey don’t get to see their son/Grandson play in the superbowl.I Don’t do Cocaine nor have I ever sold a drug but these people still deserve human rights and punishment seems way too harsh.

  26. His grandma has bet the farm on her grandsons team to win the game 2 snickers bars, 6 ramen noodles, and 2 clean undies. Should be a great game!

  27. For the Record… To All that Dont know. His Mom was convicted for not testifying against Her MOTHER. His Grandmother. And given 15 yrs. ABSURD. Now Grandmother was Guilty as Sin. And said so. I from the “hood” and yea selling drugs is one thing Violence is another. One doesn’t justify The Other. Both are a choice of different proportions. Selling drugs don’t make you violent and being violent don’t make you sell drugs. You Suburbanites need to know that. if An individual chose to smoke crack ,That’s there prerogative to use and find Someone to distribute it to them. As long as Said individual is not directly harming another individual. And no I don’t use or sell. And don’t condone either. Just grew up around it and understand. And when drug selling turns to Violence then yes that is a totally different crime. Not the same. Now your inflicting harm to another individual. Yet on the other Hand these Cooperate Snoodies have been and are Bankrupting people by the Boatloads in this Country. People losing life savings homes, and everything else for the entire foreseeable future. Get a Cooperate Bail Out, filled with bonuses and Lavish trips and gifts for there Mistress’s…. Get a slap on the wrist a Pat on the A&& and get sent Hime on Punishment for 10 days. Meanwhile the rest of the country is under water, underpaid and over Taxed since the Days of The Bush’s and everything is Star Quo. The point I’m making is if you wanna Kill Yourself being a Dope Head so Be it. Just AS LONG AS YOUR ARE NOT CAUSING HARM TO OTHERS! That’s Your BUSINESS! And somebody can sell it to them. Yet it’s from upon. On the other hand Hustling everybody taking all that there worth causing them to lose it,Rob Banks and stores and everything else they can think of or even killing themselves can be linked and paralleled to the correlation of Drugs and violence.

  28. Double standards – Thomas’ mother and grandmom are able to watch NFL from prison while Hernandez (not yet proven guilty) is not allowed to watch.

  29. 20 years and Life? There’s a lot more to this story. More of a legal history/ records than this story leads on. And just not testifying is not enough for those sentences.
    Those are a couple of BAD CITIZENS and deserve those sentences. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Too bad they aren’t under Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s watch. They would be watching the weather channel instead of the SB. I don’t care how much rape and violence happens in prison, Prisoners still have too many rights and have it way too easy.

  30. I feel bad for the guy that all this stuff has to come out to the public. I know it’s the SB and all, but doesn’t seem to me to have anything to do w/the game and should’ve remained a private matter.

    from a hawks fan.

  31. This is an example of the system working. Demaryius Thomas would be either dead or in prison if he wasn’t protected from these people. Instead he is a multi-millionaire.

  32. Pathetic sentencing, a true miscarriage of justice. Rapist and child molesters get small time for crimes that are way more harmful and destructive than peddling drugs. I dont condone it and the grandma should serve a stretch but the punishment doesnt fit the crime, but than again system was never meant to be equitable or fair. Throwing the book at the mother cause she didn’t want to make your case is just shameful.

  33. They have T.Vs in every state and federal prisons in the country! they have to have privileges that they can take away for bad behavior otherwise it would be o
    impossible to keep the peace.

  34. I despise drugs but I cannot fathom how somebody could get a life sentence for a drug crime unless there was somebody killed. Was it a three strikes situation or something? Every day you hear about killings where the person is out in just a few years.

  35. One drug-dealing organization can cause countless addicts, ruining the lives of the users’ families, be directly responsible for overdoses, be indirectly responsible for drug wars and gang violence. A drug trafficker is a mass murderer. A life sentence seems about right.

  36. It is amazing DT ended up as well as he did. To all you dopes screaming about non violent crime, where exactly do you think coke comes from? I get that argument to a certain degree about refer, but coke comes from the ultra violent Latin American cartels if you help in any way to distribute it you have helped to murder innocent people. There is no justification. Also she was selling come not crack (crack does indeed carry much stiffer penalties) in order to get a life sentence for selling coke there has to be some pretty big extenuating circumstances. Such as many arrests, massive quantities, weapons involved. My understanding is grandma had many extras on top of selling. I fully agree addicts should be given 3-5 chances with probation to clean up their act, but dealers who help to contribute to the senseless murders of innocent victims both in Latin America and in America should have the book thrown at them. Taking away the cartels dealers here in America has to be a number one priority. Over 60,000 ( that is a low estimate by all accounts) have died for your so called non violent drug, when is it going to be enough. And this is all coming from someone that made a very good living selling it until I woke up to the truth. When it comes to drugs, someone somewhere was hurt or killed so you could snort shoot or smoke your non violent drug. And yes josh Brent deserves to be in jail for life. He took a life, his privilege of freedom in America should be revoked. TV in jail, so much for hard time.

  37. So basically in less than 10 yrs his mother will be out of jail, his career will be towards the ends and he can get in the drug business with his mother since the millions he will be making will almost certainly be gone.

  38. Hard to not root for this young man. I hope he continues his successful life post football. I find it interesting that these women inspire him while being absent from his life since he was eleven, and yet, there is no mention whatsoever of the people IN his life raising him since that time. Someone or group MUST have helped him along the way I imagine. At any rate, all the best to him.

  39. Why do people argue for lesser sentences for one offense when they feel another offense should require a greater prison term?
    Example.. Many complain these drug distributors should not serve more time then murderers, rapist and child molesters.
    I can agree with that.
    But shouldn’t the solution be to have harshers sentences for the murderers, rapist and child molesters instead of calling for the reduction of sentences for the drug distributors?

    This is different then those that feel the sale of drugs should not be criminalized at all.
    It refers only to those who question the off kiltered nature of prison sentences.

  40. well, it’s nice that granny & momma get to watch the game together.. they’d just be blowing all of DT’s money anyway if they weren’t locked up

  41. Wow. Good for Thomas staying clean and making something out of himself. I just became a fan of his.

    Still going for my Hawks, but dang if Thomas doesn’t get mad respect!

  42. I was expecting to read that they murdered someone NOT freaking cocaine distribution. Are you kidding me? Tax payer dollars being wasted once again. Have them do a few years and cut them lose. The war on drugs is and always has been a complete failure. It is quite comical.

  43. 20 years and life are a tough sentence if it were their first time through. I know for a fact his mom was in the slammer before for cocaine, nothing’s worse than a repeat offender, I’m okay with 20 years. As for his grandmother, not sure on her but from the sound of the story and the severity of her sentence, its not her first run around either. When you go to jail, get out, and continue to behave like a piece of you know what, you deserve whatever they give you

  44. All the people crying about drug trafficking not being violent crime have never watch a 16 year old kid die after being shot over drugs. Even better none of you would ever live where drug s and drug trafficking are prevalent because you know it would make life unbearable

  45. I’m glad he overcame these circumstances. Hopefully he is the one to break what seems to be a tragic cycle in his family

  46. Ugh! People just assume things ! 1. DT was raised by his pastor uncle after his mom went to prison and has thanked him several times in helping to shape him 2. DT. Was the designated driver the night of the Parrish Cox incident and wasn’t even in the house . He is a class act and proof that you don’t have to be a product of your environment and that he still loves his mother and grandmother shows that. It’s a great story and all the jokes and assumptions just tarnish it

  47. Not inspired nor is my heart warmed. I will give credit to his aunt and uncle for being normal folks and laying the ground rules for a somewhat normal life. other than that,I just can’t get all fuzzy about mom and granny being locked up for slinging coke.

  48. Selling cocaine is not a serious crime? Right. There’s never violence involved with it. Never.

    And exposing a child to this kind of “enterprise” is not despicable. No sirree.


  49. Selling/doing drugs is not in and of itself a violent and, unless you think the state owns you, shouldn’t be a crime at all. You’d think the first round of prohibition would have taught some oriole something, but obviously MPAI (most people are idiots). The overwhelming majority of violent crime associated with any drugs are caused by the fact that they are illegal. Yes, 26 year olds get shot over drugs……. Because they are illegal.

    I’m a total gun nut, but trying to say that some chick selling drugs is responsible for someone killing someone is like say Smith and Wesson is responsible for every murder in which their weapons were used.

    You don’t see people killing each other over liquor anymore for a reason, and just as with alcohol, the government had no business telling you what you are allowed to put into your body.

  50. Wow! Just wow to comments. In the entire civilized world, prisons are used to rehabilitate people to become productive members of society again. But in the US, some would prefer they just serve to dole out punishment.

    Such a backward society in so many ways.

  51. Virtually all of the comments on the violence and negativity associated with drug trafficking miss the most basic point. It is the illegality which breeds the overwhelming majority of criminal activity,including virtually all of the violence. Substitute alcohol for cocaine and you have exactly the situation during Prohibition and Al Capone and his ilk. The health issues of drug use have zero correlation to the criminal issues of illegal drugs. Be it here or in the country where it is grown,the violence and cost of enforcement and incarceration far,far exceeds the negative effect of the drugs themselves. Oversized police budgets and empowerment,overloaded judicial system,overloaded penal system and empowerment of scummy individuals as drug lords.All based on a law,not a drug. Prohibition as it exists today is a failed policy ,just like the other massively failed policy of “Trickle Down” foisted upon our society and economy…

  52. zappaisgod says:Jan 27, 2014 6:07 PM

    No such thing as a non violent drug crime. Somewhere along the way someone was hurt or killed so they could sell their poison.


    Violent crime= is assaulting or killing someone.

    Non violent crime=is when you dont hurt someone or take their life.

    The logic behind people saying selling drugs is non violent is simple. The people who use the drugs, are in fact, the ones who are doing the damage. Its like saying we should shut down mcdonalds cuz they sell bad food. Meanwhile, the person who is eating it, is in fact responsible for their own demise, not mcdonalds. They victimized their own self.

  53. Minnie Pearl Thomas was convicted in two prior drug cases in federal court-(selling across state lines=idiot), hence she was sentenced to life for being a convicted 3 time loser.

  54. Did he go to Stanford? I didn’t see it front in center
    in the article like every Sherman article..Good for you DT and best
    of luck…

  55. Who cares if they can watch or not? They are obviously there for a reason, so get on with it.
    At least Thomas has made something of himself, and it’s obviously no thanks to his mother or grandmother.

  56. packerman1968 says:
    Jan 27, 2014 9:43 PM
    “Why am I heartless? I do not think any prisoner should get to watch TV.

    If you can do the crime, you can do the time, without cable.”

    It has nothing to do with being kind, or being heartless. If prison officials, who deal with these inmates every day, believe that providing TV helps to maintain order by occupying the inmates’ time and giving officials something to take away as discipline, I will accept their judgment over yours.

  57. Yet a man convicted of multiple counts of child molestation lives up the street from me. He served four years. He “paid his debt” it seems – he was also able t afford an outstanding lawyer. A grandmother is serving life for drug distribution. Somehow this seems wrong – and I’m not for or against her sentence, I’m simply comparing the severity.

    To those questioning why inmates have television: in many places they only have basic channels. It’s not costing you an arm and a leg. If you want to complain about where your taxes go, look at the budget of your local school system and then look at the salary of the politicians you voted for or that your peers voted for. If you didn’t vote then you passed on your right to complain very loudly. If you did, don’t vote for the same people. Find guys who’ll make a change. Organize others. It can be done but most would rather complain. People love to be victims!!

  58. All you complaining about the harsh sentences being served by these 2 women need to realize that both the Grandmother and the Mother have rap sheets as long as your arm. For those not familiar with the cases, who have only read the “overcoming adversity” stories put out by the Broncos organization to put a positive spin and soften the appearance, these charges also included running a crack house and soliciting murder. These women put crack cocaine on the streets for over a dozen years, and theres no way to count how many deaths that was a result of their actions, how many families were destroyed..And if they were released today, theyd be selling it again tomorrow.
    I have people in my immediate family who have been a part of this drug cycle, both dealers and users, and after years of support and heartbreaking attempts, you finally just have to walk away from them, or they will bring you down with them.
    Congrats to Demaryius, he worked hard to get where he is, and these stories should be more about what HE has done rather than what he left behind.

  59. An open letter to all the jack wagons crying that people shouldn’t go to jail for drugs:

    America has a very generous option for you. Leave.

    All the people that don’t want our kids hooked on drugs.

  60. Wow Demaryius Thomas is a tough guy. Anybody who went thru something like that and still reach the pros, that’s what you call overcoming adversity. Good luck in the game.

  61. So many people just miss the whole point to this story. Yes, this young man overcame obstacles and was fortunate enough to have an uncle that could take care of him when the two most important women in his life were snatched away from him at a young age. And then, a lot of people get in to the whole “they were criminals, no such thing as a non-violent drug crime, etc.etc” What most people don’t even think about is why is this a crime to do whatever you want with your own body? And if you like a particular substance, you are going to seek it out and find it. And somebody is going to see the profit in that and make a lot of money. simple economics 101 – supply and demand. And since it has been made illegal, there is nothing to stop or even slow down all the violence associated with it. The simple answer is to legalize everything, tax it, and use some of the proceeds to help people who really need help. Using treatment funds simply to help people stay out of prison is bassackwards. This has been a senseless war, with far more damaging effects than all of our “real” wars combined. Now we are putting people in prison for selling their pain meds that were prescribed by a Dr. So why isn’t the Dr and Merck, or Pfizer being put up on charges of conspiracy to distribute? There is just as much violence associated with these drugs as with the illegal ones. We have already filled up our prisons to the point they have to release violent thieves and rapists loose early. We incarcerate, and therefore ruin, more people than any other country on earth. home of the free? hardly. This problem could be cut way down in size and expense, with much better results, if we just treated it like the health issue it is, and put the cartels and real criminals (many of whom are well respected bankers and business people) out of business overnight…

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