Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie says he’s contemplated retirement if Denver wins


Broncos cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is a talented, proven starter at a position that is always in demand. What’s more, he is a free agent at season’s end, and he is only 27 years old.

However, he has reportedly at least given thought to stepping away from football if Denver wins the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Numerous reporters took to Twitter Monday afternoon to report that Rodgers-Cromartie has indicated he’s at least thought of calling it quits after this season.

“I set a goal of five years, I’ve played six,” Rodgers-Cromartie said Monday, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Lindsay Jones of USA Today, Mike Garofolo of Fox Sports and Paul Klee of the Colorado Springs Gazette also reported that Rodgers-Cromartie brought up retirement on Monday.

Via Alex Marvez of Fox Sports, Rodgers-Cromartie indicated that any intent to retire was “not set in stone.”

The suspicion here is that this is not the last we’ve heard of this story this week.

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  1. It could be that he’s concerned about the health effects of playing football, but I sort of doubt it because he’s not playing a position that takes a whole lot of blows to the head.

    Instead, this move may be designed to maximize the value of his next contract. He could get more money from a team that it willing to overpay to prevent him from “retiring.”

    Then again, maybe it’s none of the above and he just wants to retire for other personal reasons, but I’m leaning towards option #2.

  2. Well then it’s official, DRC is retiring after this game.

    There’s 0% chance the Broncos lose this game.

    The Seahawks have 0 superbowls and are perennial losers.

  3. So much retirement talk. Welker, Manning, DRC, Champ Bailey are all talking retirement. Mike Adams is going to walk home in pads after they win. It’s like they think Seattle will be their doormat on the way to glory. My question is….Why not us? We got that swag. GO HAWKS

  4. That would be a huge blow for Denver. With Bailey at the age he is and Harris coming off a torn ACL… I hope DRC continues another 3 or 4 years at least.

  5. Means he does not love or probably even like football anymore (if ever). Nothing wrong with that, as it’s actually the norm in the NFL.

    But it will raise questions and devalue your next contract if in fact he seeks one.

    Some things are better off not said…

  6. The only reason we’ve not heard the last of this story is because the media will bring it up over and over and over and over again. It was probably an innocuous statement, as is the case with most statements made by these players, and of course, the media feeds into it.

  7. His agent is somewhere pulling his hair out because he just lowered his value exponentially. When you are up for a contract you never5, ever (as Chris Tucker said in Friday) ever, ever, ever, ever, ever mention the “R” word. It lowers your guaranteed money as well as your signing bonus because teams are concerned about you quitting in the middle of the deal.

    Some things should be thought and not said and this is clearly one of them.

  8. I am a huge Broncos fan but, enough about the plans after the game please. With all the retirements mentioned, we may need some sympathy supplemental picks to field a team. All the talking needs to be stymied although I doubt it will!

  9. I think the average human contemplates doing things several times a day. I wouldn’t put a lot of value on his decision until he contemplates it a month or so after the Super Bowl. He got a family to feed.

  10. He didn’t actually play when he was in Philadelphia. He just clocked in and went through the motions… and collected a paycheck.

  11. This fool ain’t goin’ nowhere, unless he’s looking at a new career as a standup comedian. At the position that has less contact than any position short of kickers, he’s not turning down that kind of money.

    Then and again, maybe he wants to start his neurosurgeon career. Or maybe an astronaut. It’s all moot anyway, because they are not beating the Seahawks.

  12. Any talk of retirement this time of year has to be taken lightly.

    I remember last year, after Lovie Smith was fired as Bears coach, Devin Hester was very adamant that he was going to retire.

    But come August — there he was in camp.

  13. If I were an athlete I would probably do the same thing… He’s made a good amount of money and if he invests wisely he could probably retire before the age of 30 without having to work another day in his life.

    It’s a sweet deal that would be even sweeter with a championship.

  14. Well to me he sounds like one of those rarely-intelligent players who thinks of life after football. 5 years? That’s a pretty short career even for NFL standards. Sounds like he planned to get paid and quit while he was still healthy.

    However, he is 27 and will be a top commodity at Cornerback. And he would be an oustanding off-season pick up for the Vikings. Take care of corner before the draft with a MUCH-needed veteran, and the rest of the needed positions should be much easier to fill.

    You fix that QB and CB position and the Vikings look dangerous.

  15. DRC retired the day he signed that big contract with the Eagles , he just managed to fool people for a few years.

  16. Just about everyone South or East of Seattle (which is the entire United States) thinks the Broncos are going to win this game…..which is probably why they won’t. Overconfidence can only play in the Seahawks favor. The only problem with that is we’ll have to listen to Richard Sherman run his mouth for the entire offseason.

  17. Well he certainly knows how to drum up a market for himself! Who’s going to give him a long term deal knowing he’s ready to retire any year now?

  18. This kid has come in and played lights out football for us. Would love to be able to resign him. Champ is going to have to restructure, so maybe Elway can find a way.

  19. DRC was under contract when he came to the Eagles. Not sure I ever saw a CB play so poorly and actually run away from contact. Not sure where this greatness comes from.

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