Don Shula’s not a fan of cold-weather Super Bowls

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Maybe it’s a bad idea.

Or maybe there’s a reason retirees move to Florida.

Hall of Fame coach Don Shula’s among the lgion who thought playing a Super Bowl in greater New York was a bad idea.

“Why?” Shula said, via Ian O’Connor of “That was pretty much my reaction. I certainly believe that when you get to a game of that magnitude, you want to play it in conditions where weather won’t be or might not be something that affects the outcome. So that’s why I think Miami, New Orleans, San Diego, all those warm-weather cities are the best cities for a game of that magnitude.

“Plus, the fans. You’ve got to give the fans an opportunity to come in ahead of time, enjoy what the town has to offer, enjoy the game and then stay for a couple of days afterwards, and enjoy everything. So if it’s a brutal weather condition in New York, you’re not going to do that.”

But Shula also thinks the conditions have a chance to impact the game itself, as the Seahawks and Broncos have to adjust to things other than Xs and Os.

“Certainly it will take away from their ability to play the game to the best of their talent,” he said, “and you don’t want the weather to influence a game that much. Perhaps it won’t, but the odds are that it could be a factor in the outcome if it’s brutal weather conditions.”

Of course, it could be flashbacks, as Shula lost the coldest Super Bowl on record, the 1972 game in New Orleans which was 39 degrees at kickoff.

That record’s expected to be broken Sunday, by which time we hope you will have also gotten off Shula’s lawn.

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  1. Nice Old Man Eastwood reference. I resemble that remark.

    Here’s a concept(reiterated here after M.F. booted it off his story yesterday). Why not push the season back one month? Prior to the first Super Bowl, the championship game happened before Jan. 1. You could start training camps in late June, exhibition in July, first games in August. The playoffs would happen post-Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl could be played in a warm weather location right after the Super Bowl. Why? Because if I’m paying extra to see a team in the playoffs, I want to see the players concentrating on the game rather than trying to not get frostbite. It rarely is bitterly cold in December in the north, though the Ice Bowl was the exception.

    It has nothing to do with “wimp” but more toward getting value for the fans, along with a ‘degree’ of comfort for the customer.

  2. “Super Bowl played in a warm weather location after the college bowl season”-lines 6-7.

  3. So for 20 weeks, its ok for the weather to be a factor and potentially help a team to victory. But Super bowls should be played in warm weather? I guess rain is a non factor since he left Miami on the list.

    Super bowls should be played in a different city every year no matter the climate.

  4. So I guess no one shows up at midnight on New Years Eve in NYC because it’s too cold. Shula is obviously out of touch with reality.

  5. That record’s expected to be broken Sunday, by which time we hope you will have also gotten off Shula’s lawn.

    Why the schmucky comment to make Shula look bad? They came to him and asked a question that he answered in a way that 99% of the fans out there agree with. Has nothing to do with him being a grumpy old man.

  6. Ok, Coach Shula, then don’t go.

    New York’s a cool town, it’s how football has always been played (here in New England, at least) and there are probably more cold weather venues to come.

    And the team with the most points at the end of the game will be the winners. The conditions will be the same for both teams on the field, whether you play in New York, Miami or Anchorage.

  7. “Of course, it could be flashbacks, as Shula lost the coldest Super Bowl on record, the 1972 game in New Orleans which was 39 degrees at kickoff.”

    Gimme a break. Shula is simply voicing a commonsense perspective. Isn’t that perfectly obvious?

  8. Don’t tell him that in SuperBowl XLI in MIAMI was in a torrential downpour and really affected the way the game was played, being that there were 6 fumbles in the game from the ball being so slick.

  9. @floratiotime says: “Yeah, why can’t we have it in your town every year. Moron.”

    Yeah, that’s exactly what he said. The Superbowl should be played in his town every year.

  10. So a a power running team takes on a pass oriented team in a Superbowl some day. Is it right that the weather decides the outcome of said game because it’s snowing and blowing? Obviously a lot of you think so. I would rather have the teams decide the game.

  11. @randy001: “New York’s a cool town, it’s how football has always been played (here in New England, at least) and there are probably more cold weather venues to come.”

    The NFL didn’t give Greater NYC a Super Bowl for the sake of having a Super Bowl in cold weather. They gave Greater NYC a Super Bowl for the sake of having a Super Bowl in Greater NYC.

    Rest assured, neither Cleveland nor Buffalo will be hosting a Super Bowl any time soon. The Browns and Bills will both win Super Bowls before either of those cities are ever picked to host one. (The same goes for the Packers and Lambeau Field, but in their case it will be many, many more Super Bowls won by the Packers before Lambeau ever hosts.)

  12. why should fans from northern cities (you know where most of the population lives) have to travel to southern cities all the time to get a chance at watching the super bowl?

    shouldn’t every city that supports an NFL team be able to enjoy watching their city host the biggest game in the world like yours does?

    like ive been saying, rotate the game among the 32 teams host cities

  13. Here’s how cold weather outdoor Super Bowls will go away: freezing fans getting pissed, a 13-10 game, and Peyton manning losing.

    It’s all about public appeal and not about respecting winners now.

  14. The way football was “meant to be played” was because there was no other choice. Nowadays we have stadiums with retractable roofs that can be left opened or closed when there’s inclement weather.
    There are games considered “EPIC” played in the worst of weather….guess what, there are games considered “EPIC” played in good weather as well. Neither fans, players, nor the playing field need to frozen or soaked in order to have an “EPIC” game.
    How many high-light reels do we see of great catches, run backs, hits, etc. in good weather vs poor weather?
    Poor weather hinders both teams and usually hurts teams more that are either pass first or more finesse then power.
    The only thing we end up with is a game where teams are unable to play their complete game and having a good chance of being sloppy. While there is always a chance of anyone beating anyone (a given Sunday), these games increase the odds of an inferior team winning.
    Does catching a ball and sliding across the ice/snow count as a football move?
    Is not catching or dropping the ball because your hands are frozen a sign of being soft or not good?
    This is football, not american gladiators.
    I want to see the best from both teams every week without variables such as the weather preventing teams from doing what they do best.
    If the weather at the game is as bad as its looking to be, I’m not looking forward to it and regardless of who wins there should almost be an asterisk next to it simple because we did not get the best from both teams. I don’t mean effort wise, I mean ability wise, what they are capable of doing.

  15. Mr.Shula is a football God and should be treated with nothing but respect!!! He has put in the time not only as a player but as a coach a consultant to the NFL and was on the rules committee!! He has served more years within the NFL than most of you have been alive!! He has served the NFL with the highest of character , honor and respect!!! He deserves the same back from everyone!!! He was the first coach to go to the Superbowl with two different teams. The first coach to go to the Superbowl three years in a row!! the first coach to win back to back Superbowl victories and the first and only coach to go undefeated!!! Even if you are no fan of the Colts or Dolphins you have to respect what this man has done for the game for the NFL for the teams and players he was apart of!!! He did it all with dignity with humility!!! He never ran his mouth he let his work speak for itself!!! Yes Don Shula is A Football God and yes he deserves your respect and yes he has EARNED it!!!

  16. Don’t forget the monsoon when the Colts and Bears played in Miami, the weather was a factor there. So should the SB only be indoors then, because bad weather can happen anywhere? Oh wait, there was ice in Texas, but it only affected the people going to the game, not the game itself.

    In other words, when you have an event in winter, weather can affect any game, anywhere. Including the games two weeks before the SB.

    There’s no good football reason to protect 1 out of… 523 games in a season. Especially for teams built to produce in winter weather.

  17. Any true fan has no problem going to see their team no matter the weather . If i can go out and work in this weather for 8-12 hours whats watching something that I love for 3 . These rich idiots just want to be seen on tv in their fancy clothes in beautiful south beach Miami . It has nothing to do with football as much as it does them looking good

  18. What does it matter to the real fans? Only a few hundred get the privilege of attending the game anyways. The rest are there for the atmosphere, parties, and camera time. Shula is right about the activities surrounding the Super Bowl outside, like the fan experience.

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