Eagles make Bill Musgrave hire official

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Word of Bill Musgrave’s addition to Chip Kelly’s staff in Philadelphia as the team’s quarterbacks coach has been floating around for about a week, but the team made it official on Monday.

The Eagles officially announced Musgrave’s arrival with a press release. Musgrave will take over for Bill Lazor, who is the new offensive coordinator in Miami. Musgrave was the Vikings’ offensive coordinator for the last three seasons and worked with the quarterbacks in Atlanta for five years before heading to Minnesota. Musgrave also spent a year as an offensive assistant with the Eagles early in his coaching career.

The Eagles also announced two other changes to the coaching staff. Mike Dawson has been promoted from defensive quality control coach to assistant defensive line coach to replace Erik Chinander, who left for a job at the University of Oregon.

Michael Clay, who played for Kelly at Oregon, has been hired to fill the quality control role that Dawson held last season.

16 responses to “Eagles make Bill Musgrave hire official

  1. I feel so bad for Nick Foles. Musgrave is a horrible coach. Matt Ryan regressed under him in his first year, and got so much better when he left. He never got anything out of Leftwhich, or Ponder, and he never really benefited any QB. I really liked Foles, and thought he could be someone. My Condolences to all Eagles fans, and to Nick Foles on this hire.

  2. Do people realize chip calls his own plays?? So musgrave won’t have any influence. Besides there’s no comparison to ponder. Eagles will win the east again. #hatershaha

  3. He has some personnel to work with on the Eagles. It is a good fit. I think they will be looking for a young QB to groom in the back up role and consider dumping Vick.

    Last season Coach Bill was having to coach a lousy team without a starting caliber QB, no 3rd down back, and an O-line that could not block the wind.

    He had a crummy team with the third fewest wins in the league tied for 15th in offensive points.

    Give him some credit.

  4. bobnelsonjr, do you mean that Adrian Peterson isnt capable of 3rd down duties? We also have Toby Gerhart who is adept at receiving, blocking, and is a good running back.

    Musgrave liked Ponder, and he had a recent probowl QB in Matt Cassel.

    O-Line cant block the wind? Is that why they graded out as 7th best pass blocking line, and 6th best overall according to PFF?

    With the 6th best o-line, Greg Jennings, Corderelle PAtterson, Kyle Rudolph, Jerome Simpson, Adrian Peterson, Toby Gerhart, and Matt Cassel they should have done better than 15th

  5. He was hired to be the QB coach, not the Offensive Coordinator. This will have little to no impact on our offense.

    Nick Foles is inherently a good QB. He is not a good QB solely because of the coaching he received from the previous QB coach. He has intangibles about him and inherent gifts that make him a good QB, stuff that isn’t coachable. Hearing what Musgrave has to say, from a coaching standpoint, isn’t going to turn an already good QB into a bad one.

    Also, as far as Matt Ryan goes…Musgrave wasn’t there this season…why did he have such a bad year?

  6. Musgrave is 3rd in command when it comes to Eagles QBs, so it is a little hard to see how he could do much damage even if he is as terrible as the Vikings fans say.

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