Falcons announce extensions for McKay, Smith, Dimitroff


Some owners react to a bump in the road differently than others.

The Falcons just announced that they extended the contracts of team president Rich McKay, head coach Mike Smith and General Manager Thomas Dimitroff.

McKay got a new four-year deal (allowing him to continue to oversee the construction of a new stadium), while Smith and Dimitroff got a year added onto existing deals.

Injuries were a part of a pothole of a season for the Falcons, who went 4-12 this year. But that came after five straight winning seasons, in which the Falcons averaged 11 wins a year (60-36 overall).

We are fortunate to have talented key leaders at the Falcons who are dedicated to a common goal of being a league leader on and off the field,” owner Arthur Blank said in a statement.  “I have great respect for the skills and commitment of Rich, Thomas and Smitty, and I look forward to continuing to support and work with them in the years to come.”

The Falcons hadn’t posted back-to-back winning seasons in franchise history until the current administration arrived, which is why it’s refreshing to see Blank commit to his power structure when things are at an ebb.

33 responses to “Falcons announce extensions for McKay, Smith, Dimitroff

  1. And for your complete failure of a season, here’s an extension for some more money.

    I’m in the wrong business. If my numbers drop in looking for a new job. You’re rewarded on the NFL, or ATL and NY anyway.

  2. Even though this group of guys is actually pretty good, I think the Falcons are a fairly long way away from competing again. Too much competition in their own division for starters, and both their o-line and d-line need a ton of work to get better.

  3. I don’t think they’re a long way from competing as mentioned above, but I will say it seems to be becoming clearer and clearer that Mike Smith is not the man to take this team to the promise land. Is he a good coach? Yes. Does he seem like a stand up guy? Yes. Have I ever watched or listened to him and thought, “This guy could bring a dynasty to the ATL?”…. No. But… At least we’re not the Browns.

  4. They have done a very impressive job. If Bowman is called for P.I. Which he should have been… The Falcons would have been Superbowl champs. They would have boat raced Baltimore.

  5. If it weren’t for the injuries they would have been competing for at least a Wild Card spot this past season. Not arrogant enough to state any higher claim than that. The NFC South is going to be very tough for the next few years. The Saints and Panthers have already righted their ships and I believe L.Smith will right the ship in Tampa.

    I can’t wait to see what the Falcons do in the draft and free agency. Hopefully their previous games plans of picking up 1-2 good free agents and drafting well will keep on going. There have been a few bad draft picks but their overall success rate has been good.

  6. So you lose a WR and a LB and you blame injuries? Welcome to the norm ATL, it doesn’t matter though, you won’t be at SF, SEA, GB league for a long time. As long as Dallas, Philthy, and NO are in their current state you should compete though. If not, you’re worse than you think.

  7. Good news, they all should be extended into perpetuity! Ledbetter should be announcing this on the AJC in about 3 or 4 days. LOL! GEAUX SAINTS!!!

  8. Oh lord, I guess if they had won 5 games they all would have had their salaries doubled.
    Way to go Failcons

  9. defense didn’t develop. the offense didn’t pay off like it was supposed to, and now lacks the great Tony Gonzalez, who will be missed more than most think or want to believe

    they then hire pioli, go watch that dashcam footage, he is already bossing around Thomas, and it got awkward real fast.

    I really thought the falcons were on the right track, now? I don’t know. seems like the front office is a bit dysfunctional.

  10. I am not a Falcons fan but I love the idea of the extensions. Modern football decisions seem to be so short term orientated its like all the owners have ADHD. Sometimes teams have bad luck. The Falcons have built a very good and dangerous team. They have the foundation to contend for a SB every year.

    I am much more concerned about the process then the results. Is the FO making good logical decisions? Is the team progressing long term? Those questions to me are much important than 1,2 or even 3 seasons of results. Teams react to much to fan whims. I like what the Falcons are doing here. Continuity bodes well for the long term.

  11. IF If if…I can’t read a comment without seeing the word “if”. Stop making excuses, stop blaming injuries, stop blaming the refs, then you’ll realize what really is the problem is your team and its depth compared to the Panthers and Saints who were the better teams this year. They too went through injuries just like every NFL team..it’s part of the game. Peace up Atown down at the bottom of the NFC.

  12. Smith is not a good coach. Very talented team and they can’t get over the hump. Still baffled how the julio jones trade was considered a success for td and the falcons. They got what seems to be an elite talent who is often injured and it only cost them much needed depth on a very shallow team. Look at the atrocious oline, dline, and lbs.

  13. This makes total sense as I’m all for consistency. If I could build a team, I would certainly preserve a staff that gets their team out to a red hot start after twenty scripted plays and then crashes and burns in the second half.

  14. This isn’t much of a story . The coach was given a one year extension . Its simply easier to attract free agents with a coach that doesn’t appear to have lame duck status . The Falcons do have the money to spend and need some new body’s .

  15. Maybe they can also moonlight at my local Home Depot. The idiots he has working there now don’t have a clue.

  16. Just a LB and a WR?!?! You’ve lost it! By the end of the year we had 1 starter on the offensive line, Samuel missed 6 games, SJax only played in 7 games, roddy missed 3 or 4 games, we lost 3 D line starters. Not counting the ONE WR who just so happens to be one of the best in the league. I’d like to see any team deal with those types of injuries. We can’t all have Brady and BB.

  17. Bucs,Panthers and Saints fans wish to wholeheartedly thank Mr Blank(!) for this great news. More years for Meek Smith and Thomas DumbAssoff is a welcome gift to the teams in the NFC South. GRACIAS!

  18. What’s funny is that you have all of these fans from other teams talking smack- like they accomplished something this year. Meanwhile, they can all join their players at the house in order to watch the Super Bowl, because none of them are going either!

    But the reason why the Falcons kept them is because the Falcons had injuries- not just at the LB and WR positions, either. A real fan knows that we had injuries at the line, and that was really devastating. Plus, our RB was banged up and injured for a long time and wasn’t anywhere close to 100% during the time he was playing. So we had no line, no running game and couldn’t stop the run- all due to injuries. But that’s ok. The season was busted, but the Falcons will be back next year.

  19. Ummm.

    This means he has one year (2014) to win now. He didn’t want him as a lame duck… But of they don’t get to the playoffs at least, Smith and Dimitroff are gone.

    I would have been more skeptical if it was longer than a year.

  20. Also.

    Buc fans? Seriously? Have y’all be relevant in the last 10 years? Not trying to talk smack, but I think you have to fix your own house first…

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