Giants co-owner wants NY to be a Super Bowl regular


It used to be, they had Super Bowls in places it was warm in the winter.

Then they started doling them out as rewards for new stadiums.

Now, before the first greater New York Super Bowl has started, one of the local owners is hoping for a regular spot in the rotation.

“Hopefully when we do all the tallying for weeks to come,” Giants co-owner Jonathan Tisch said, via Jorge Castillo of the Newark Star-Ledger, “the other 30 owners will say to themselves when there’s a chance to do it again: ‘Super Bowl XLVIII in New York and New Jersey was a huge success. Let’s try to do this once every 10 years.’”

The idea of having the big game in bad weather has caused many to watch what’s happening here carefully, to see if it can be pulled off in their town.

Tisch and Jets owner Woody Johnson, at a host committee press conference, emphasized how prepared the locals were for this game, regardless of the conditions.

“I think it’s important to have an outside Super Bowl,” Johnson said. “I don’t want to use the word ‘no-brainer,’ but we’ve had 47 of these indoors and in the South. It’s about time we played a Super Bowl in conditions, the way the game is routinely played.”

That will largely be determined by how this one goes. New York and New Jersey are far better prepared to handle adverse conditions than some hosts (Dallas and Atlanta spring to mind), and if they can, it’s going to raise their expectations for future bids.

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  1. The game is supposed to be a reward for the fans and the teams – not a punishment.

    Of course if there is a dollar to be made I’m sure the fan experience won’t matter. Also NFL why isn’t this the Best Buy Super Bowl Presented by the Geek Squad? I mean you’re leaving money on the table by not selling the name of the event. Like for example, Congratulations Trent Dilfer, you just won the Discount Auto Parts Lombardi Trophy – how exciting would that be?!?

  2. “Hopefully when we do all the tallying for weeks to come,” Giants co-owner Jonathan Tisch said, via Jorge Castillo of the Newark Star-Ledger, “the other 30 owners will say to themselves when there’s a chance to do it again: ‘Super Bowl XLVIII in New York and New Jersey was a huge success. Let’s try to do this once every 10 years.’”

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an example of a completely stupid idea. Once is just enough.

  3. Why? I’ve been to Metlife Stadium and personally it’s a dump. If it’s raining in the stands, then it’s also raining in the concourse cause there’s no sides to the stadium. Also if you’re forced to go into the concourse it’s so packed because it’s not wide enough to accommodate all the people. Plus Jets fans are probably the stupidest and rudest fans out there….

  4. It’s a terrible idea this time and if they keep doing it keeps being a terrible idea. No one wants the game to be dumbed down by nasty weather. Nothing is gained from it and alls you do is ruin the Super Bowl. This is the stage where the best athletes in the league are to battle it out for the title. NO outside interferences including weather or anything else should come into play. Tell the Giants owners to build a dome and then we are good. Snowy, muddy games are for the reg season. Not for the final game of the year. Period.

  5. wow that’s different most teams don’t want to have the Superbowl in their city. Real trendsetter here. There won’t be anymore Superbowls in cold weather cities after this. I am sure the NFL is holding the collective breathes that something bad don’t happen and if it don’t they will all high five each other and promise never to do that again

  6. If northern tier cities are going to insist on having super bowls then just rotate it through until each city has had one.

    Personally, I’d rather have warm weather beaches to go with my super bowl but if people are insistent on snow and ice then at least make it equal.

  7. take 36 million from their salary cap distribute it between the Redskins and the Cowboys and then I would say the NFL should let them make their pitch.

  8. ‘Super Bowl XLVIII in New York and New Jersey was a huge success.’

    ‘Giants co-owner wants NJ to be a Super Bowl regular’

    Fixed those for ya!

  9. What’s Tish going to do, renovate the stadium every 10 years? Due to Goodell’s greedy policy, only teams that build sparkling new stadiums or vastly renovate them get a Super Bowl. Special consideration is given if the taxpayers are forced to pay for said stadiums instead of the multibillionaire owners.

  10. Just hearing John Mara’s words makes me wish for a historically massive game day ice storm that will make it so no one ever tries to have a Super Bowl in an uncovered stadium in a northern city again.

  11. Uh, no.

    I think most fans dont mind football being played outside in any weather, and even through the playoffs it’s fine. But with the price gouging that is the Super Bowl, fans dont want to be stuck INSIDE all week, pay big bucks, then have to sit in crappy weather for the game.

  12. The dumbest thing I have ever heard, granted I say that in New Orleans and we too are about to go into shutdown mode because of winter storms.

    If you can avoid delayed flights, risk of poor weather, snowfall built up in the stadium, poor game time weather, THEN YOU DO IT.

    The SB is supposed to be at a neutral site right? Is it very neutral if say my dome bound, southern Saints have to play say the Pittsburgh Steelers? honestly, ask your self that how is that fair? If it were home field advantage sure that is one thing but say my Saints record is 13-3 and the Steelers got in at 10-6, are we going to flip flop the site to say Glendale ,AZ to make it fair? or does it stay at a “Neutral” field where the Steelers have an ought right advantage over a domed team from the deep south?

    This is beyond stupid and straight up GODdell needs to be canned. The NFL lucked out this season because they are both outdoor cold weather teams but had that not been the case this is a flat out mockery of the NEUTRAL FIELD concept.

  13. The NFL has unlimited money.

    Why not just built a Super Bowl VENUE somewhere like Hawaii.
    Enough of the P.C. practice of moving it around ‘to every city.’

    Do away with the stupid Pro Bowl, and during Super Bowl week you have a skills competition or something at the site so we dont have to listen to 2 weeks of the same sh*tty interviews with the same players.

    If you are paying insane prices to be at the Super Bowl, make it somewhere people WANT to visit in Jan/Feb.

  14. The name of the teams that play in MetLife are my team The NEW YORK Giants and the NEW YORK jets.aslong as New York is in the name the Stadium will be associated with it.plain and simple

  15. The stadium is not owned by either team, they rent or lease for misc events. The NFL is a nonprofit org and pays no tax. Another emerging problem is the lose of revenue being experienced by the NFL due to lack of attendance. The NFL experience is being placed out of the reach for regular folks. They may very well have ” Killed The Golden Goose” …

  16. Why didn’t they build the stadium with a retractable roof? Seriously, 2 teams share the stadium plus they received public money and they didn’t think a retractable roof was a good idea? Jerry Jones may not know how to build a football team, but he does know how to build a stadium.

  17. Whatever Tisches want from the NFL, they get. Witness the penalties handed down to the ‘Boys and ‘Skins for the so-called “uncapped” year.

  18. By the time this super Bowl Is over Jerry Jones will be off the bottom For failure to provide a good thing for football, New York (Jersey) takes over as cellar dweller….

  19. Have the Super Bowl in Hawaii, that would be a neutral site. Better than London, Mexico City or cold weather site.

  20. Stupid to have the game in a winter climate. Does anybody give a damn about the fans and players? Not Goodell.

  21. All about the green. If they build a venue in Hawaii they would have enough hotels and good weather. The only problem is the fans having to buy flights to Hawaii. But fans don’t really get to go now. So the American taxpayer will pay for all the corporate big shots and friends to go to Hawaii for the Super Bowl. All tax deductible.
    Have fun guys!

  22. I don’t get the ” If this one goes well we should have more freezing super bowls. The next might have 10ft of snow and be rearranged for the next day. See how that goes down. Wake up and smell the deicer man.

  23. It’s of course a horrible idea, not just for the game itself, but for the week leading up to the game. If my team ever made it I would spend the week in the city, but who in their right mind want to spend a week in a cold winter city in February!

  24. Green Bay is rinky dink. Giants gave them Lombardi on loan and they wouldn’t give him back. Lombardi cried about it. Poor guy was stuck in hillbilly land. Look it up.

  25. Remember there is only one team in NY and that’s the Bills. The Jets/Giants are NJ teams. And we def don’t want a bowl in Buffalo in February!!!!!!

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