John Fox: Broncos not “real thrilled” about on-field microphones


If it were up to Broncos head coach John Fox, Omaha would be Nebraska’s most populous city, not the football buzz word so many are trying to decipher.

On-field microphones have captured Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning saying “Omaha” numerous times at the line of scrimmage in Denver’s two playoff games, which has led to a sort of fascination about what it means.

Asked about the “Omaha” phenomenon on Monday, Fox (of course) wouldn’t go into detail about what it meant. He did, however, give a crystal-clear take on his feelings about on-field microphones.

“Really, we’ve never been real thrilled,” Fox said of on-field chatter being captured for all with a television to hear. “The league kind of us makes us put these microphones on players, so it’s not real fun for us. We have to change a lot, and all those kind of things.

“But I think really, in today’s NFL, offensively, more and more people are doing things at the line of scrimmage, whether it’s audibles  — I don’t want to get into too much — but there’s a lot of communication that goes on at the line of scrimmage in today’s NFL, and that’s both offense and defense. Really, even special teams. I mean, you’ll see hand signals, you’ll see different things, even in the kicking game. I think when you give people 18 hours a day to think of stuff, this is what we do.”

And there may be no choice but to work that much on line-of-scrimmage adjustments, given that so much on-field discussion hits microphones and transmits to the ears of the opposition, Omaha and all points beyond.

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  1. Anybody who thinks the Seahawks will be embarassed this weekend is a troll or foolish. These DB’s will do anything and everything necessary to see to it that doesn’t happen. Mark my words. Not guaranteeing a win, but they will not be blown out of the water.

  2. The NFL sure seemed to crank it up a notch in the Broncos-Chargers game. Manning is always yelling at the line of scrimmage, but I had never heard him (or any QB for that matter) that loud and clear.

  3. As if it wasn’t already very easy to hate the SeAdderall Seahawks, Richard Sherman made it really easy for the rest of the football fans to hate the Seahawks.

  4. Fox is driving at what is a really strong point.

    The NFL is about a lot of things (size, speed, team unity, heart, strength, perseverance, brains, resolve, athleticism, overcoming all forms of adversity, poise, courage, technique, coaching, team chemistry, etc.) – but one a large segment of elements of the NFL (and our [American] brand of football) include the impact of strategic choice, misdirection, optimization of tactical options, creating designed mismatches, etc.

    Having an artificial enhancement of LEGAL subterfuge clearly compromises those elements – thus, has a pollutant effect on the results of the competition.

  5. Funny how the same trolls are obsessed with Seattle Seahawks because they are 1st to comment on every article about the team.

    It has to be rough for you that this team is the 4th youngest and is playing in an amazing match up in the Super Bowl.

  6. “Omaha” changes meaning as the game progresses. Often, it means nothing at all. Last week, it usually meant the next sound “snap the ball”.

  7. Eli does it etc etc…
    It was never a big deal till someone watched a Bronco game.
    Peyton has been doing all year long and before too…

  8. Don’t have a dog in the fight, but here’s the simple equation:

    Refs call defensive holding aggressively = Denver win
    Refs don’t call defensive holding aggressively = Seattle win

    Personally I think the league will want to see a post-game Peyton Manning interview, rather than a post-game Richard Sherman interview. So if there’s a Vegas prop bet on penalties, take the over.

  9. With the way everyone is crying about what is said on the field there really gonna put mics down there. Do us a favor keep one away from Sherman because i DONT want to hear another word about what he said after the NFC championship game its old and a dead horse!!

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