Lions institute variable pricing for 2014 tickets

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Last month, there were signs that variable pricing for tickets to NFL games was coming in the near future.

The future has arrived. The Lions announced Monday morning that they will institute variable pricing on tickets for the 2014 season. Each preseason and regular season game will be assigned to one of three pricing categories that the Lions hope reflects the demand for each of those games that they’ve seen on the secondary market in recent years.

“Data from the secondary market has equipped us to make more educated and fair pricing decisions based on anticipated demand,” vice president of ticketing and suite sales Todd Lambert said in the team’s announcement. “We’re now using that information to offer a better ticket experience for season ticket members who previously paid the same price regardless of the matchup or viability as a regular or preseason game.”

Preseason games will make up the lowest tier of games while the top level will consist of high-profile matchups, including Thanksgiving Day and primetime games. According to the team, season ticket holders will see the prices for their preseason tickets drop by 70 percent although the overall bill for season tickets will rise by 8.2 percent on average.

Last month, a team executive told Peter King of that he expected as many as half the teams in the league to think about instituting similar policies so  the Lions may have some company in the new frontier of variable ticket pricing.

24 responses to “Lions institute variable pricing for 2014 tickets

  1. By raising the prices on the “premium” games, they are nullifying any benefits from the lowering of the preseason games. Article even says that prices are up overall…not sure how awesome that is!

  2. So they just moved the cost from worthless preseason games to the marquis matchups. Please enjoy your 10% rise in total cost!

    Are they trying to get people off the season ticket rolls?

    This is an insult to the fan’s intelligence, at least the smart ones.

  3. Last season would have worked out perfectly for the team in regards to revenue earned from tickets. Every single game would have had a high demand until week 17.

  4. Right, yet ticket prices still went up. I’m out after almost 15 years. Looking forward to watching on NFL Sunday Ticket.

  5. This should be an article about how the Lions have cleaned out the Front Office to bring in a NEW team that does know how to win before looking at the ticket demand data and then adjusting the prices. The data sheets are much nicer looking if you win the Super Bowl and we can’t even make the playoffs.

    How about this year we institute a variable firing policy? For every loss this year we fire 1/16 of the staff at the end of the season.

  6. This is like using semantics to keep asking the same question over and over. It’s all an illusion. They’re raising prices period.

  7. The bottom line to all of this is they raised the overall season ticket prices and that is not sitting well with me. As a season ticket holder, I am seriously thinking of NOT renewing my tickets after this and last seasons collapse. This also means that I will need a refund for the playoff tickets I purchased that NEVER happened. Very discouraging.

  8. Preseason – $40
    Regular season – $120
    Playoffs – $300 (in theory)

    These are the prices they’d have to pay me to make me watch a Lions game.

  9. They can manipulate ticket prices all they want but the reality is they need to massively improve the in stadium experience because watching at home is vastly superior.

  10. Season ticket holders have been complaining for years about paying full price for preseason games. Now they don’t have to and they’re still complaining.

    Did you really expect prices to decrease?

  11. When did the greedy NFL or Goodell EVER care about the fans? They see you as an open wallet and care more about sponsors.

  12. jrdbrn – How is this awesome? All that this means is if you want to go see a game against a team like the Browns you can get cheaper tix than in years past but if your looking to go to a division game or a game against a top tier team your paying more. Also if the pricing for the high demand games are now more in line with what the secondary market has shown in the last few years it just means that tix being sold on the secondary market will raise too. Nothing about this is awesome.

  13. If they accompany the tickets with a piece of paper that says it’s a Packer Stock certificate, they can probably sell the Green Bay game tickets to Wisconsinites for $750 apiece.

  14. Maybe if the internet was good enough to stream the ticket on my iPad, you may be able to talk me into going to a football game. Won’t solve the traffic issues, bathroom lines, bad weather, and other costs associated going to games but at least I can get through the TV time outs.

  15. Let me get this straight. Last year all tickets had the same price printed on them. This year preseason has a lower price printed on them and premium games has a higher price. When season ticket holders writes the check for the tickets, it will cost 8.2% more. How stupid to they think their fans are?

  16. The only way variable pricing works for current season ticket holders is if preseason tix go down and the regular season tix stay the same.

    If the panthers do this i will be ticked

  17. So does that mean they’ll be discounting the games the Lions are involved in….oh wait…..nevermind….

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