Pete Carroll praises John Schneider for drafting Russell Wilson


When Seahawks coach Pete Carroll talks to other NFL coaches, they often tell him how lucky he was to get quarterback Russell Wilson in the third round of the 2012 NFL draft — and they tell Carroll that they were hoping they could draft Wilson.

“It’s real common for people to say, ‘Hey, we loved that guy too,'” Carroll said today at his press conference in New Jersey.

Of course, every team can say in hindsight that Wilson was high on its draft board. Only one G.M., Seattle’s John Schneider, sent in a draft card with Wilson’s name on it. Carroll said Schneider loved Wilson so much heading into the draft that he would have chosen him earlier, but the Seahawks decided to gamble on Wilson still being available when they drafted in the third round, No. 75 overall. And Carroll praised Schneider for the way he handled the draft.

“John Schneider led the charge on this thing. John had it pegged perfectly where it happened for us. He had been sweating it out in the second round,” Carroll said.

Carroll said Schneider kept it quiet, even within the Seahawks’ building just how much he liked Wilson. And that made it nerve-wracking in Seattle as they sat in their draft room waiting to see if anyone else would pick him.

“It was really exciting for us,” Carroll said.

The NFL would look very different right now if some other team had chosen Wilson. (And especially if the Broncos had chosen Wilson in the second round, when they instead chose to select Brock Osweiler as Peyton Manning’s backup.) But Schneider made the call on Wilson in the third round, and as a result, Carroll is coaching Wilson in the Super Bowl.

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  1. Cue the stories about Pete Carroll and his khakis to replace the Jim Harbaugh and his khakis stories…….

  2. Looking forward to the day when Mr. Schneider comes back to the fold in his hometown of Green Bay. Hope it’s sooner than later. Go Squires!

  3. I felt Wilson would be a solid starter, especially if he went to the right place. I think the knock on him for being short, “how would he see over the line,” was a bunch of bologna.

    Yet a fair amount of the linemen he played with are in the NFL. If they aren’t its was because lack of skill, not lack of size.

    I felt he could have easily been drafted in the top 50 picks.

  4. Thank god the Seahawks selected Wilson. I think he’s a top 5 qb in the league already. He doesn’t get a chance to chuck the ball around like the other qbs but he shines above all. Luck gets a chance to take all the risks and he gets the stats because of that. Wilson isn’t allowed to take the same chances and he still gets it done. Love RW, hope he can win the Super Bowl this Sunday.

  5. Haters can hate and it’s popular to call Pete ‘a cheat’ but there is no denying that Seattle’s GM & coach hit a home run with their 3rd round Russell Wilson pick last year. Hopefully that is the lasting legacy of Pete Carroll’s tenure………That, and a Lombardi Trophy or 3……. GO HAWKS

  6. The most laughable is the Eagles, who have put it out there repeatedly that they built their whole draft around selecting Wilson in the third round.

    If a team really was convinced Wilson was a franchise quarterback but was not willing to take him before #75 (the Eagles picked at #46 and #59 in the second round) that is even more embarrassing than failing to evaluate him properly.

    Of course, the Eagles got an ok QB themselves later in the third round.

  7. Sort of a no brainer. I believe the Skins had a second round grade on him and would have taken him, yet the Seahawks got him so they took Cousins. Glad he got to go to a team and start. Just a shame it was the Squawks!

  8. matt flynn would have led this team to the sb.

    wilson a top 5 qb…..laughable. just the past 6 games he is completing a little more than 50% of his passes, has 2 or 3 td passes and throws for about 150 yards a game. all of his best games came against the worst teams. not top 5 qb, and the whole “playing the best defenses” excuse is a lame one. great kid, but not in the top half of qb’s.

    if wilson was drafted to the colts they would be a .500 team at best.

  9. I like Russell wilson also. But lets keep it real. He does have a Top tier Running Back and O-Line. Not to mention the best D in the league. Its possible he goes to a lesser team and you see a short QB running for his life and getting picked twice a game.

  10. I never understood how Russell Wilson lasted until the 3rd round. If you watched him play in college, you saw a guy with a complete game whose only weakness was his height. With all the other QBs drafted much higher with much bigger holes in their game, it really makes you wonder what people were thinking. As a 49er fan, when the Seahawks drafted him I threw things.

  11. Pete deserves credit too. Took some balls to start him. Most coaches would have just went with Flynn and take the safe route. We might be watching the niners Sunday if pete didn’t pull the trigger right away last year. Thank goodness he did cuz I’d be golfing next Sunday if I had to watch Harbaugh and Kaperchoke in the big game. We won’t have to worry about that for awhile though, the NFC is ours for years to come. Hopefully we can do what they couldn’t Sunday and bring home a championship!! Go Hawks!!

  12. Another major league kick in the nads for the dummies in minnysoda who took a flyer on Wilson.

    Great thing for Wilson that he didn’t land in Helga hat land rotting away his career on that 53 year old stinking heep of NFL irrelevance.

  13. The Seahawks had better win soon, because when Wilson’s bargain basement contract is up in two years, they will be so far over the cap they will have to cut the 12th man.

  14. I still remember the media and these draft experts were killing Seattle for their 2012 draft.

    Bruce Irvin some called the biggest reach of 1st round. Bobby Wagner too small. Russell Wilson a back up when the game had other needs. Jon Gruden almost punched Mel Kipper in the mouth on air for ripping Wilson.

    Throw in rookie free agent Kearse and mid to late round Robert Turbin and Jeremy Lane. John Schneider and his team had a historic draft. The 2010 one was really good but they had 2 early 1st rounders to make that happen.

  15. seattle, where good recievers and tight ends go to die.

    rice had a good career in min, now he is an after thought.

    miller had a good career in oak, now he catches 20 balls a year.

    harvin…..well yea, we all know about harvin.

  16. I believe the Chiefs selected T Donald Stephenson immediately ahead of Wilson. Understood though given we were loaded at QB with Matt Cassel, Ricky Stanzi, & Tyler Palko.

    It takes a team effort to not win a playoff game in 20 years folks!

  17. Too bad the Raiders had squandered their first two picks…….of course they probably would have passed on him anyway –in fact I think they did

  18. What total BS !!

    We love this guy as our franchise QB but we’re only going to draft him in the 3rd round or later … that’s laughable at best.

    Please, fans are a little smarter than this.

  19. Visualize Russell Wilson holding that trophy up…that’s going to be a sweet moment for Seattle fans. We’ve waited a long time for the Seahawks to bring a title home. I, for one, can’t be happier with the job Pete Carroll and John Schnieder have done. I’m hoping for a tough back and forth game where Wilson wins it with a clutch scramble (Elwayesque, if you please) and dive into the endzone to put the Hawks ahead for good.

    Go Hawks!


    ^ Figured I’d save the people who post later the time of having to read the troll comments at the top of every article.

  21. Not sure he’s a special player on another team. Time will tell when big salaries come due and more is put on him.
    He’s been lucky so far.

  22. Calm down Pete and Seahawks fans. Man, with all the glee and Russell Wilson walks on water c#ap out here, you can tell Seattle hasnt won Jack in years. You guys sound desperate. Take off the blinders folks, he is average at best and you could see him struggling late in the season this year as teams figure him out.

  23. Should praise Schneider, he made on heck of a pick taking Wilson. Know why though? Because Wilson finished his college career at Wisconsin and Schneider is a Wisconsin boy who is still very much a Badgers fan.

    How do I know? Because I live in Green Bay and know people who played high school football with John Schneider. I also know that Seattle fans should enjoy him while they can because in the near future he will be taking over for Ted Thompson in Green Bay. To bad Wilson’s laid back demeanor has to be over shadowed by that punk Richard Sherman.

  24. Everyone needs to get used to it, with the 4th youngest team in the NFL, and the richest owner, you are going to have to deal with Seattle for a long while.

  25. Just cause they loved him doesn’t mean they should take him in the 1st round. That wouldn’t be smart drafting. They knew they can get him in the 3rd because the rest of the league wasn’t high on Wilson. Amazing drafting, amazing player.

    Top 5 qbs:
    P Manning
    T Brady
    A Rodgers
    R Wilson
    D Brees

    He is better than Brees. Stats aren’t everything, yards mean nothing. Wilson is that good already. This guy will go down as one of the greats.

  26. all of seattle’s best players rookie contracts are expiring over the next 2 years, if they dont win this one, thats it. cant afford to keep everyone, unless carroll finds a way to cheat the system….which is entirely possible.

  27. Of course, the Eagles got an ok QB themselves

    Oh really. We will revisit this in a couple of years. Foles had a history making year. He was the top rated qb in all if football. And this all took place in a season that had them rebuilding from the bottom up. We will see. And oh yea don’t get me wrong Seattle has a very nice team. Mostly on Defense. So font give me Russell Wilson.

  28. One guy that really loved Russel Wilson was the Jets Terry Bradway. He loved Wilson so much that the FO renamed Wilson as “Russel Bradway.” There was a very good chance the Jets would have grabbed Wilson in round 3 with pick 77 oi the Seahawks had not taken him with pick 75.

    It would be interesting to see where Wilson would be now if he was drafted by the Jets. They play similar system with run 1st approaches and good defenses. With Wilson as QB its likely the Jets make the playoffs in 2012. Revis and Holmes likely do not get injured. Revis then does not get traded. Moore and Slausson likely get resigned and the Jets do not experience the huge drop off in OL play they suffered this year. The Jets would be quite a different team with a much rosier outlook.

    The Jets have just missed out on so many great QBs. They just missed out on Marino, drafting Favre, Manning wanting to come out in 97 if Parcells would agree to take him with the 1st pick and now Wilson.

  29. to all of you idiots saying put RW on a bad team and he would suck…….

    Instead of wasting time writing your uninformed opinions watch some Hawks games from week 3 – 10 this year when they were missing their starting LT, RT, and Center…. Wilson managed to go 7 – 1. The fact they won most of those games was the reason the got SF at home in the NFC championship.

    But yeah I guess if you base everything on Fantasy Football then Wilson sucks….

  30. Some will say “the team has to sign all of this talent” which is true, but they are also going to cut huge money next year (Zach Miller, Chris Clemons) and a few others that make moderate amounts, and if you havent noticed, they tend to draft really well, which means they keep an influx of young cheap talent.

  31. Michael Simon (the Iron Chef and Bleeds Cleveland) was on with Tony Rizzo on WKNR BEFORE the draft AND screamed for Russell Wilson and was ignored.
    Basically ‘Yada Yada Yada”.
    I agreed with Michael at the time and I agree with him now.
    Russell Wilson would have changed The Cleveland Browns forever.

  32. People often forget this guy plays in the NFC West where the defensive are all extremely good. It’s not easy for any QB to be in that conference and actually put up good numbers.

  33. And this is why it makes no sense to reach for a QB in the first round. Probably better off drafting one in the 3rd and one in the 4th round and hope one sticks.

  34. This is the same team that went 7-9 prior to the 2012 draft. After Wilson, 11-5 with a wildcard playoff win on the road. Add a few more pieces to the D, 13-3 with a SB Berth to boot. So all the clowns I see not giving Wilson his props, where were you in 2011 call the Seahawks world beaters. I mean, according the haters “any one” could have lead this team to the SB. Notice what all the teams in the playoffs had in common? Good/Great QBs. Beat it haters. Wilson is better at life than you.

  35. Knock Wilson all you want…

    vs SF

    64% (would have ranked 7th in the league for the season)
    8.6 ypa (6th in the league)
    104.6 passer rating (7th in the league)
    ZERO ints.

    And that was against the SF defense….in the NFC Championship.

  36. I’m neither a Seahawks fan or hater. I’m an impartial fan. RW is a very average QB. He wins games, by not losing games. The Trent Dilfer of 2013. Seahawks when with D and a stellar running game. I’m afraid for you fans, that if your defense breaks apart after this season due to FA, the short comings of Mr Wilson are going to become more glaring. People will say he’s lost it, but that won’t be the case because he’s never really had it.

  37. Why throw so much cash at Matt Flynn when you are so excited about Russell Wilson? Oh yeah, because it’s very easy now to say you knew he would lead your team to a Super Bowl. And that just might help keep your job for a couple more years.

  38. What a load of bluff, people said the same about Brady. Just shows what a complete coin toss the whole evaluation thing is. Roll the dice and pick someone and we we will stick a couple of gold stars beside his name so the owner thinks we know what we are doing.

  39. I’ve always felt the key piece of this puzzle was Coach Carroll having the guts to start Wilson. If you think back to last year’s pre-season, everyone was saying Carroll wouldn’t start a rookie no matter how good. This coach and GM are the best in the league. They have completely turned this team into a powerhouse and used nothing that was in place when they got here. Thanks guys, …and GO HAWKS!!

  40. Let’s be honest he is solid but I don’t see why there is so much love for this guy.

    He is not lighting it up. I mean 3300 yards passing was OK 20 years ago, now it’s pretty poor.

    If not for the defense and running the ball getting Seattle most of it’s wins you wouldn’t need to know who he was.

    You could go out and have a bit better line play and plug Carson Palmer in as their starter and have a better offense.

  41. In order to understand how good Russell Wilson is, you might wanna checkout his college accomplishments to have a point of reference.

    Wilson holds the highest QB rating of all time at 192. He holds the NCAA record for consecutive passes without an INT, at 379. He was poised to shatter all of Philip Rivers’ passing records at NC State and he was elected captain at Wisconsin after 2 weeks at summer practice and mastering their offense. Wilson also won the Big 10 and took his team to the Rose Bowl.

    Did I mention that he was drafted by two MLB teams? Now he leads his team to the Super Bowl as a mature and rock solid team leader.

  42. The Seahawks have done a great job drafting, unlike the Cleveland Clowns. Maybe they will read this article, and not blow their wad on bust Johnny Manziel, and draft AJ McCarron, Aaron Murray or Zac Mettengberger in the 2nd or 3rd round like Seattle did with Wilson. No that would make too much sense.

    But as usual they will F up their draft like they have the last 15 years and have a 3-13 season in 2014.

    Good luck Seahawks in the Bowl. Im pulling for you

  43. Where are all the experts who said Russell Wilson was too short to play QB in the NFL? I said then and I say now, he is the modern day version of Fran Tarkenton.

  44. Of course he does. Wilson gets credit for touchdown passes even when it’s intercepted.

    9/24/12 Worst call in NFL history

  45. After reading qdog112’s impressive list of Russell Wilson’s college accomplishments, one has to wonder how he lasted so long in the draft? Do NFL teams really put that much emphasis on height? Pete Carroll also must be close to the ONLY head coach that would hold unbiased tryouts and start a 3rd round pick his rookie year. After a narrow loss in the Conference championship round his rookie year, his second year goes to the Super Bowl. Pete says that he does everything we ask of him. So they put a great team around him, it takes a great QB to bring it together. I don’t look for him to hold them up come contract time, because he knows no other team would fully utilize his skills.

  46. A lot of negative talk about Russell Wilson from the people on this board saying he’s over hyped. Are you aware that Russell Wilson threw for 26TDs with only 9 ints, with a 101 QB rating this year. While he only threw for 3,400 yards he ran for over 500 yards. I’m kind of a stat geek and normally I’d pick on a QB for only 3,400 yards (like i did with Flacco last year) but Wilson is RIDICULOUSLY efficient, unlike Flacco did with his pedestrian yardage totals. If you are using a guy like a game manager, like the Seahawks are, it’s good to see that his Rating, Completion %, YPA, YPC, etc are all upper tier….which in Wilson’s case they are. Wilson is not a case of “I can’t produce so I only throw for 3,400 yards” guy….he’s instead a case of “I do produce, my stats show that I produce, but my opportunities are limited because of a style of football that calls for a lot of running, a lot of clock killing, and a different style of offense.” Russell Wilson killed it this year, and to say otherwise is to ignore reality.

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