Report: Ravens add a candidate in offensive coordinator search


Reports over the weekend indicated that the Ravens were choosing between two candidates for their offensive coordinator vacancy and that the decision was expected to come as soon as Monday.

They may name a new offensive coordinator to kick off the week, but the candidate pool appears to be a bit deeper than just Ravens wide receivers coach Jim Hostler and former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Jeff Zrebiec and Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun report that Ravens coach John Harbaugh interviewed a new, unidentified candidate for the job at the team’s facility on Sunday.

While the identity of Sunday’s visitor is unknown, there is some word of who else might be in the mix for the job. Harbaugh has reportedly spoken to former Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison over the last few days, although there’s no word of a formal interview.

Dennison worked as Mike Shanahan’s offensive coordinator in Denver before jumping to Houston to follow Kyle Shanahan as the Texans’ offensive coordinator. Kyle Shanahan left to join his father in Washington, which gives some hint about what kind of offensive pedigree is appealing to the Ravens.

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  1. Baltimore Sun is reporting it was Rick Dennison. He was last the offensive coordinator of the NFL’s Houston Texans from 2010 to 2013. Another great interview choice John!!!!

  2. I’m firmly in the Kyle Shanahan camp for the new OC. Dennison could be an interesting choice, though I wonder how much of the play-calling duties fell on him while Gary Kubiak was the head coach in Houston. Still, I think if the Ravens chose to shift to a west coast offense style of play, that could fit their personnel well, especially if they take a wide receiver in the first round of the draft.

  3. I bet it’s the Titans’ recent OC Dowell Loggains (who’s also in discussions with the Browns). The “boy genius” is a diamond in the rough though … His inexperience showed at times this past season.

    -Titans Fan

  4. Let’s look at the last few days’ headlines:
    Ravens add Hostler to List (Friday)
    Ravens Coordinator Field Down to Two (Saturday)
    Ravens Expected to Choose Monday (Sunday)
    Ravens Add Candidate to List (Monday)

    This team is lost – Harbs thinks a SB Trophy is just going to float to him over Rahim Moore’s arms every year.

  5. The fact that the Ravens are taking their time and exhausting all avenue’s is a testament to how serious they are taking the appointment and the overall necessity in getting it right!!! Harbaugh realizes that, and is taking the right steps in the decision process. All things considered their choices are excellent and maybe being able to bring 2 or three on board in different capacities will bolster the offensive woes. I laugh when Fans from other teams (Steelers) constantly berate and chastise anything Baltimore without realizing the best coach on their teams’ roster just walked out the Door. Good Luck Kirby Wilson!!! You will be Great!

  6. Fun facts for Atkins aka Dr Rusty

    Joe Flacco playoff numbers: 9-4 record, 3 AFC Championship appearances, SuperBowl Ring & MVP

    Andy Dalton playoff record: 0-3, No AFC Championship appearances, No Ring, No MVP, No trip to Disneyland, No free red Corvette, and lastly NO idea what it’s like to go on one of the greatest playoff runs ever with 11 tds 0 ints followed by a unbelievable parade through the city.

  7. I don’t know a whole lot about Dennison to be honest, but Arian Foster and Ben Tate combined for a lot of production. Shanahan got a lot out of Alfred Morris, and for a minute the Steelers running back coach was a candidate. The common thread is that the Ravens are trying to fix the run game more than they’re trying to fix Flacco.

    Looking for an OC who can help implement this zone blocking scheme the Ravens are committed to is a good idea I guess, but they need athletic lineman who can run the scheme.

  8. “I laugh when Fans from other teams (Steelers) constantly berate and chastise anything Baltimore without realizing the best coach on their teams’ roster just walked out the Door. Good Luck Kirby Wilson!!! You will be Great!”
    Umm, didn’t Kirby just walk out the Raven’s door with a big No Thank You!

  9. @ crownofthehelment

    I must be missing something. How does any of this process make Harbaugh and/or the Ravens organization as a whole look lost? It’s not they have to race to fill the position. They’re taking their time to find the right guy to run the offense. That’s the right thing to do. Bisciotti took three weeks to go through the interview process before he had chosen Harbaugh to succeed Billick, and Harbaugh is taking his time as well.

    I’m sure if the Ravens were quick to fill the position after Caldwell left, you’d be saying they were idiots for rushing the interview process and hired the wrong guy in the end, too. Trolls are never happy.

  10. southpawk, all I can speak is from my experiences, but in every high-level search I’ve seen, there is a process in which you follow to select the right candidate, including selecting the best candidates for your final few. Adding a late entrant after you’ve reached a certain point makes you look unprepared. If they had really done a great job, Kubiak would have been on the short list initially.

    And, you’re welcome for those business lessons.

  11. @ crownofthehelmet

    Considering the late development of the Ravens looking to hire the trio of Kubiak, Shanahan, and Dennison to run the offense, I’d hardly consider this process to look that discombobulated. If anything, it shows the organization knew it had to look beyond its own doors to find the right guys to shake things up.

    If all three guys jump on board, training camp can’t get here fast enough for me.

  12. I think it’s obvious Kirby Wilson was interviewed in order to get him to reveal the secret to the Steelers’ success. That, and the fact that Harbaugh had a 5 minute opening in his schedule.

  13. Crownof theHelmet says: Umm, didn’t Kirby just walk out the Raven’s door with a big No Thank You!

    None of us can say what exactly happened or what was said. So your inference is moot. However, the fact remains The Steelers let him go, and You cannot deny he was a Great coach for them, one of Tomlins best and favorite’s! I am not bashing here. If you can take off your yellow covered glasses for a minute or 2 you might just get a lesson in Sportsmanship!

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