Scott Linehan took part in Cowboys staff meetings on Monday

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The exact role hasn’t been officially revealed, but it looks like Scott Linehan is going to be on the Cowboys coaching staff this season.

Linehan was expected to be at the Cowboys facility on Monday to meet with the team about a job, but wound up doing a little more than that. The Cowboys website reports Linehan took part in staff meetings, which certainly suggests that he’ll be sticking around for more than just the day.

So does a report from Chris Mortensen of ESPN that Linehan has been hired to call the offensive plays in Dallas this season. That’s reportedly not sitting well with Bill Callahan, the team’s offensive coordinator and play caller in 2013, but Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported on Monday that the Cowboys aren’t expected to let Callahan out of his contract if and when a Linehan hire is made official.

That would make for a lot of cooks in the kitchen. Linehan, who was the offensive coordinator in Detroit for the last five seasons, reportedly emerged as a compromise candidate as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett discussed the direction of the offense. Garrett, who called the plays two years ago, and Linehan worked together in Miami in 2005.

21 responses to “Scott Linehan took part in Cowboys staff meetings on Monday

  1. Garrett had plenty of questionable play calls. Callahan made the wrong call more often than not. There’s no way that Linehan could be worse, right?

  2. Why go on with the charade – let Jerrah call the plays ; he knows football : ok on the first Omaha: X Cowboy fan Z out on 2 ……..or until football people run the show again aggh!!!!!

  3. It doesn’t matter who has what “job title” They all have the same job description… Just do what Jerry wants.

  4. And halfway through the “Monday meetings” his shoulders began to relax. For it dawned on him that in the coming months and years he’d be in a place where just being marginal is an accepted way of life so long as you continue to play along in the soap opera called “Dallas.”

    Wonder if he gets to sleep with Victoria Principle

  5. This is a serious question because I don’t know the answer: is there another team in the NFL who has a person calling offensive plays who isn’t either the Head Coach or the Offensive Coordinator? This sounds like straight-up insanity to me.

  6. How much more dysfunctional can this situation get? Who’s calling plays? I don’t even think Jerry has decided. And how can Bill Callahan get the title of running game co-ordinator? We might as well trade DeMarco Murray.

  7. Linehan… is a good system OC… But if he doesn’t get the personel, he wants/needs… he leaves a lot to be desired. Linehan, was not the problem in Detroit… Schwartz was. Linehan played into it. However, from afar, the Cowgirls are a LOT more dysfunctional than the Lions are… at least at this point. It starts at the top, and Jones is surely a clown-@ss for trying to pull Linehan into the hot mess in Dallas, when Callahan is still the OC. Actually, my respect for Linehan has been downgraded, considering that he jump into that pile of CowDung.

  8. Scott Linehan’s hiring process is being handled like a girl hoping to make a cheerleading squad.. “If the other girls like me then I will get an offer to join.”

  9. Jerry needs to sit down with Callahan and tell him you are welcome to stay on as a (highly paid) offensive line coach, or you are welcome to seek employment elsewhere. I hear Cleveland wants him. I personally like the Linehan as Offensive Coordinator idea more so than Callahan. Just please use the run game more. We have to get more balanced. If I can sit home on my couch and know what plays are going to be run then you know NFL defensive coordinators can. And one last thing, let Kiffen go or demote him or something and move Marinelli up to Defensive coordinator. This seems like basic common sense to me. Come on Jerry.

  10. 1) Never seen such a perennial debacle and joke that the Cowboys have become as an org.
    The root of it is that no credible HC wants to work for Jerry… it’s a shame really.

    2) Linehan has a book of plays that he calls… but very little credible strategy to it… Decent guy but glad he’s out of Detroit. With Linehan, in the end, you’ll see this play frequently… ‘Romo throws it up for grabs and hopes his Receiver gets it’. That’s the fall back.

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