Terrance Knighton talks Russell Wilson’s tendencies

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Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton has picked up a few things from his film study of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson that he was willing to share to the media today.

“You’ve just got to watch a lot of film. Quarterbacks have tendencies. His tendency is that he is a right-handed quarterback; he wants to get out to his right and throw,” Knighton said of Wilson. “He’s more successful that way. So we’ve got to do a good job of keeping him in the pocket and force him out of his comfort zone. When he’s moving left he’ll tend to run it more and when he’s moving right he wants to pass it more. We just have to do a good job of containing him. He’ll get out and he’ll make his plays during the game, but we’ll just have to limit them.”

Wilson threw only nine interceptions in the regular season and hasn’t thrown one yet in the playoffs, and Knighton said that quality of Wilson’s has been particularly impressive for a young player.

“Each week he’s getting better and better. He’s one of those guys who doesn’t turn the ball over,” Knighton said.

Perhaps most important to Wilson’s success is his scrambling ability, which Knighton noted.

“He extends plays, he’s a smart player and he can beat you with his feet and with his arm,” Knighton said. “We have to keep him in the pocket.”

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  1. Ever wonder what Viking fans do every Super Bowl Sunday? Dream. That’s all they can do after the regular season. Dream that they might one day actually make the playoffs. Of course, we all know that will NEVER happen.

  2. I can’t wait to watch Wilson and Lynch carve up the mediocre D of Denver. On the other end watching Chancellor destroy the WR core of Thomas and Welker and the others will be epic. SEA 31 DEN 17

    GO HAWKS!!

  3. “His tendency is that he is a right-handed quarterback; he wants to get out to his right and throw,” Knighton said of Wilson. “He extends plays, he’s a smart player and he can beat you with his feet and with his arm,” Knighton said. “We have to keep him in the pocket.”

    Oh Terrance, you have such a promising future as a defensive coordinator with your insightful commentary…

  4. It will be interesting to see who is the better game manager in the NFC West in a few years. Maybe it will be Wilson. It seems he at least realizes he isn’t that good and doesn’t force things. That’s fine and all, as long as the team doesn’t need the QB to make many plays…

  5. “He’s more successful that way. So we’ve got to do a good job of keeping him in the pocket and force him out of his comfort zone.”

    If you think Wilson can’t stand in the pocket compfortably and throw, you are behind the curve on Seattle’s qb.

  6. Wow, brilliant insight. Really deep. I’m glad it took a lot of film time to pick up on this. This intel is definitely unique to Wilson and not every other qb that’s ever played.

  7. If Seattle puts any pressure on Peyton the games over. But Wilson is going to have to score too. I don’t think anyone’s terribly worried about his arm so I see them putting 8 in the box. Champ Bailey best rest up for this one too, his days are over and if he’s out there he’ll be Burt toast.

  8. He has a tendency to win. That has to count for something. Although, he also has a tendency to be less than stellar at home.

  9. There won’t be any 12th man in New York. Just a bunch of quiet corporate stiffs hunkered down drinking coffee and schnaps. Big advantage to the Donkeys.

    Seahawks are damn good. I’ve converted to accepting that fact. But they are young and aggressive which has to have Manning licking his chops. When the Seahawks play NFC West opponents they see a ton of 3 receiver sets and sit on those routes easily.

    Denver is another story. Manning will throw out 5 receiver set after 5 receiver set looking for the mismatch. Can Chancellor run with Wes Welker? Legit question IMO.

    This Superbowl is a fascinating matchup and based on Seattle’s youth and inexperience, I believe the betting line is correct.

    I will say this though. Seattle is a hard team to beat. They make you bring your lunch pale.

    Looking forward to it

  10. Russell Wilson is going to have another coming out party . He’ll have his wrs back excluding Rice to face the weakest defense Seattle has played in over 10 games ..

    Russell can take a collective sigh of relief finally getting a chance to play an average at best defense . As good as many want to point out that the broncos have been playing . Just look at the schedule the broncos couldn’t hold the jock strap of the last 8 games of defenses Russell has faced. Excluding “MAYBE ” NYG which Seattle won 23-0 and played conservative all game .

    Seahawks 34-21 .. Seattles offense shows they were better than they shows recently and more like they were when they were playing juggernaut defenses .

  11. Did you really think he was going to tell you what he learned in film study? Seriously? Maybe after the game he’ll tell you.

    Remember the sack of Brady on 4th and 3? He recognized the play from film study.

  12. Neither Peyton Manning nor Champ Bailey are the same player they were 5 or 6 years ago. A great team will beat a great QB in this one. The Hawks have too many weapons for Denver on both sides of the ball. Russell Wilson has shown he can put up 40 points on this defense.

  13. Dang it all! Now that the cat is out of the bag, everyone is going to be emulating Denver’s 19th ranked defense, 22nd in points allowed, 27th in passing yards/game. Terrance is going to be seeing some team fines after this debacle.

  14. Shehawks/Brons are lucky the Pack got knocked off. They would dominate both teams and are the best team in all of Wisconsin. The tendency they have is to win as they have no =

  15. At the end of his rookie year, it was pointed out by stats that Wilson was an efficient pocket passer.

    His O-line was a patchwork for much of this season, and he has had to scramble more than he probably would have liked.

    One of his biggest strengths is manipulating the pocket: he can make short dodges around rushers but remain in the pocket.

    Scrambles happen when BOTH occur: the pocket collapses quickly, and receivers haven’t yet broken their coverage.

    If you think keeping him in the pocket is the secret sauce to beating him, you’re going to be in over your head.

  16. Every running QB needs to watch Wilson and how he uses his legs. He could probably run for yardage on many more plays, but at some point that is likely to get him injured. The fact that he is a threat to run is probably worth just as much as actually running. Once a running QB loses the threat of running, they have to become an elite pocket passer to have the same effectiveness. Basically I am talking about RG3 after the injury…

  17. Funny; The Seahawk fans have noticed the same thing……….He can beat teams with his feet or his arms and he is right handed and takes care of the ball……..

    One other thing……..The Hawks have a great Defense that helps make Russell’s approach very effective…….

  18. Everyone is keying on #1 off vs #1 def. But I think a bigger factor is going to be the Seattle offense vs a medicore Denver defense.

    This is one of the lowest ranked defenses Seattle has faced in a long time.

    Oh yeah…and with Denver’s schedule…they haven’t seen a defense like Seattle all year.

    Sea 41 Den 17 (if the weather holds out)
    Sea 20 Den 10 (if they are playing in a snowstorm)

  19. Does Denver defense listen to their fans and actually believe they have a top tier defense? I am not calling them terrible but below average or middle of the pack at best.

    If Von Miller was healthy and their best CB was on the field I would say yes they could pose the same threat to stalling the offense but they aren’t 49ers (3rd ranked defense) Saints (5 ranked defense).

    Terrance Knighton has a cool nickname and made a couple of good plays in playoffs. He is no Justin Smith, he is no Darnell Dockett or Calias Campbell, he is not even Glenn Dorsey. Brandon Mebane gets no press and is twice the player.

  20. Russell Wilson is a good QB and very likeable. He is still in his second year and first Super Bowl, as is Pete Carrol. There will not be the “12th man”in NY to give the defense the edge, John Fox and Manning have Super Bowl experience and neutral field is in their favor Denver wins and covers….

  21. I would respect some of you idiotic SEA fans if you actually gave a solid point and a respectable score. But beating us by 17 points and saying your talent is far ahead of ours is just ridiculous. Be careful you’re talking about a solidified Organization who knows how to deal with this big stage.

  22. Peyton does not have the advantage of playing at Mile High where the air is thin, the ball is light and the defense gets tired. He is playing at Sea-level in the cold. The ball is going to feel like a frozen brick. He already has lost a lot off his fastball.

    Pot Roast gets to go against All Pro Center Max Unger this week.

  23. With a healthy o-line, if Seattle can move the pocket around and extend plays, Denver fans are going to be pulling their hair out. It will be a taste of their own medicine from the Elway/Plummer days. Wilson is a smart kid. I don’t think he will try to win this on his own, and he won’t respond to the pressure of a tight game, knowing he has a good defense. However, if Denver gets out to a big lead, it will be difficult for him. I have seen him come back by extending plays and waiting for receiver to get free. He’s definitely a dangerous player. My guess is Denver will try and keep him in the pocket behind tall o-lineman, hoping he can’t see well, rather than come with all out pressure. The thing is, if the pressure is not hard enough, he’ll stay back there all day and wait for something to open up. The Broncos haven’t seen many mobile QB’s this year, and they’ve had some trouble. The Cowboys played them close and the Colts bet them. Russell will need to play well for Seattle to win. He doesn’t need to be incredible or be the MVP; just solid, and make plays when it really counts.

    If I’m Seattle I’m making sure I hit Manning as much as I can, but selectively. They’ll want to drop 8 in coverage a lot, but rush him from odd angles hoping one guy can get there and rush the throw and make him play football (i.e. make sure he hits the ground like everyone else).

    I often find when you are being creative about why the underdog can win, it’s not a good sign. Besides playing a good team, I do think by virtue of who the QB is, there are just going to be some officiating calls or non-calls that might tip the balance. If I’m Seattle, I go in knowing this, and prepare to push past it without losing any emotional edge or wasting emotional energy. The most important play will be the next play. Manning always takes a home run shot after a negative emotional play for the other team.

    Super Bowl experience is over rated. Feeling like you are in the groove and have nothing to lose seems to work better. Seattle does come into the game having won some street fights. Don’t underestimate that.

    Not sure how I feel about the game. I’m just hoping someone knocks that bobble head helmet off Welker before he has another accidental collision with a DB’s knees.

  24. The good news in all this, the North Div doesn’t have to worry about the Packers. They need so much help, Wilson will be retired by the time they make it that far again.

  25. Terrance Knighton: “His tendency be to throw with his hand and look with his eyes, and when he don’t fumble or throw interceptions, he don’t turn the ball over much.”
    Pure genius. He makes it all so crystal clear.

  26. its funny how all these Seahawk fans have a cloudy sense of reality. Seattle will score 40 points??? U got to be smoking something, Let the the smoke clear guys….
    yes Denver D struggled during the regular season. That was the regular season. In the playoffs, when it really matters Denver D #2 in total D Seattle #6, vs the run Denver #2 Seattle #6 , sacks Denver #2 Seattle #8. Offense Total yards Denver #4 Seattle #9. Passing Denver #4 Seattle #12 Rushing Denver # 8 Seattle #5 (yes Seattle has a more mobile QB) This is going to be a great game. Manning will throw a pick Wilson will fumble the ball, the difference in the game will be Denver will score on special teams
    Denver 24 Seattle 19

  27. He has a tendency to throw game-winning interceptions.

    ESPN reporter: Did you see the last play?
    Wilson: Yeah! Simultaneous possession! Tie goes to the [receiver]!

    9/24/12 Packers fans never forgive, never forget.

  28. Bronco fan talking of a cloudy sense of reality. Cherry picking stats of last two games to prove that your team’s defense is now better than the Seahawks is laughable.

    The special team score you are hoping for might be Seattle taking back a Holiday fumble (he’s known for) or Percy Harvin against that low rated kick coverage. Seattle’ special team’s were excellent all around. In PR coverage-20 or 30 yards away from breaking a record from 1967.

  29. So why is the first response about Vikings fans? You know why people hate the Vikings? Because Vikings fans are better people. I live in LA so I have to deal with the worst of every fanbase but Vikings fans are the best at life. They have undying loyalty to a team that’s not an easy team to be a fan of. That being said? LA is a shark and your teams are swimming in shallow waters.

  30. Edainiel82 bro your way off base. your little playoff stats dont work here. Denver played sub par teams period end of story. With seattle haveing teams coming from behind on soft coverage. If you think for a second denvers d will hold a candle to a full strength seattle offense your in for a treat. You guys are going to be stuck in zone coverage all night. Why?? Cuz you cant afford to double team percy tate kerse or miller. An why is that well because the beast is in the back field. You guys dont have a run game to match our run d period so your only play maker is manning. He has to play perfect. Not happening on a frozen day after 4 surgeries that neck will tighten up faster then a virgin nun an then what??? Nothing to fall back on. Seattle doesnt fall back they run forward over every god damn guy . Lynch is good for running over 7 guys sometimes more. An just when you think lynch is running their goes russell. See the offense looks like it aint that great by design. Caroll is brilliant he never showed his hand all year because seattle was ahead in the division so he coasted. Actually had a governor on the offense all year. When it matters the last game of the year. your going to see everything the seahawks can throw at ya an I doubt strong doubt added here with all the years ive played ball that denvers d can match seattle s O or their O verse Seattles D. Just to many mismatches all the way around. Remember the 40-10 preseason game thats because seattles depth is insane. An theyll be rotating all game. Denver cant do that. Also as a side note payton loves the cross route in the middle. Why because teams play cover 2 against manning. seattle plays a modified cover 3 which depending on what manning does turns in to a man situation. This is a horrible match up for denver period 27- 21 seattle

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