Three more Pilot Flying J executives plead guilty

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The criminal prosecution against employees of Pilot Flying J, the national truck-stop company run by Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, seemed to die down during the 2013 football season.  The courtesy, if there was one, extended through the firing of the team’s head coach and hiring of a new one.

But now the cases are moving forward again.  According to John Caniglia of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, three more Pilot Flying J have pleaded guilty to federal charges relating to the customer rebate scam.

Brian Mosher, Christopher Andrews, and Lexie Holden bring the total number of persons pleading guilty to 10.  Like the others, the latest persons to plead guilty have agreed to cooperate with the ongoing federal probe.

Mosher, Pilot Flying J’s national director of sales, pleaded guilty to committing rebate fraud against anywhere from 50 to 250 customers, for a total loss of $7 million to $20 million.

By securing a guilty plea and a commitment to cooperate from the company’s national director of sales, the feds could be moving closer to determining whether enough evidence exists to pursue charges against Haslam.

Haslam vehemently denies having any knowledge of the fraudulent practices.  As more and more of his employees plead guilty, however Haslam’s Sgt. Schulz-style defense paints a picture of gross negligence and arguably willful ignorance of the things that were happening under his nose.

61 responses to “Three more Pilot Flying J executives plead guilty

  1. You can’t make this stuff up. Of course as it relates to football he’s just as ignorant, negligent, and guilty of scamming Browns fans.

  2. This guy is a crook, and he is going to end up getting indicted during the 2014 season, if not sooner.

    Once again, Browns fans are going to get screwed. The NFL will probably find a new owner, who will fire the other two stooges, hire a new regime that will clean house on the roster, and it will be more years of losing while the team ‘rebuilds’.

    I was a Browns fan for decades, but its just too much to take anymore. The light at the end of the tunnel always turns out to be the oncoming train.

  3. It sounds like Haslam’s getting ready to run for Governer of New Jersey or maybe even President.

  4. You’d think a guy who stole $20 million could afford a better wardrobe; Haslam’s tie in that pic just screams 1975 wingback chair.

  5. Judging by the way he runs the Browns, I believe Haslem was so completely incompetent that he actually didn’t know what was going on at Flying J.

  6. All the Browns had to do was build Art a new stadium and keep Belichick as coach and Cleveland would have had a Superbowl parade every other year.

  7. Goodell is standing behind Haslam 100%!!!

    But if you look really close, you can see Roger beginning to take very small steps steps backwards.

  8. Haslam: “Our places pumped diesel fuel into the tanks of semis? Hunh! I didn’t know that.”

  9. “Like the others, the latest persons to plead guilty have agreed to cooperate with the ongoing federal probe.”

    10 corporate executives are going to cut deals and testify against Haslam.

    Just when the Browns couldn’t get any sadder their owner is going to be sent to prison.

  10. Jimmy has an estimated net wealth of over $1 Billion. It is a prerequisite for new owners that they meet they meet the billionaire criteria.
    Jimmy topped the class in ethics, too. However, the comfort of the owner’s suite may be replaced by a jail cell in the near future.

  11. Cost ‘plussin’ truck firms is a minor crime-6 months max.
    Hiring Mike Dumbturdi- a major felony-life!

  12. They should make a movie where a young FBI agent is hell bent on taking Haslam down by trying to find solid proof to connect the scheme to him.

    Haslam then goes down and gets sent to a nice white collar crime, minimum security prison down in Virginia for 10 years with the possibility of parole after 2 and Haslam’s 80 year old father takes over the team.

    Then the movie turns into a comedy of sorts with Haslam Sr., Banner and Lombardi running the team into the ground.

  13. Candidly Jimmy, you’re screwed….

    Looking forward to a new owner/front office SOON!

    Then it won’t be the same ol new Browns.

  14. Hiring Banner and Lombardi and selling it to Browns fans and also denying reality by blaming the media…. is the ultimate heist!

  15. When is Roger Godell going to step in? I see the only way he lays down his heavy hand of the law on an owener is when the other owners tell him to.

  16. He was once part owner of the Steelers. Browns and and Steelers have both turned into franchises with major problems. The Steelers have a cheating coach and the Browns had a hard time convincing someone to take their coaching job. It all starts with ownership. The Rooney’s have gotten a free pass for too long. They need to be held accountable for Haslam and Tomlin. Haslam needs to be held accountable as Browns owner. Both franchises should be fined lose draft choices and Haslam should have to sell the Browns.

  17. From new owners to coaches, cleveland can’t catch a break. It was in Butch Davis, I trust…to in Romeo, I trust…to in Mangini, I trust…to in Holmgren, I trust…to Shurmur, I don’t trust…to Jimmy Haslam, I trust…and many more between. Make it stop with you Pettine, please. Signed, Cleveland fan nation!

  18. Chudzinski was fired because Haslem was afraid he would make a plea deal. Now it would jusy look like Chudzinski was trying to get even if he cooperated with the Feds.

  19. Poor Brown fans. This guy is going to be in an orange jumpsuit in just a matter of time, and then what? Good thing Roger Goodell and all of those other owners did their due diligence to make sure a criminal wasn’t buying into their monopoly.

  20. I wish as a two time Super Bowl champion baltimore brown I could feel sympathy for the train wreck that is cleveland. But maybe it’s just Karma for the way you have treated one of the greatest owners in NFL history Art Modell! He was the main man in building the tv empire and he stayed as long as he was welcome in cleveland. BUT he took a better deal in a City that never should have been without an NFL team, HELLO JACKSONVILLE!

    Let the Curse Die and Make sure Art Modell get’s into the HOF next year so you can truly rebuild what was once a proud franchise!!!

  21. CEO’s are the biggest micro managers in the world until of course there’s a scandal and then they have no clue how things happened.

  22. Meanwhile, Haslam’s Gubner brother is feverishly covering his end and trying call in favors to save his brother which in turn, saves him.

    We’re sorry Cleveland. You really don’t deserve this.

  23. Sgt. Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes fame, “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.”

    That’s some CEO!

    He should be in politics with his brother.

  24. Just like he didnt know anything about Bess’ issues. This guy never knows anything about anything. Do Browns Fans a favor Feds, and throw his butt in prison, and moron Goodell please make him sell to someone that has a clue on how to hire qualified people to run an NFL franchise

  25. marie callender sgt schultz strudle of the week factory of the sadness new corporate sponser

    luckily for colonel haslem general goodellhalter cannot send him to the russian front or gulag for tarnishing the shield
    richie sherman gets fined for making some inane gesture but haslem gets indicted in a federal probe for corruption and fraud and no suspension
    fiddle away roger fiddle away

  26. Stealing and cheating are the same thing.
    When you cheat you steal something that doesn’t belong to you, and that’s what bellacheat did. That is a sin…

  27. (quote)..however Haslam’s Sgt. Schulz-style defense paints a picture of gross negligence and arguably willful ignorance of the things that were happening under his nose…(end quote)

    If the above is true, how is it any different than the way Haslam is running the Browns franchise?

    Haslam turned over control of the football side of the Browns to a former clothing store owner, who’s claim to fame in the NFL was managing the financial side of the Eagles.

    …I would classify that action as “gross negligence and willful ignorance” of how to run an NFL franchise.

    Putting Joe Banner in charge of the football side of the Browns proves that Haslam is running his football team just like he ran Pilot/Flying J.

  28. @crabcakesfootball– Yeah! Imagine if he were a typical crony capitalist in D.C.! He could waste and lie about BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of dollars!

  29. There is zero chance all this was going without his blessing. Anyone in the corporate works knows how micro managed $ is when it comes to your bonus at the end of the year.

  30. The feds should look at all the chocolate bar wrappers in Jimmy Haslam-Schultz’s pockets…

    His ‘I Know Nuthink!’ schtick is as old and played as Hogan’s Heroes…

  31. The 1st time I seen this guy was when he done the press conference after he bought the Browns and I thought to myself, this guy seems like a con artist. I didn’t know I was having a premonition though. The poor Browns fans, this guy is just going to destroy that organization more than it already has been. After this guy finally gets charged and thrown in prison, the new coaching staff they just hired will be looking for new jobs again. They are probably already regretting their decisions to take this job, especially with this news now surfacing.

  32. At best – Haslam is not very good at hiring senior managers.

    Not surprising that he can’t find a H/C and has too many GM’s.

  33. The NFL owners wouldn’t let Rush Limbaugh buy a team because they didn’t want controversy… and yet they let this guy buy the Browns? Great move there, fellas.

    Browns fans, I honestly don’t know how you do it.

  34. aldavisisthenfl says: Jan 27, 2014 10:29 PM

    I think in order to be very successful in this country you have to be a crook….sad

    The one character trait that people close to first generation deca-millionaires said described them best was – integrity.

    The Haslams and Trumps of the world are not the norm. But they do dominate our news cycles.

  35. Thank goodness the NFL has role models like this. Richard Sherman could learn a thing or two from his example!

    Why is no one whining about “the bad example” that Jimmy is making for “the kids”?

  36. It all makes perfect sense now. Use the Browns to prove that you are an incompetent, cake eater that is merely wading in the pool of Daddy’s wealth. Create the necessary evidence that you have no business acumen and that your managers are in full control of your enterprises and you have no knowledge of anything of substance. Introduce the recent history of the Browns into court to prove you really ARE a stooge. Convince a judge that you don’t even have the talent to hire management with ethics or morals. Forget about how many lives you have to ruin to accomplish this.

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