Wilson says his pulse will be “real slow” on Sunday


Shortly after arriving in New Jersey on Sunday night, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson sat down with yours truly for an interview that aired during halftime of the Pro Bowl.

If you missed it (and we hope you didn’t), Wilson talked about his ability to remain calm no matter the circumstances, and whether he’ll still be that way on Super Sunday.

“I’m always poised, I’m always calm,” Wilson said.  “I think that the biggest thing and just being the calm in the storm for the other ten guys in the huddle.”

So what will his pulse be just before kickoff?

“Probably beating real slow,” Wilson said.  “It will be exciting obviously, there’s no more special moment than this in terms of playing in the NFL.  You dream for this as a little kid and I’m so excited about it but at the same time I know that’s the biggest thing that I have to do is calm my nerves, making sure that I play cool, calm, and collected and just go after it.”

Go after it Wilson and his teammates will, in little more than six days.

32 responses to “Wilson says his pulse will be “real slow” on Sunday

  1. His ability to stay calm and read what is going on is one of the reasons why he is so good at his position. Mechanics and accuracy can be worked out but you can’t teach cool.

  2. The one thing that has impressed me since watching him in pre-season as a rookie is his poise. It doesn’t matter what is happening on the field, if protection is breaking down or how big the game is he is never rattled or shaken.

    He missed a couple of deep balls to Kearse by the slightest of margins. He also made some money throws in that NFC Championship game. This is going to be an excellent game.

  3. In interview after Packers game:

    Reporter: Did you see the last play?
    Wilson: Yeah! Simultaneous! Tie goes to the runner!

    First of all, they asked him a yes or no question and he responded by defending the call. Also, he said runner, not receiver.

    Go help Golden Tate rob a Dunkin Donuts, Russell.

  4. As Mike Tyson once said, “Eveybody’s got a plan til they get punched in the mouth!”
    Let’s see how he does when the game actually kicks off.
    Having said that, the kid does seem to be pretty good under pressure.

  5. He may settle down after the game gets going but leading up to it and at the start he will think his heart is going to explode……

  6. I am a fan of Wilson, he goes about winning or losing with class. He is also fun to watch as well.

    I do worry about him at times in “Big Game” scenarios.

    He has played somewhat average, in the playoffs games. I also recall him being average in the Rose Bowl vs Ore.

    I don’t know if its the stage or what, but I hope doesn’t play nervous this weekend.

  7. Well, he sure fell to pieces and completely collapsed after fumbling the first snap of the NFCCG, didn’t he?

    Oh, wait…

  8. Wilson has this year’s SB MVP Percy Harvin to throw to. Of course he’s gonna be calm. Harvin is on a mission to give the finger to all the smug, smarmy mouthed lavender Larry toads.

    Minnysoda gets embarrassed by Harvin and the Hawks embarrasses them by being another expansion team that houses a Lombardi before them.

    Can’t wait!

  9. Russell isnt worried, doesnt get flustered, nothing. He was sacked and fumbled the ball away the FIRST PLAY of the NFC title game, then went on to post a 100+ QBR and win the game, throwing a game winning TD on 4th and 7.

  10. If you Seahawks fans watched Super Bowl 40, you’d know that a team with a jittery, nervous, unproductive second-year QB can win this game… But I’m betting that Wilson’s passer rating will be higher than 22.

  11. It’s just a game, and Russell approaches it as such. In the grand scheme of things, winning or losing a football game is not a big deal. No reason not to be cool, yet some just can’t seem to beat back their nerves.

  12. Wilson is a good dude — hope he does well. However, if his heart isn’t racing Sunday, he’ll have been rummaging around in the defensive back’s drug cabinet.

  13. If the SB thing doesn’t work out, there’s always his backup in baseball. Lord knows what the Seattle fans will do if Wilson faults.

  14. The guys above criticizing RW, are doing so because he has beaten their teams. For the Purples, that’s twice so far. For the Niners its three times. I don’t think that the Jags even want to remember the beatdown they got at the Clink. Where the Hawks are concerned, the Pack is irrelevant.

    But you still have to love the bravado of the homers of the teams in the upcoming games, acting like RW, is a third-string scrub from a small college that few have ever heard of.

  15. His pulse was so slow against the Niners he may as well have been dead. He and Kaepernick put on the worst performance by the two opposing quarterbacks I’ve ever seen in a playoff game.

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