Adam Gase at peace with decision to not talk to Browns


Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase might have been a hot property in the coaching market, but he was cool Tuesday with questions about his decision to spurn the Browns, and his ability to call plays for a future Hall of Famer in Peyton Manning.

Gase was tucked in a corner, avoiding most of the rush of Media Day and keeping a low profile with a pattern of stock answers.

“It just wasn’t the right time, as far as the timing with us coming here and the focus I wanted on this game,” Gase said when asked about the Browns wanting to interview him for their head coaching job.

Gase insisted he decided in advance to focus on the Broncos when he heard his name come up as a possibility, and didn’t even consult with co-workers who had been through the process, including John Fox and Jack Del Rio.

“I had made up my mind what I wanted to do, and that’s what I did,” he said simply.

Asked if he was concerned about another chance to interview for such jobs might not come, he shrugged and said: “If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”

He was just as cool about coaching Manning, saying he’s grown accustomed to coaching players older than he was.

“It’s par for the course for me,” he said with a grin. “I coached Jon Kitna [in Detroit] when he was 48 and I was 28.”

That was the one-liner of the day, but with the reputation he’s built up this offseason, it’s not likely to be the one time he’s mentioned for head coaching jobs.

8 responses to “Adam Gase at peace with decision to not talk to Browns

  1. smart move….stay on the train for back 2 back championships then,take one of several HC jobs offered.
    also have more time to see how a great team operates ! win win

  2. Take it from a Colts fan, Peyton Manning is the offensive coordinator of his team, and he calls all his own plays. And it’s not like Manning was some ordinary, replacement level QB before Adam Gase got to coach him.

    Seriously, what exactly does Adam Gase do that has everyone convinced he has the makings of a great coach? What has he done other than exist?

  3. Ride Manning as long as u can Mr. Gase then get that multi-million dollar head coaching gig. That Browns job will always be open.

  4. Dont compare Gase to McCoy, McCoy won a playoff game with Tebow and did a good job as SD HC. I feel like its hard to judge play callers unless they exceed expectations or don’t meet them. McDaniels looks great every year with Brady but what did he do in STL? (granted Bradford was hurt). Every Jets O Coord has looked terrible since Ryan was head coach. The mark of a good coach is getting the most of out their players and Manning pretty much calls the shots on Offense. Just ask To Moore, Clyde Christensen, and whoever else was the colts’
    Offensive Coordinator.”

  5. easy decision to stay, why go to the TOXIC Brown’s organization, when you are in a stable organization, that has sustained success.

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