Kubiak says Pitta will be a big part of the offense (if he’s on the team)


When the Ravens unveiled new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak to the media on Monday, Kubiak mentioned that one of the offense’s best players will be utilized extensively going forward.

Per multiple reports, Kubiak said in his introductory press conference that he expects tight end Dennis Pitta to be a big part of the offense in 2014.

Before Pitta can be a big part of the offense in 2014, he has to be part of the team.  Pitta is due to become an unrestricted free agent, and it’s unclear whether he’ll be re-signed by the Ravens before he hits the open market.

It’s also unclear whether the Ravens would restrict his ability to leave the team with the franchise tag.  If the Ravens use the franchise tag, it’s also unclear whether they’ll use the tight end or the receiver version of it.

Presumably, they’d use the tight end version of the tag, which will cost roughly $4.5 million less on a one-year deal than the receiver franchise tender.  Pitta, who dislocated a hip during training camp, appeared in only four games during the 2013 season.  Under the labor deal, whichever position he took the most snaps in 2013 will be the position at which he’s eligible to be tagged.

For now, it’s safe to say the Ravens want to keep Pitta.  How they go about doing that remains to be seen.

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  1. I’m sure he’ll be on the team. I think they learned their lesson from last year letting Boldin go. They’ll let Dickson go instead.

  2. Oh…maybe big brother flacco can give him some of his well earned contract :p

    Breaking news: offensive player reported to be a big part of the offense.

  3. Pitta Bread isn’t going anywhere. Him and Flacco are bros and that is a relationship that the Ravens can’t afford to break apart. They will work out a long term deal with the “White Tight End.” It just might come at the expense of Jacoby returning, as well as Leach, and possibly Cory Graham.

    Lock the guy down. We saw how disastrous the TE position was without him. We all saw how Ed Dickson is much more suited to play volleyball than football.

  4. “Under the labor deal, whichever position he took the most snaps in 2013 will be the position at which he’s eligible to be tagged.”

    Very fine point. The reason teams don’t have 53 punters I suppose.

  5. thesportsguy52 says:
    Jan 28, 2014 8:30 AM
    I would find it shocking if Oz doesn’t make this priority one.

    Even if the sacrifice is cutting sizzle, it’s worth it.


    I wouldn’t go that far in terms of signing Pitta at the expense of cutting Suggs. The Ravens are somewhere around $11 million under the cap at the moment. If they can sign Suggs to a three or four-year extension on his contract to reduce his 2014 cap number, they can keep him and also work on signing both Pitta and Monroe to long-term deals.

  6. We should keep Pitta. Pitta is defiantly a upper-echolan TE and deserves to get paid. I think the Ravens will give if more than he can generate on the market. I really seeing what they’re going to so with Joe Flacco’s brother lol. He’ll probably go undrafted and I have the Ravens bringing him in for camp.

  7. Doesn’t matter, they still have sorry a$$ over rated and way way way over paid JUMP BALL JOE trying to pass the ball!

    Yes Ravens fans, he sucks!
    32nd ranked QB, money well spent!

  8. Kubiak loves the tight-end in his offense. Ravens fans should expect not only Pitta, but a second tight-end to be used extensively in the offense.

  9. Let’s clear this up quickly- Pitta will stay 1 year under the tag. It’s beneficial for both parties- Pitta is a very talented TE but won’t get a max deal after missing 12 games last year and only catching a ball in 3 games when it was all said and done. It would behoove Pitta to take a 1 year contract on the tag, up his market value and attack FA next year. Even if the Ravens offer him a multi-year deal I’m not sure he’ll take it, and would rather bet on himself for 2014. At the same time, it gives the Ravens another year with Pitta, and a high probability of drafting a TE in day 1 or 2 of the draft as a potential replacement if Pitta left in FA 2015. Remember- Pitta was a 4th round pick. The tag is a substantial jump in pay for him. I think it’s pretty set in stone at this point. Dickson on the other hand… thanks but no thanks.

  10. If they can build a better O-Line everything else will be that much better…including Flacco.

    Joe has great talent and only needs some good coaching (not Caldwell), good playcalling (not CamCam), and a good line (not a patchwork of has-beens and 6th rounders)…that’s all!

    It won’t be easy but I have great faith in Ozzie in general, Kubiac’s input, Harb’s stability, and an owner that will make it work.

    It’s time to FINALLY think offensively, not just talk about it. And then…
    Look out NFL! We will be right back in it!

  11. flash1283 says: Jan 28, 2014 9:55 AM

    Doesn’t matter, they still have sorry a$$ over rated and way way way over paid JUMP BALL JOE trying to pass the ball!

    Yes Ravens fans, he sucks!
    32nd ranked QB, money well spent!
    You still mad that Flacco was smart enough to realize what he had in Boldin huh? So when Stafford throws a duck to Megetron knowing he can pull it down… that’s bad right? Or when Cutler throws up a duck to Jeffries or Marshall it’s wrong? Or when Dalton plays a game of 500 with AJ Green, he should just throw him bullets and let his god given talent go unused? It’s called football son. If you have a Boldin you use him accordingly as Joe did. Of course it’s deeper with you as your infatuation with Flacco is amusing, but if you have any merit please feel free to explain to us why the Flacco Boldin connection is any different that the other examples I provided. Serious question that I hope you try to give an honest (non troll-like) answer to.

  12. This is the perfect scheme for this team. O line is going to need some tinkering. It’s built to pass protect. It needs to be smaller and mobile to run the zone reads with cut blocking on the backsides. Perfect offence with Flacco, not too complicated and guys willl be wide open. IO think this was a very smart move by the Ravens.

  13. Before making a proclamation, he should throw in tape of Ravens vs Steelers and watch every LB and safety swallow him up like he was a twinkie in the ravens locker room.

  14. It’s a “now” league taos. Isn’t that why there’s so much angst anytime steeler fans trot out six rings?
    Steelers – 3rd place to 2nd in division. arrow up.
    Ravens – Champs to 3rd place. arrow buried.

  15. The Ravens will have quite a bit of money freed up:

    RT: Micheal Oher is NOT coming back and certainly won’t be getting paid like a LT anywhere else.

    WR: Jacoby Jones isn’t coming back.

    TE: Ed Dickson is not coming back.

    OLB/DE: Suggs might not be back, if he is, the Ravens clearly want to restructure his deal. With his recent injury track record and his complete breakdown in 2013…we could be better off without him and spending that money to keep MLB Smith around another year or two until we find a replacement

    FB: Leach isn’t coming back. I know he’s not exactly earning $5 million, but every little bit helps.

    Oh, by the way. Pittsburgh and the Ravens were both 8-8 last year. The Ravens had no offensive line, and no running back. If Big Ben is so much better than Flacco, then why didn’t his team get to the superbowl?

    I have no angst against the Steelers. Baltimore has 5 rings to trot out (3 with the BALTIMORE Colts, 2 with the Ravens). I count those Colts wins because they happened in Baltimore, not Indy. If you don’t want to count them because on a technicality (and a complete lack of class by Irsay) the records are in Indy, then it is only because of Art Modell’s integrity that we don’t claim the 11 Championships of the Cleveland Browns that they had before that team moved to Baltimore.

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