Kyle Shanahan to interview for Browns’ offensive coordinator role

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Kyle Shanahan will have a chance to interview for yet another offensive coordinator job.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Shanahan will meet with the Browns about their offensive coordinator role on Wednesday.

Shanahan has six years of experience as an offensive coordinator. He held the job in Washington the previous four seasons (2010-2013).

The Browns are seeking an offensive coordinator to replace Norv Turner, who took a similar role in Minnesota after Cleveland fired head coach Rob Chudzinski at the end of the regular season.

Shanahan has previously interviewed with Miami and Baltimore for coordinator’s jobs, but both clubs hired other candidates.

17 responses to “Kyle Shanahan to interview for Browns’ offensive coordinator role

  1. Sounds like a match made in heaven: nobody wants to coach for the browns & nobody wants to hire shanahan. How is this staff an upgrade over last years (on paper anyway)? I’ll give them a fair shot but don’t have much hope.

  2. Little Shannahan was never the Redskin’s problem. The offense worked pretty well and the team would have won a whole lot more games if it wasn’t for a poor defense and historically bad special teams unit.

    Making a move on Kyle would point towards the Browns looking to bring in Johnny Football with their first pick considering his work with RG3.

  3. He was O Coord in HOU because Kubiak was Shanahan’s O Coord. He was O Coord in Washington because of his dad. This is Kyle’s chance to prove he is a good playcaller without the help of his dad, or his dad’s former assistants. I wish him luck, but if he isn’t good enough he shouldn’t be a coach. The Ryans are good coaches but for now Shanahan falls into the same category as Brian Schottenheimer.

  4. Well,
    We were told we needed stability. and Chud was gone in less than a year, we were told our next coach would have a winning past, this guys from Buffalo, we were wold the OC and or DC would have HC experience to help out Pettine.

    Come one Jimmy, can’t you see Joe is the problem….

  5. Im not a Browns fans but im not down on the Browns. All these people making jokes about how sorry the Browns are will be in for a big surprise next season. 1st of all the Browns have a head coach that turned a bad Bills D into a top 10 unit that led the Nfl in sacks he could very well do the same in Cleveland. They have the Nfl leading receiver. A good TE a decent OL. All they really need to be a playoff contender is a QB and running back. Mock drafts got them taking Johnny football in the 1st. This could be a really good/exciting Cleveland team come next season. AGAIN IM NOT A BROWNS FAN. I just see potential good team in the making come next season. You wont here any Cleveland jokes coming from me

  6. This would be a solid signing for the brownies. I admit I am a steelers fan and it pains me to speak good about the browns, but unlike some of the annoying unrealistic, uneducated troll fans in steeler nation that post on this site, I can see the browns making a big turn around starting next season and I think they are putting together a nice young hungry coaching staff. They have a solid roster with a few holes to fill. If they get the draft right, and make some nice free agent signings, they could be battling for AFC North title soon. I have my hopes for my team, but I follow the game closely, and I see a decline in our future, and with Baltimore also on the downslide, and bengals without a Championship caliber QB, the door is wide ope for the browns to make a big come up. Hopefully they can re-ignite the once great rivalry, with us. Go Steelers.

  7. Okay now Kyle, when Jimmy throws in the little pot sweetener about you being able to fill your car up for free for life, you say, “Show me the Benjamins.” Got that?

  8. Good thing the 3 Stooges took their time to get “their man.” Look how that’s playing out for us.

    (If Jimmy is really a billionaire, why does he look like he buys his clothes from a 70’s rummage sale? I swear Harry Reems wore that same outfit to do Linda Lovelace.)

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