Marshawn Lynch keeps low profile at Media Day, drops “S” bomb on NFLN

No, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch didn’t stiff-arm Media Day.  But he’s keeping a very low profile.

Multiple reports indicated that Lynch left Media Day after roughly six minutes. In reality, Lynch found a spot to hide, away from the cameras and reporters.

Deion Sanders of NFL Network tracked him down and interviewed Lynch live on NFL Network. And of Lynch’s few words to Deion, he dropped one of George Carlin’s seven words that can’t be aired on TV.

Deion told Marshawn he looks good. Said Marshawn in response, “Sh-t, you do too.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the NFL reacts to this one.

[Photo credit: Josh Alper of PFT.]

83 responses to “Marshawn Lynch keeps low profile at Media Day, drops “S” bomb on NFLN

  1. “I ain’t never seen no talking win me nothing” and “Just bout that action, boss” were two of my favourite quotes of media day. Marshawn being Marshawn man, love it. Go Hawks.

  2. The media just wants to have an hour with him to take one line out of context and make a story out of it. Nothing to add to the game of football, just to sell headlines that shouldn’t exist. Just let beast mode eat drink and play.


  3. He is a Beast of few words. I respect that he wants his play on the field to speak for him. It’s also clear that he has a level of discomfort and anxiety about the public speaking – it’s not about him being prideful or self-important as some others have implied.

    I’m glad he did open up to Deion briefly and it’s clear that Lynch is behind his team 100% and ready to ball on Sunday. “That’s what time it is!”

    He is a grown man and knows the consequences of his choices. I am glad that the Seahawks organization has respected that and allowed him to keep a low profile. (psst, Google “Messin with Marshawn” for some lighthearted fun that teammate Michael Robinson pokes at his silence in his humorous Real Rob Reports)

  4. In comparison, Marshawn was downright loquacious during his interview with NFL Japan. Then again, they brought him bags of Hi-Chew and other Japanese candies, so he was really nice to them.

  5. Imagine how absurd it must seem from the player’s perspective:

    The media are there to get any controversial soundbite they can. They will twist your words and do whatever it takes to get the most sensational soundbite possible, even if by twisting and exaggerating your quote, they cost you your career. Literally, the media ONLY cares about getting some kind of sensational news at any cost and will actively sabotage a player to do so.

    And the NFL forces you to take part in this.

  6. I watched the interview live and didn’t even realize he’d dropped the S bomb in the beginning until Rich Eisen apologized for it and then I rewound to listen for it. It was so quick and unclear that I’m surprised Eisen chose to call attention to it by apologizing (twice!) until one of his co-workers wisely told him to stop mentioning it. Not a big deal, IMHO, and hopefully it’s not blown out of proportion.

  7. He isn’t Sherman. He doesn’t like the attention.
    Bring on the fines nfl, lynch just got endorsed by Skittles.
    Let his pay do the talking
    One more game
    One more win

  8. Good gawd, he’s a grown man with a college education. Surely he can answer questions intelligently for one hour.


  9. not surprising, other than the qb this team lacks respect for anyone else and has no class what so ever. great team to have representing the nfl…

  10. The best…. And must consistent RB in the league. “F” WORD Peterson, I’ll take this kid over Peterson everyday and TWICE on Sundays! He is a man in a man sport, not a sissy that gets hurt every other year.

  11. The broncos have not faced a angry runner like this before and he will destroy the Denver defence.Look for the Beast to have at least 130 yrds and just might go home with MVP.

  12. I saw him do an extended segment on (I think it was )E 60. He seemed pretty comfortable talking about his life so why can’t he give more than 6 mins the entire season to answer questions?

  13. Love how on edge the NFL Network staff was about the Marshawn Lynch interview and Deion’s!

  14. It’s just the S-word. 4th graders use it all day. Rated PG at best.

    They used that exact word in The Goonies, and I saw that in the Theater when I was a kid. I survived.

  15. 2 words for Lynch “Pot Roast”. He’ll be crying about how unfair the media is LOL.

  16. That was the most riveting monosyllabic interview in NFL history. Riveting. His use of the so-called “S” word was barely audible. If a man is hiding from being interviewed and has a microphone stuck in his face you get what you get. I thought it was actually a very genuine interview. He clearly was not comfortable with the attention or the questions and was struggling to answer. Does it make sense to us? Maybe not, but it seemed remarkably tense.

  17. OMG,
    Come on people. NON story. Great running back, but doofus of a person. Seriously.
    Stop making excuses for the dude. He’s not “shy”, “afraid”, “uncomfortable”. He’s simply defiant and surly.
    He can do whatever he wants. I don’t care. If he has the $$ to pay the fines, go ahead.

    But really, giving access to media is part of his JOB as an NFL player people. He shouldn’t act like they are the paparazzi.

    Fact is the dude is a beast of a player, but just not very bright or articulate. When he was drafted by Buffalo he thought it was in NYC.

    Can’t blame him for not wanting to talk on TV…

  18. Why don ‘t they just put him at a table with Sherman? Richard answers mean media for him and Beast Mode just has to use his one word responses, smile, and nod. Clearly this is a problem for him of some sort and the coaches and team need to find a solution so he can just be Beast.

  19. Marshawn just needs to find a good Toastmasters club in Seattle to join. They’ll help him with his public speaking.

    But I don’t blame him for this. I have never watched or recorded a Super Bowl media day. It’s just a pack of hounds looking for blood (in other words, a word or sentence they can blow up and twist to sell air time). If RG1 wants to abolish something, this would be a great place to start.

  20. What made me laugh was that over rated Eisen who I personally can’t stand, try to xplain that four letter word and whine about the FCC. What a joke ! The NFL is a billion dollar corporation, do u honestly think they’re afraid of the FCC ???

  21. Maybe he is afraid someone will ask him about his weapons charge, DUI, threatening a woman he stole $20 dollars from, and a 2008 hit and run in Buffalo.

  22. What a baby. Be a man and do what’s required of you. Is he going to hide from his endorsements?

  23. if you’re trying to hide from the media at Super Bowl media day, trying wearing something a little more subdued. Like something besides a tacky silver hoodie with your team’s logo and jersey number on it, for starters.

  24. He plays football for the love of it (and Im sure the money), not for the fame.

    he knows he’s not a well spoken individual so he’d rather not deal with the ridicule yet everyone wants to shove a microphone in his face.

    He plays hard, his teammates love him. Want more needs to be said. Geese!!!!!

  25. Remember when Ricky Williams used to leave his helmet on during interviews? He had Social Anxiety Disorder and so does Marshawn. It may sound ridiculous but it is a real thing and it is debilitating. It doesn’t matter if your a strong running back or an old lady with this disorder. He really should get checked out…

  26. He saved a ton of money by showing up…….Hope he doesn’t lose it by the “S” word………In any case, my bet is he is extremely glad to be past this particular day.

  27. Media needs to just let his game play speak for itself, dude is the heart and soul of the seahawks. Not to take away from the other players but Lynch is the biggest reason we are in the SB. He’s tough af and can probably squat a semi when he’s driving the d lines backwards!!

  28. I’m just glad all these guys can play football so they can be productive members of society. Well, at least until they are all broke 5 years after retirement.

  29. Kit makes me angry that dirty players can nearly cause career ending shots week by week and fined say: 3,000 to 15 but let’s punish a player to the tune of 50 grand for refusing to give tired statements everyone gives after games. This is more important than suspending or dirty hits. Thanks, Roger Goodell! Idiot!

  30. His contract with skittles states that for every touchdown he scores, $10,000 will be donated to his charity. This guy is a genuinely good person who doesnt like the camera attention. No, its not his job to do interviews, like he said “talking aint never win me nothing”. His job is to score TD’s.
    To the haters calling him names, hes a guy from oakland who plays a game for $7,000,000 a year. Hes “dumb” enough to make more money than any clown ragging on him. Were proud and fortunate here in Seattle to have him on our side. The ignorant haters can suck it.

  31. Some of you Seahawk haters are seriously insufferable and truly pathetic humans. Social anxiety is a real disorder. Some people love media attention. Lynch hates it. I would actually prefer if all athletes were the same as Lynch. Let your play do the talking, I don’t care about the rest. Even if it can be really entertaining.

  32. Some of the reasons this will be one of the best SB ever…
    1 – Harvin is going to pizz off so many fans because he’ll have a huge day after not playing almost the entire season.
    2 – Manning will have that crybaby look on his face, common to all Mannings, while he’s getting is arse handed to him.
    3 – Pot Roast will look funny bent over and gasping for breath after unsuccessfully chasing Wilson.
    4 – Seattle’s other receivers will have a huge day both blocking and catching.
    5 – The announcers will sound even more stupid as normal trying to explain the blow out.
    6 – Fans will be miserable in the stadium as the temp sinks.
    7 – All you haters will be livid as Seattle dances on the sidelines the entire second half.

    Can’t wait.

  33. It’s only a matter of time before he gets fined and Seattle fans start a fund to pay the fine.

  34. Seattle did start a fund to pay for his $50,000 fine that was eventually overturned. What did Lynch do, he matched every dime of funding and donated it all to his FamilyFirst charity. Speaking ill of such an awesome guy surely reserves you a spot in hell.

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