Marshawn may skip Media Day


Media Day often becomes notorious for the things players say.  This year, Media Day could be significant for the things players don’t say.

Or, more accurately, a player who chooses to say nothing.

According to Mike Silver of NFL Network, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch claims to be considering not showing up for the annual spectacle, which is mandatory for all players and coaches for both Super Bowl teams.

Technically, Lynch was still deciding what to do when he spoke at length to Silver last week.  And it sounds as if Lynch was leaning toward showing up, but not saying much.

“If you’re forced to do something, it’s not as good as if you choose to do it,” Lynch told Silver.  “So no, I won’t have a lot of interesting things to say.  When you’re forced to do something and you know it, it kind of just takes away from the whole experience of what it could be if [it were] natural. So, I’ll probably give forced answers.”

It would be smart for Lynch to show up, even if he doesn’t say much.  Fined $50,000 for a season’s worth of stiff-arming the media in Seattle, the league agreed to suspend the penalty as long as he complies with the policy regarding media availability going forward.  If he once again violates it, he’ll be fined the original $50,000 — and another $50,000.

The problem for Lynch on Tuesday comes from the duration of the availability.  Unlike a post-game press conference, during which he can give perfunctory answers to a handful of questions, he’ll be subject to the press for a full hour.

That could be enough to make him want to find the nearest golf cart and drive.

62 responses to “Marshawn may skip Media Day

  1. He shouldn’t have to talk if he doesn’t want to. That rule is really stupid and if I was lynch i’d just pay the 100K fine and move forward. Some people are shy or just don’t like talking to others. I wouldn’t want to talk to the media either. Now a days they’ll twist your words and run with it.

  2. The beastmode bz is making him twenty times that amount. Money isn’t everything anyways. If he doesn’t wanna talk, he’s not gonna. Some people would rather not talk about their game plan. Let him focus in his own way.
    Do your thing Sunday

  3. #24 Runs wild Sunday. If they stack the box we’ll spread them out. If they blitz we’ll pass or shuffle it to lynch. If they play coverage Wilson runs on them with lynch blocking.
    One more game
    One more win

  4. No where in that quote does it say he plans on skipping it

    However it wouldn’t surprise me if he did skip it. Go ahead Marshawn, hand the NFL $100,000. Its that type of stupidity that inspired the documentary “Broke”

  5. This is getting a little ridiculous. First he refuses to meet the media during the season & now this. Maybe Seahawks fans will raise money to pay for this fine, because you know, a guy who makes $8 million can’t afford a fine. Part of the responsibility of being a superstar player is meeting with & talking to the media. A big part of being a superstar on a team in the Super Bowl is participating in Media Day. I’m sure there a tons of players who do not like talking to the media, but they suck it up & do it because it is part of being a professional. Lynch is a very good RB – top 5 in the NFL today – and he is a huge reason why the Seahawks have gotten this far – especially in the playoffs – but he is really coming off as selfish & a player who doesn’t want to participate in activities as a part of the team. I sure hope PC sits him down & threatens him with something bigger than a pocket-change fine. I doubt he’d do it, but threatening a first quarter benching -would be appropriate. At the very least, he should be threatened with not starting on Sunday. To players with big egos, especially an apparently selfish player like Lynch, being the starter at their respective position in the Super Bowl is not something small to them. Something has to be done because this is getting out of hand & I am beginning to lose a lot of respect for a player I have liked for years.

  6. I heard a rumor that because of John Fox’s ties to the Giants and as a favor to Eli, the Giants purposely did not have the snow cleared from the outdoor practice fields that Seattle would have used (The Jets fields are cleared for the Broncos), thus forcing Seattle inside, where the Giants closed circuit “security” camera’s are being used to funnel video data of Seattle’s practices over the Internet to the Broncos. Maybe this is why Pete Carroll installed the game plan before showing up in New Jersey, even though it’s been said that’s a bad idea because the team gets bored with not having the game plan installed the week of the game. Seattle also doesn’t get a chance to get acclimated to the cold weather if they have to practice inside. This might be worth investigating.

    Not clearing the fields for Seattle is akin to what Miami did in the 1982 AFC Championship game when they took the tarps off the field a few days before the game and it was raining cats and dogs for three straight days. The intent by Shula was to make sure the much faster Jets team had no traction, and it limited the Jets Sack Exchange from getting after Woodley. That year the teams had an OT tie at 28, and the Jets won the other game 16-15. The game was played in 3-4 inches of water. They called it “The Mud Bowl.” Neither team could score. Miami won on fluky interception return for a touchdown, and had a final score off another late turnover as the Jets desperately tried to score, 14-0. That Shula was no stranger to dirty pool. He wasn’t on the rules committee for nothing. He probably thought it was payback for the Jets beating his Colts in Super Bowl III.

    The Jets fired Walt Michaels on the plane ride home after the Mud Bowl, ushering in the Joe Walton era. I kind of liked Walt Michaels. He once cussed out a reporter after a close loss to Cincy on a Monday Night, and was widely reported to be drunk. He also called out a punter after he had a punt blocked and mishandled the snap on another punt in a blowout loss in Seattle, and said “I can fart further than you can kick!” You used to be able to get away with this stuff LOLz.

  7. I like his attitude regarding this. All he has to do is show up and say, “The league has required me to make myself available to the media. You can ask me anything you want”.
    And then proceed to answer every question with: “I don’t have any comment on that”.

  8. He didn’t “stiff arm” the media in Seattle.

    He genuinely doesn’t want to talk, and the Seattle media was respectful enough to leave him alone.

  9. What a whiney baby. We all have things in our jobs we are forced to do that we’d rather not. Attend meetings, go on retreats, make reports, get assigned tasks we don’t like. And most of us don’t make millions playing a game. Shut up, show up, and do your damn job.

  10. I suppose Lynch won’t have any problem if his team decides to just not pay him. I mean, they are supposed to, but it just isn’t as good as when you choose to.

    Nobody is forcing him to earn a living playing football. It is part of your contract. If you don’t like doing your job, you can always quit and do something else. Part of the reason why NFL salaries are getting so high is because of the fans that follow the sport. The fans want access to their stars. Not only that, but the big time sponsors that pay for the rights to get those games on air so you can be the big stars you are also want to have their “product” to have face time. Don’t like it? Then quit. Stop blaming the NFL and start blaming your reps at the NFLPA who agreed to this.

    I am so tired of these overpaid crybabies complaining about something so simple as just talking to somebody just because they don’t feel like they have to bother with “the little people” or just because they don’t want to. If people did their jobs that way they would ultimately get fired.

    Nobody is asking Lynch to be a genius on the microphone. He doesn’t have to wax poetic. All he has to do is answer the questions he’s given. Oh my God….that is just soooo much to ask of anybody. Get over yourself.

  11. There are a few things that I despise doing in my current employment that I do anyway. It’s called being a man and owning your responsibilities. Quit you’re crying Lynch and do what you’re paid to do.

  12. A free country. Your employer can force you to talk to a camera though. If you dont you will have 100k stolen from you. Not that I feel sorry for a millionaire losing a fraction of his money… but because that is nazi germany rules the nfl imposes on its players. Seems it violates his 1st amendment rights, and natural rights.

  13. Guess he’s trying to be the new Duane Thomas. If he can’t make media day he ought to skip the game too. These are the idiot attention seekers we have playing pro ball today

  14. I understand the league wants the players to interact with the media but players are forced to either give bland cliche answers or get skewered for being honest like Richard Sherman. Marshawn Lynch is a monster who lets his play on the field do the talking for him. Stop bothering Beast Mode!

  15. I really Believe that these Guys OWE US Nothing! Other than Just Showing up on the Field and giving Us 100! That’s it nothing more or less. Honestly Not even an autograph is Due, but they are nice gestures. As a Fan of the game,MOST of US understand and realize these folks are humans and Not PROPERTY of the FANS. The rest DEEM THEMSELVES ENTITLED to Access to These Guys lives as a whole. And really have a self entitled view that we pay these guys Salaries. And that’s so far from the truth. TV Deals pay those Salaries. We the Fans lace the pockets DIRECTLY of the Owners. Bottom line…. BEAST MODE DO YOU. And I HATE Seattle. But they are good.

  16. “he’ll be subject to the press for a full hour.”

    Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me.

    We all have jobs that have certain things about them that we don’t like to do.

    Part of being an adult is doing them anyway.

  17. What a wuss. Your getting paid millions and it’s because of the fans. Your a football player , Not the president , do the damn interviews and eat your skittles punk. I hope, Denver wins and I hate john Elway too.

  18. Lynch had more than his share of run ins with the media in Buffalo which is why he doesn’t want to talk to them ever again. He thinks they twist his words to suit their agenda and he may be partially right but if he shows up and gives yes and no answers he can keep the $50,000 he would get fined and not give the media any fodder.

  19. The NFL is a bully. Forcing players to do as they demand not what they want. Goodell continues to ruin a once proud and meaningful game.

  20. 100k is a stiff price to pay to dodge an hours worth of questions, but if you’ve got it and you aren’t worried about it. Why not?

  21. I’d really appreciate Lynch going to media day and pulling an Andy Kauffman. One hour at his podium reading the Great Gatsby? I’d be fascinated to see how many members of the media stuck it out for that.

  22. I would WAY rather watch him run than listen to him speak…especially when he’s so clearly uncomfortable with the inane questions the media inevitably pose. I think he should just go “Beast Mode” on them and plow right through whoever asks him the stupidest question. Bet they’d leave him alone then!

  23. Two teams, 53 players plus coaches, times one hour each, means that interviews will overlap. Schedule his talk at the same time as Sherman, in a far corner of the field. Sherman with a loud mic could draw the media out of Washington DC. Give the man break, not everyone likes speaking in public, let alone to reporters who will just ask him about this.

  24. Great player, but the dude is really dumb. He doesn’t do himself any favors when he speaks, so I’m guessing that is the reason why he isn’t interested in answering questions for a full hour

  25. I don;t blame you.
    Show up and give stupid answers.
    The NFL actually think some interesting crap is spewed by the players.
    Goodell, sucks

  26. Marshawn deserves all good things that come to him on the Grid iron. I watched him take the weakest High School in Oakland to the Silver Bowl(OAL championship). Went to one of the weakest schools in the Pac 10 and almost won a championship with Aaron Rogers. If the WR doesn’t stumble come out of his break Against USC they win that game and go on to the BCS championship.

    Now he’s going for the ultimate football crown. True football soldier, program-changer… and not a front runner.

  27. It’s part of the job, they all agree to it right before being handed the cash.

    He’s selling his fans short.

    It’s not about cliches’ or canned answers, people just want to hear what you have to say.

    This is far worse than Sherman to me. And this guy isn’t generally a good guy. Wasn’t he found with drugs and guns a few years back? Not somebody I want my kids to get to know.

  28. If it’s media day,then why is he so special that he isn’t going to show up and speak? He’s getting paid enormous amounts of money, show up and do what you are suppose to do. He doesn’t speak very well anyway, he runs better than he speaks.

  29. From what I’ve seen of him speaking on camera, Beast-Mode isn’t exactly an….eloquent speaker. Shoving a bunch of camera in the fact of a guy who doesn’t like to talk is probably going to backfire for the NFL.

  30. No talk No play. You dont fulfill the requirements of your contract you dont play.

    He doesnt want to talk because he doesnt want people to hear what a retard he is. lol lol stupid seahawks

  31. GM John Schneider has good ties with the Packers organization. I’m sure the Seahawks could lease their outdoor facilities to acclimate them to cold weather.

  32. So much for the “successful” or “victorious” appeal (or however he described it) of the 50K fine then. Double or nothing and he backs down! Goodell punked the ferocious beast lol.

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