NBC to air Tony Dungy’s interview with Jonathan Martin


NBC will air part of Tony Dungy’s exclusive interview with Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin on Tuesday’s “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” at 6:30 p.m. Eastern and on Wednesday’s edition of “Today.”

The interview will air in full on a special episode of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. Eastern.

Martin left the Dolphins in October amid allegations he was bullied by teammate Richie Incognito.

“He has a passion for playing football,” Dungy said of Martin on Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

However, Dungy added: “(He) was wounded by this whole experience, and I think that’s what will come across when people see this interview.”

13 responses to “NBC to air Tony Dungy’s interview with Jonathan Martin

  1. He has such a great passion for this game that he quit on his teammates during the season, possibly costing them all a playoff berth and playoff bonus. But HE got paid the whole time.

  2. Tony Dungy’s ‘Afro World’. Since when did he become the ‘new’ Martin Luther King’? He’s nothing more than a football coach who neglected his own children. Remember? Now, somehow, he’s the spokesperson for all African-American athletes? I’ll take Charles Barkley and his objective viewpoint every time.

  3. No reason to watch. NBC would never air anything against their agenda. This will be a puff piece to show Martin as a victim. Dungy would never offend the troubled young victim by asking tough questions about how he did all the stuff he was complaining about. I could write a detailed comment about how Martin’s story is exaggerated but Florio wouldn’t post it. Suffice it to say that Martin did endure some things that in most workplaces would be taboo, he is more a system manipulator than he is a “victim” of bullying or harassment.

  4. Tony Dungy’s ‘Afro World’. I’ll take Charles Barkley and his objective view on African-Amirican behavior every time. When did Tony become the new ‘MLK’? He’s simply a football coach who neglected his own family and paid the price. Now, he’s some spokesperson?

  5. I’ll probably watch it….im interested to see what Martin’s excuse for costing his team the playoffs is exactly.

    I know my following statement will be too hardcore for our soft society, but basically, a simple knock-down drag out between him and incognito would have ended this a LONG time ago (if in fact what was said to be going on really was).

  6. Did Dungy even try to find out about Martin trying to leave AND keep his money, so this whole thing might be fiction? Or was it just the whole ‘ma, he’s staring at me’ angle?

  7. The criticism about Tony Dungy as a father is beyond out of line. Posts like that are what’s making websites remove the comment section. Dungy put family first, even as a coach, read his book.

    Now criticism about him not being objective is fair, since I can’t imagine there are any hard hitting questions in this interview, but we will see.

  8. I think it’s disgraceful that this RUBBISH takes over from the Super bowl. Jonathon Martin quit the Dolphins, at a very important time, and who the hell cares about him this week. Go and get a real job Jonathon Martin, because I hope no NFL team is interested in you, you suck.

  9. For all those reading : Tony Dungy is the NFL/s self appointed religious and morality officer. He lucked into a Super Bowl (Him not the team)

    And now this? He better not pull the race card, but it is reeking like a Sharpton approach to all of this…

  10. Dungy is enjoying his little mentor image a little too much. I expect softball questions that were likely pre-approved by Martin’s lawyer. Not the one you see on TV, the labor law professor. Mommy.

    If Dungy doesn’t ask or follow up on obviously touchy subjects or put Martin on the spot, he’ll lose a lot of respect among football people.

    But hey, it worked well for Tiki Barber.

  11. I know this won’t get posted because this is the post NBC era, but it’s plain as day that Tony Dungy is a true racist.

    That’s right, he’s a true racist.

  12. Dungy put family first? Did you read that in his book also? His son committed suicide. We all heard this fantasy story about how he was a simple grocery bag boy who didn’t want the fame his father’s career provided and the sympathy poured in. Then the hammer dropped. The son was nothing but trouble. He had anti white hate literature in his apartment. His computer was loaded with racists websites and rants. And then the mainstream media and this page stopped running anything about Dungy and his son, like he never existed.

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