NFL satisfied with Lynch’s participation in Media Day


Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch showed up at Media Day.  Sure, he abandoned his designated position, hid off to the side, and ultimately said “sh-t” while being interviewed on NFL Network, but he showed up.

Apparently, that’s good enough for the NFL.

“Players are required to participate and he participated,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT by email on Tuesday night.  “We will continue to monitor the situation.”

They’ll continue to monitor the situation because Lynch’s $50,000 fine for not cooperating with the media during the 2013 season has been suspended pending his ongoing cooperation with the league’s media policies.  And if he fails to cooperate in the future, the fine will be reinstated — and doubled.

McCarthy didn’t address whether Lynch will be punished for cursing on the league-owned TV channel.   Since the FCC rules regarding decency apply only to over-the-air broadcasts and not cable, the NFL won’t be facing any potential governmental sanction.

61 responses to “NFL satisfied with Lynch’s participation in Media Day

  1. So cursing is acceptable as long as you make yourself available to say something. Makes sense.

  2. I was at media day today. It’s asinine. You have 100 sports reporters asking the same questions they’ve asked for the last 2 weeks.

    You have another 100 international reporters or goofballs from entertainment sites asking bizarre and irrelevant questions.

    And then you have about 600 people just milling about.

    All of this could be accomplished with a single camera, microphone, and a twitter account for people to send in questions. A typical Reddit AMA yields way more informative sessions.

    But then when a player doesn’t want to participate in this circus, the media gets up on their high horse (Florio, I’m looking at you) about it.

    Yawn. Who care. I’m ’bout the action, boss.

  3. Vikesarebest is the new logicalvoice
    Pftpoet is the new norcalmafia

    Yawn. You bore us with the trash talking.
    Go blog about your team elsewhere please.
    Your team is a threat to mine, as is the French army is a threat too the U.S. Marines. Don’t post again till draft day. We’ll all laugh at you then.

  4. Love me some Beastmode. They got is a warrior of few words. Mad respect for ya. And if emmit Smith says you’re best running back in the league ya know he’s a stud.
    One more game
    One more win

  5. I could be wrong, but Lynch seems like a good guy who might have some social anxiety issues or otherwise legitimately uncomfortable interacting with the media. I highly doubt that he’s just trying to be difficult or spiteful. I can certainly sympathize with him if that’s the case.

  6. I think it’s ridiculous that players have to participate for Media Day, people ask the dumbest questions. For example, some idiot asked Demaryius Thomas if he goes out and has one night stands, are you kidding me?

  7. Hey Marshawn, you got the Broncos shaking in their booties. Sunday will be the worse day of their professional lives.

    They don’t wanna try to tackle you and Peyton is scared to throw the ball with good reason. This should be a great game for real fans.

  8. Well if you consider saying “S*it” as participation with the media…

    Stay classy, Marshawn!

  9. Least Mode.

    So bored with the personalities of the Seahawks. Not the world’s most like-able team.

  10. Beast Mode has done more for the NFL than half the players in the league. Most of the Seahawks are not in demand for interviews as he is. He should not be required to give cliche answers to stupid questions from sniping media trolls that have never played the game.

  11. It’s clear he is suffering from social anxiety disorder. Ricky Williams was doing interviews in his helmet and dark face shield back in the day when he was first dealing with it.

    The NFL has been great about making an accommodation for him. Seems like if he just shows up and tries his best they will let it slide, and that also explains why they never made him pay the $50,000

  12. Why should Marshawn say anything, he’ll do his talking on the field Sunday. The NFL network is torked at Lynch because of his slip of the tongue, but hey, they bragged that Sanders could find him and interview him, and they got just what they deserved with his S bomb, so hunker down and whine Rich Eisen because you got just what was coming to ya’.

    Seahawks 24-14

  13. The man can barely speak. Say all the politically correct stuff you want – even he knows that whatever comes out of his mouth will sound like ghetto talk. Leave him alone….it’s awkward for the rest of us.

  14. I would love to hear Beast Mode in a more relaxed format, like on a podcast. Beast Mode on The Joe Rogan Experience would be way more enlightening in the first 15 minutes than any sort of media day format.

  15. Everyone has to do it. It’s part of the gig. His teammates are out there doing there part and he walked away from them and left them to carry on without him. And when he left he said it was because he had work to do. Ok so he’s going to watch film, go over game plan, etc. But he shows up later and just watches his team go through it. He thinks he’s above it. Nothing noble or tough about it. Just smug.

  16. It’s O.K. Sanders sold himself to Goodell a while a ago, Dieon says every things o.k.. The Bean counters double check, and BAM!! We have goos ratings, everything is O.K.! No need to mess with Lynch, not that I personally disagree with him, everything is cool. No need for any fines, meanwhile Randy Moss is spitting his drink out.

  17. Lynch was afraid to talk because in his mind he can’t get it out of his mind how dominant the Vikings will be next year and beyond. The pieces are set, and the rest of the NFL has been checkmated.

  18. How are we supposed to live without knowing what Lynch thinks about Justin Bieber? I swear some of these media morons need to have their credentials pulled. Kudos to Lynch being himself & not sweating what the media think of him.

  19. I’m not sure how the nfl can make someone talk? Some people aren’t talkative or care to be interviewed. They are football players, not talk show hosts. Who cares if they talk to the media or not. Dick Sherman should take notes from Lynch. It would do us all a favor.

  20. Unless he signed a contract to speak a certain amount, thats a violation of his rights and completely un-American. Ideally, he’s an amicable guy who means no harm but just doesnt like talking to media and in this country, your innocent till proven guilty. If he didnt sign up for it, he doesnt have to do it and if Goodell forces the issue, he doesnt deserve the office.

  21. This is the same way he acted when he ran a woman over in Buffalo and fled after the accident. I wonder if he ran over someone else with his car, not on the field I mean.

  22. Another SeaCHICKEN “Prima Donna”. That team is loaded with egos!!! Look at Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, I am the Best! I am the Greatest! That will end Sunday, GIRLS!!!!!!!

  23. I’m bored with nonsense uber-greedy NFL rules.

    BTW- as a Steelers fan i’d like to say:


    I love everything this team is about from top to bottom and they deserve to destroy an inferior Denver team.


  24. The League’s Crusade Against The Steelers Continues says:
    Jan 28, 2014 9:58 PM
    We are hearing rumors that the NFL may consider renaming the Lombardi Trophy to the Steeler Trophy (others are saying the Noll Trophy), which makes a lot more sense and would be the most positive thing Goodell has participated in since he took over.

    Top 5 best trollers on this site. U mean KNOLL?
    I guess u can get a construction job without a GED.

  25. So the only way to avoid punishment is to do exactly what they say?…sounds eerily familiar..

  26. Why would he talk. Anything you say can and will be used against him in a court of morality because he has none.

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