Percy Harvin: “I can be a factor in this game”


Percy Harvin still hasn’t managed to make it through a full game healthy in his first season as a Seattle Seahawk, but he thinks the Super Bowl will be that game.

Harvin said at Super Bowl Media Day that despite playing in just one regular-season game and suffering a concussion in his only playoff game, he expects to play a big role in the Super Bowl.

“I definitely think I can be a factor in this game,” Harvin said. “The concussion was an unfortunate situation that I wish hadn’t happened, but I’m ready to play football.”

The Seahawks traded first-, third- and seventh-round draft picks to the Vikings to acquire Harvin in March, and they signed him to a six-year, $67 million contract, and now they’ve made it to the Super Bowl without needing him to be a factor at all. But it’s not too late for Harvin to make a difference in his first season with the Seahawks. He just needs to make some big plays in the Super Bowl.

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  1. He will be a huge factor. A week more to practice with a top 5 qb and now on the biggest stage. Percy is going to love those tight spirals from Russell and they are going to light this Super Bowl up. Can’t wait. Go Hawks!

  2. Without the 12th women, The Seahawks will get destroyed without the piped-in crowd noise on their side.

    Look at the stats, their road game winning percentage is terrible.

  3. Cordarell Patterson is a stud, but the Vikings got the 8th pick and the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl. Trade hasn’t panned out, but it hasn’t hurt the Seahawks either.

  4. It doesn’t matter. The Giants are using the security cameras at their indoor practice facility to film Seahawk practices as a favor to Eli and former Giants asst coach John Fox. The Giants not having the surrounding outdoor practice fields cleared of snow so Seattle can get acclimated to the outdoors like the Jets did for Denver is also no accident. The NFL, an entertainment league, wants to crown Manning the GOAT. What can you do?

  5. The Seahawks had to sign every single free-agent Vikings player in free agency to make it where they are.

    It just shows how superior a team the Vikings are.

  6. Amazing the miraculous healing powers of Percy.Looted the Seahawks out of money to show up in time for the Super Bowl, only to shut it down in the off-season until the next time the Seahawks are in the playoffs/super bowl. Welcome to the New Randy Moss, but atleast Randy was honest when he said he played when he wanted to, unlike Percy who hides behind mysterious injuries. Enjoy the Money Pit.

  7. He will be cut after this season. The guy is glass. Health issues and easy to injure. Stats he has put up do not even come close to the money this guy is earning. Save your paychecks Percy.

  8. Our road game win percentage is terrible this year? Do you watch football? Do you know anything at all there poet? Losing only two games on the road to a pair of playoff teams by a combined 8 points is not exactly terrible.

  9. He has always had the skills to be a factor. In every game.

    It just depends on the effort he chooses to put in.

    It seems like he been able to choose the games he played in this season.

    How many players have played 1 game all season…that just so happened to be against his old team?

  10. Am I the only one that realizes the Seahawks only played two decent offenses this year. One was the colts which they lost and gave up 140+ receiving yards to Ty Hilton and the other was the saints both times in Seattle and if u watch football we all know the saints are not very good away from home. The other teams they faced had the following qbs
    Matt schaub
    Ryan fitzpatrick
    Chad henne
    Kelly Clemens
    Mike glennon
    Christian ponder

    I’ll just stop right there because that’s the quality of every qb except cam newton and kaepernick. I left those 2 for last because I know a lot of people consider them “elite” but they are not very efficient passers. So seriously ask again what makes everyone think this game is going to be so close especially since the Seahawks have trouble moving the ball unless it’s a broken play or the beast breaking a big one.

  11. The Seaquacks better hope they win. In two years, the salary cap will winnow down most of their good players..

  12. he’ll last about a play or two. got to admit, the vikes really made a great deal getting all those draft picks while replacing him with a better version of himself with CP

  13. I am a Packer fan, but one issue the Seahawks fans are neglecting on Harvin is he is the 2nd highest paid player on the team. So not only did the Vikes unload a highly paid headache (no pun intended), but he takes up so much cap room that he ultimately hurts the team resources to sign players and the return (no pun again) is not worth the outlay…

  14. wr’s average 6.7 yards per catch when in zone with sherman, below average for cb’s, 7.3 yards per catch when man to man, below average for cb’s. im sure peyton knows this. and d.thomas is not 45 yr old boldin, decker is not 5-10″ t.y hilton, and the seahawks slot cb is allowing over 9 yrds per catch in the slot, terrible for cb’s, and some dude named welker plays that position.

    will not be close

    den 31
    sea 17

  15. First time Welker gets targeted and destroyed by Chancellor. He’ll be hearing footsteps the rest of the game…

  16. The Broncos have no one who can cover him. He will match up with a LB or S and run away from them. They will need to commit two guys to PH and free up Tate, Baldwin and Kearse to make plays.

  17. Every time a Viking fan opens their mouth, they just embarrass themselves.

    The Vikes got Xavier Rhodes with the Seattle pick, not C Patterson. The Seahawks went 6-2 on the road and lost to the same team Denver did.

    I don’t blame Viking fans for being full of hate though. Their team hasn’t been relevant since my great grandfather was in diapers and the automobile was called a horseless carriage.

  18. The last time the Vikings won a championship, Alexander Graham Bell had just invented the telephone and Chicago was preparing to host the World Fair. Rich Eisen was scandalized when one of those suffragist women showed her ankle in public, so he put on his top hat, took a puff from his corn pipe, and pondered somberly about how much the world had changed since the end of the Civil War just a few years earlier. What would be next? Flying machines? Electric lamp-posts? Indoor plumbing?

    Ah, how things change so quickly! Seems like just a few decades ago. Now excuse me while I take my steam-powered horseless carriage down to the market and buy myself a fancy new pocket watch for my vest.

  19. Looks like the Viking fan clown-car is full today. Hey, how has your offseason been going? HAHAHAHA!

  20. A lot of negative Nancy’s against Seattle on here.

    I hope Seattle wins, not just because it will net them their first SB, but just to really tick off a large portion of the posters.

  21. Percy, I see it as a sign of maturity that you now want to take the field with your team. Let’s hope you don’t get a headache “wink wink” the day before the superbowl.

  22. The Seahawks did it all year without Percy. The dude is fragile physically and especially mentally. He hates practices more than Allen Iverson

  23. I hope Percy plays well, but its pretty clear the Hawks don’t need him. Not sure why so many Viking fans are relishing his injuries.

  24. Being in a superbowl and actually winning one is a whole different story say what you want but by next Monday one thing the Seahawks and Vikings will have in common is no ring and if am wrong then so be it so stop acting like Harvin gonna get you a trophy when the Seahawks got there regardless of him until the hawks win it they’re still the Seahawks #truth

  25. The Seahawks are quite happy that Percy, saw the light and came to a better place. We’re also pleased that we were able to rescue him from a football life of terminal mediocrity, and to spare him from the eventuality of his tongue accidentally being frozen to a football during one of those upcoming outdoor games in Minnysoda.

    Should Harvin, never contribute in a big and meaningful way for the pals of Taima, the Hawk at the least we’ll have the satisfaction of giving a decent man the chance to live free in a land where precipitation doesn’t have to be chipped at and shoveled, just to move the car.

  26. Stop with the Patterson crap .. You picked Xavier Rhodes .. He is just okay and helped you win how many games ? And a 7Th rd practice player …

    Patterson is you trading picks not from obtaining Seattles picks so please SHUT UP.. U got got a potential good starting caliber play who can contribute but you gave up a guy although injured is a game changer .

    Your all just upset BC PERCY DIDNT WANT YOU . So you laugh at his misfortune . His misfortune brought him to the most talented nfl team super young with the potential for multiple Super Bowl runs . Let’s also not forget your beloved Winfield chose to sign with Seattle for less money bc he saw this SB thing coming and even though he was let go he still decided to retire instead of playing for your sorry team .

    Seahawks win , in spite or mistakes your team loses even though you claim victory . If Percy helps Seattle get a SB ring I can’t imagine how depressed you will all feel . He’s gonna get the last laugh .

  27. Patterson had a good game which accounted for bout 25% of his production this season.

    He didn’t even have 50 catches or 500 yards as a reciever.

    A franchise that has had greats like Moss and Carter.

    Some of these comments make realize how extremely foolish some of you Viking trolls are.

    If you want to compare apples to apples.

    Harvin’s 1st year was far better than Patterson’s.

    PS Don’t ever give Packer fans crap about Favre. You guys seem more bitter about someone who wasn’t even with the team a 5th season.

  28. Nice. Seahawks and Packer fans unite for some backlash on a Vikings fan with some insults, poor spelling, and overall nothing to back up whatever you’re trying to say.

    Even if you win the Superbowl, which you won’t because #18 is going to light up Sherman like it’s his job, Percy will have little to do with it. One hit, he’s toast. In the long run, you’ll realize the robbery that took place.

    Cordarrelle Patterson > Percy Harvin
    All. Day. Long.

  29. Harvin is the biggest mistake in hawks history.

    He has been a complete non-factor all season.

    Our offense is better in the games HE DOES NOT PLAY IN.

    The hawks do better on offense when they KNOW that percy won’t be playing, that way the guys who WILL BE PLAYING can get all the practice reps during the week.

    Doug Baldwin even said the same thing about those guys getting reps. He said his reps were reduced when Harvin came back and then when harvin goes down its harder for Baldwin to get going because he wasn’t getting as much practice during the week.

    The seahawks will win the Super Bowl, but harvin will not be a factor.

    Of course my fellow 12s will say Harvin is the MVP if he catches 1 pass for 17 yards like he did during the whole 2013 season.

  30. No one takes more joy in the misfortune of former players for their team than the pathetic Vikings fans. This is undoubtedly because they have so little to enjoy about their own team for decades. The Vikings have failed to make it to the SB since Fran Tarkenton laced ’em up, and are the perrenial bitter babies about anyone who has made it where they have failed to go (especially if that team has a former Viking on the roster). They Vikings are the new Bucs, circa 1976-2000. Watching players leave them and get their rings elsewhere, and salvaging an ounce of glee here and there at their former players’ injuries. Enjoy toasting Harvins’ injuries and try try try to hold back the tears when yet another former Viking gets his SB ring.

  31. seaeagle707 says:
    Jan 28, 2014 5:50 PM

    The Seahawks are quite happy that Percy, saw the light and came to a better place.
    Do you realize a trade has nothing to do with a player seeing the light and deciding where he wants to play?

    Percy was going to any team that decided to give up 3 draft picks and pay him double digit millions a year…

  32. Stop with the Patterson crap .. You picked Xavier Rhodes .. He is just okay and helped you win how many games ? And a 7Th rd practice player …

    Patterson is you trading picks not from obtaining Seattles picks so please SHUT UP.. U got got a potential good starting caliber play who can contribute but you gave up a guy although injured is a game changer .
    Why should Vikings fan shut-up about Patterson. You are the one who fails to realize without the Seahawks draft pick on Rhodes, they never would have been in a position to trade up and get Patterson…

  33. I am tired of the Percy Harvin Trash talk. He was intentionally targeted. The guy earns a legitimate horrible injury and finally comes back after extra hard work and to our dismay he is targeted for re-injury.. He is an inspiration not a sissy.

  34. I am tired of Percy Harmin trash talk. The guy had a legitimate horrible injury that kept him out most of this season. He worked and rehabilitated extra hard. He came back early. However, much to our dismay, he was immediately targeted for re-injury.. He went down again and again. He is an inspiration, not a sissy.

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