Players and reporters gripe, but fans buy tickets for Media Day


The reporters complain about it and the players treat it like a necessary evil, but there’s one group of people at the Prudential Center for today’s Media Day who are actually enjoying themselves: Fans.

A few thousand fans paid $28.50 apiece to sit in the stands and watch while a few thousand members of the media pepper the players and coaches on the Broncos and Seahawks with questions.

When the NFL first started selling tickets to Media Day, most members of the media found the idea ridiculous: Who actually wants to spend good money to go to this?

The answer, it turns out, is plenty of people. The fans are each given a portable radio that allows them to tune into the audio from the podium of their favorite players, and from what I could tell, they were having a pretty good time. And as long as fans are willing to pay for the privilege of attending Media Day, you can bet the NFL will be more than happy to keep selling them tickets.