Report: Browns, Kyle Shanahan are “talking”


Could Kyle Shanahan be a candidate for the NFL’s lone remaining offensive coordinator vacancy?

According to’s John Keim, the Browns and Shanahan are “talking.”

Shanahan, 34, was the Redskins’ offensive coordinator from 2010-2013 and the Texans’ offensive coordinator from 2008-2009.

Shanahan was a candidate for the Dolphins’ and Ravens’ offensive coordinator jobs, but both positions have been filled. The Dolphins hired Eagles quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor, while the Ravens tabbed former Texans head coach Gary Kubiak to run their offense.

The Browns hired eight assistant coaches on Monday, including defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil.

36 responses to “Report: Browns, Kyle Shanahan are “talking”

  1. YES, please make this happen. Dude seemed to work magic with a healthy RGIII and even made Kirk Cousins look like a legit starter. I think he’d be gold with Johnny Football and Gordon on the outside. Our coaches would be young but I don’t know if that would be an assist as they would all be hungry and fearless or a flaw due to inexperience.

  2. Maybe Dallas should hire him to help Scott Linehan help Bill Callahan help Jason Garrett call plays.

  3. You can get the package deal of Shanahan and Kirk Cousins….just ship the Skins a 2nd rounder and can look forward to a 6-10 record.

  4. I get no one likes “daddy’s boys” but other than when RG3 had a messed up knee, when did Kyle ever do bad at his job? No offensive player bad mouths him other than RG3 so I would boil that down to interpersonal friction between a diva a coach with family ties.

  5. barkymingo: Trust me you don’t want Kyle. As a Reskins fan, I can tell you that he is petulant beyond all reason and a cancer in the workplace. He systematically poisoned the Redskins locker room this season. He’s not even that good of a play caller anyways. Hire a real OC not an entitled brat.

  6. Yesterday I said that I predicted the Browns would hire one of the Ravens sloppy seconds from the interview process as their OC, and I caught a ton of flack for saying so. And yet…Kubiak and Dennison are in Baltimore, leaving Shanahan. Who is “talking” to Cleveland not even 24 hours after the announcement.

    The REAL kicker will be when he turns them down for a lesser job with another franchise!

  7. Here’s some food for thought….ok he’s had 2 interviews and no gig yet? His previous stint with the Texans working for Kubiak who once worked with/for the senior Shanahan, could this been a do me a favor hire to get Kyle in the door? His second hire to work for none other than pops himself…makes you wonder what’s the deal that none of the jobs he’s interviewed where there’s no connection to pops he hasn’t gotten.

  8. Once out from under daddy’s shadow, I think Kyle will do a heck of a job. Hopefully, new and fresh ideas. Pettine seems to be looking to put together a nice young staff. Sure as heck the old timers of the last 5 years made no great impact.

  9. Kyle was not the problem in DC. He actually made our offense relevant for the first time in decades. If he gets a chance at one of the young QB’s coming out I think he will do a fabulous job of coaching them up. RG3 came off a major injury and had a somewhat down year, when he was healthy anything Kyle touched turned to gold. Good luck young Shanny

  10. He had a bad season last year with the collapse of Washington, but before that he was an “up-and-comer” with a lot of teams looking at him as possibly head coach material. It would make a lot of sense to hire him if the Browns are seriously targeting Manziel. And there aren’t exactly a lot of other big names ahead of him. And hey, if he blows it, we can start over next year right? Go Browns!

  11. The Browns are building a young and hungry coaching staff. Give them the benefit of the doubt before you write them off (again).

    Go Browns!!!

  12. And yet again the clowns will be forced to sweep up the crumbs of others lying around on the floor of real NFL franchises to find a coach.

    The Factory of Sadness just keeps churning out dim prospects in the City of Sorrow…

    I’m ALMOST beginning to feel sorry for the fans. There will be many a heart attack if this team ever approaches mediocrity…


  13. This is the same situation as Schiano for head coach. They interview him just to make the actual hire look better. The best thing about Pettine is that he’s not Schiano!

    The best thing about [OC to be named later] is that he’s not Shanahan!

  14. It is too bad they were not able to keep Norv Turner, but Kyle Shanahan is not a bad OC.

  15. There’s no way Kyle Shanahan shouldn’t be an OC in the league this year. He made some mistakes in DC (i.e. – going away from running the ball in close games), but you can’t argue with the effectiveness of his offense.

    Dude engineered a top-1o offense (in yardage) with Rex Grossman and John Beck as his QBs.

    The only reason he’s still out there for a job right now is because of the debacle his father created in DC (and this is coming from a Redskins fan), not of his own doing. He may come off arrogant, but what good coach doesn’t? The guy knows his stuff and Cleveland would be lucky to have him. If he ends up in Cleveland, Josh Gordon may end up with 15+ TDs this year (he might regardless).

    Good move for the Browns if they bring him in.

  16. People are going to bash any move that the Browns make.

    But I am so down with this for a few reasons.

    1.) He did wonders with RG3 before he shredded his knee and went full diva. He would do wonders with Manziel.

    2.) Have you seen the other people that have been connected to this job!? The Raider’s QB coach!? Oh yeah because the Raiders have had so much success with their QBs.

    From afar the Redskin’s offense has looked decent with crappy QBs like Rex Grossman and looked great when RG3 had two knees. They were number 1 in rush offense and RG3 finished the season with only 5 picks! And they were dominating their playoff game until RG3 shredded his knee. Sounds pretty good to me.

    Sounds like people are bashing the potential hire because its the Browns. Not because of Shanahan.

    And Redskin’s fans just complain about everything. I remember last year when they were good for 1 season Redskin’s fans would talk down to everyone like they were the reigning 3 times Champs.

  17. Hmmmm… No one seemed to want Pettine as a HC. There was no indication he was even on the Browns radar until shortly before they hired him- after the first 10 guys that actually *di* want turned them down.

    Jim O’Neil wasn’t on anyone’s radar as a DC before he came to Cleveland. Regardless of his association with Pettine, this screams of “there were no better DCs who would say yes.”

    Now Kyle Shanahan appears. Kyle Shanahan, who has been sitting by the phone because nobody (else) wants him. Surprise- the Cleveland Desperates- er, Browns, on line 1, Kyle.

    Is there anyone left on Earth who *doesn’t* realize that the Browns are assembling a coaching staff out of people they never wanted but are the only ones who are foolish enough to say yes to a bunch of poisoned jobs?

    Sad stuff.

  18. A positive for Kyle should be the drafting of talented later round offensive players.. Alfred Morris in round 6 and Kurt Cousins in round 4..

    Now if we can give the Skins a 3rd for Cousins we can make some noise hahaha.. Go Kyle!!

  19. All you guys are fools to believe the Browns coaching jobs are elite. 32 NFL teams means 32 jobs for coaches period. Only 32 HC’s only 32 OC’s only 32 DC’s.. If you’re not in the NFL today, you’re not holding an elite 1 out of 32 NFL job.. What’s the unemployment percentage in your city? It’s much higher for an NFL coach when you’re not of the the elite 32 (no matter how much you think they suck) 1 of 32 is a hell of a stat.. Detriot went 0 and 16 and had coaches wanting that job..

  20. It’s simply hilarious how many people come on here and bash the Browns and every move they make. Yes, we have been terrible since ’99 except for 2 fluke seasons, yes we did just fire a coach after one season. Does that mean I should switch teams or cuss my parents out for being from Ohio and growing up a Browns fan?!? Would I rather be a Packers, Steelers or Patriots fan? No. I’ve seen what happens when your squads are down as I know many Steelers fans that turn on a dime when they have a bad year. Browns fans are a different breed who cannot be understood but we are happy we are Browns fans. As for hiring people who aren’t on anyone’s radar, well no kidding. If there is some stud coach out there that everyone is talking about, good chance he’s already coaching somewhere. Where do you think the Tomlins and McCarthy’s and Bill O’Briens come from? They start low and work their way up. Only time will tell if any of these coaches are a good/bad hire. Even at that time all you haters will come on here and post about doesn’t matter, its still the Clowns or whatever other nonsense you come up with.

    GO BROWNS!!!!

  21. Hey, if a coach doesn’t have the stones or the confidence to turn things around in a sketchy situation- then who wants him to lead your team anyways?

    If he takes a team that was lousy for years and succeeds- then he will be a genious and a hero.

    I can see some turning down the job if they feel their hands will be tied by the front office though.

    I’m looking forward to some tougher coaches. I hope that’s what we’re getting with Pettine etc.

  22. Also, if we don’t have a decent QB and RB in place, It probably won’t matter much who these coaches are anyways.

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