Richard Sherman: Comparisons to Muhammad Ali are “very humbling”


At his Media Day press conference, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was asked about being compared to legendary heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali.

Sherman’s answer reflected a knowledge of Ali’s place in sports and society.

“It’s very humbling,” Sherman said. “It’s very humbling to be compared to Muhammad Ali because of all of the serious ridicule that he went through, the serious racial degradation and stigmas that he had to fight, the stereotypes that he had to fight against.

“He had to really stand his ground and almost go to jail because he wanted to stand up for what he believed in. So I think his situation was a lot more brave and a lot more serious than my situation is now, obviously, and he had to deal with a lot more scrutiny and just headache and criticism.

“It’s a blessing, because he’s one of my biggest idols, and a person that I really looked up to.”

48 responses to “Richard Sherman: Comparisons to Muhammad Ali are “very humbling”

  1. Wow – for a guy who REPEATEDLY INSISTS he doesn’t care what ANYbody thinks about him, he sure has bent over backward to come off as “humble” after the fallout from when he was just himself.

    We’re watching a World Class Dog and Pony Show – and no one is working it harder than Sherman.

  2. Muhammad Ali sacrificed his boxing prime to make a statement about racism and the Vietnam War.

    OchoSherman screams at Skip Bayless like a 15 year old.

  3. You, sir, are no Muhammad Ali. Your mouth runs a lot, and that’s about it. Someone said you’re more like Chad Ochocinco, and that’s the perfect response to this.

  4. He’s not Muhammad Ali, idiots. He’s a 21st-century football player. What hardships have they had to endure. God, the media are nothing but bunch of fricking dopes.

  5. Sir, I worked out with Ali. I know Ali. Ali is a friend of mine…

    (Well, not really. But Sherman is no Ali.)

  6. Uh, Richard – Ali actually did do time. Love Ali or hate him, Ali was Ali. He was real. Not everyone liked it, but he was who he was – and went to the can for it for almost 3 years.

    This in direct contrast with Sherman, who folded up like cheap lawn furniture when the Twitterverse didn’t take kindly to him showing his real self.

    Gag reflex in my throat, you’re about to win.

  7. I like Sherman, really like him… he’s real…

    But he’s correct in that the social situation and situational stress aren’t even close… and much of Sherman’s criticism is self induced… not a victim.

  8. What an insult to Ali. Sherman has dealt with nothing like he did. Stereotypes? You mean the reputation you’ve earned from being a cheater who fails to hold himself accountable for cheating?

    What a joke!!

  9. Congratulations to all those that completely minimize what Ali did and when he did it by drawing comparisons or reporting on comparisons to Sherman. The plight of Ali vs the plight of Sherman… no comparison.

  10. For some reason the comments suggest he compared himself to Ali, which isn’t the case.

    The guy answered a question. It isn’t national news. Move along.

    This horse is still dead.

  11. This comparison has to be a press release disguised as a story by the NFL front office.

    Comparing Ochosherman to Muhammad Ali is like comparing Mahmoud Ahmandinejad to Abraham Lincoln.

  12. I think the comparison is that both are conceited and don’t know when to shut it.
    That said,great athletes,but why not let your accomplishments do the talking?

  13. Who in the world is comparing Sherman to Muhammad Ali? The media person should be fined and banned from all future media days for such a stupid comparison.

  14. Correct answer: The comparison is stupid unless the only thing you are comparing are their big mouths.

  15. what maroon compared this guy to Ali? geesh – and can we please PLEASE stop giving so much credit to people for having simply rudimentary knowledge? Sherman is not stupid at all but what he said about Ali is nothing that can’t be gleaned from wikipedia- let’s not go overboard PFT.

  16. The mean streets on the campus at Stanford have clearly hardened him into the model-citizen we see in front of EVERY SINGLE camera this week. What an inspiration to a generation his plight will become. I for one, feel privileged to have simply occupied the same planet as such an incredible human being such as Richard Sherman.

  17. The beloved Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali spouted poetry and talked “jive” in a comedic way to promote fights and sell tickets. Richard Sherman is no Muhammad Ali…

  18. The comparison seems to have gone over quite a few peoples’ heads. Richard Sherman let loose a loud, obnoxious tirade about his opponent. Muhammad Ali was famous for unleashing loud, obnoxious tirades about his opponents.

    I don’t think anyone was comparing the greatness, athleticism, or importance to their sport between to the two. Duh.

  19. Clay was a draft dodger…I have never had any respect for him. And don’t even begin to start with “it wasn’t a legitimate war” bs – plenty went and served.

  20. It’s amusing to see so many comments accusing Sherman of being arrogant, obnoxious, unethical, and worse, coming from voices so full of arrogance, obnoxiousness, self-deception and hate.

  21. For all the detractors – take a history lesson. Muhammad Ali began to get noticed when he did the exact thing Sherman did. He proclaimed “I am the GREATEST!!!”

    Ali didn’t start making political statements until he was well known for being “a loud mouth”. Yes, the same thing you accuse Sherman of being. It was only after he converted to Islam and was drafted into the US Army, that he became the controversial figure he is known for being today.

    The fact is, Ali was far worse than Sherman when it came to making insulting remarks about opponents. All you bigots who claim you love him now, would have hated Ali, then. (just like you do Sherman)

    The fact is, it is a very real and good comparison. The major difference is that Sherman is a highly educated Stanford grad and Ali barely got out of high school. Academically, Sherman is way smarter than Ali could ever hope to be. That and of course the eras they respectively lived in.

    The impact of what each has said, is very close to the same at similar stages. Both he and Ali made provocative statements. The people who hate Sherman are the sons and grandsons of the ones who cursed the ground Ali walked on. Now they all claim to love him.

    He’s no Ali, but Sherman and Ali have more similarities than differences. Deal with it.

  22. Seriously? Ali? That’s laughable. Sherman’s situation has nothing to do with race – but God forbid we don’t bring race into every single discussion.

    He was not even remotely being a good sport by going up to Crabtree seconds after winning the game to shake his hand. That was nothing more than completely rubbing it in his face. That’s nothing but poor sportsmanship. Although they continue to try to frame it otherwise.

    If they want to compare Sherman for being an arrogant loudmouth like Ali, well yes, you would be accurate in that assessment.

  23. Muhammad Ali stood up against the government, and the popular thought of the nation at that time by risking his entire career and was willing to go to prison for it. This was at a time when loudmouthed black athletes were considered “troublemakers” by whites, and an “embarrasment” to some blacks. While Sherman can perhaps be considered a “loudmouthed embarrasment”, he is hardly putting his career and freedom at risk. The comparison is asinine, stupid, dumb, and ridiculous.

  24. THIS JUST IN – There has been a brand new award created this year in light of the Riochard Sherman issue – it’s called the “I don’t get it” award and is awarded to those among you who really DON’T get it.

  25. Richard just be yourself. Ali is to boxing what Hulk Hogan to professional wrestling. Being at the right place at the right time to be famous. Compare yourself to former New York Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera. He is hated by ESPN Sports reporter Stephen Ahem Smith.

  26. Sherman’s “who, me?” attitude after trying to make his taunting handshake to Crabtree is so funny. He says it was his sportsmanship coming out and Crabtree shoving him makes him the bad guy. Lol. Thats why 1.) Immediately after the INT he jumped up and ran to find Crabtree before he did anything else and 2.) if his handshake was in fact s genuine show of sportsmanship, why the angry outburst with Erin Andrews afterwards? Dude is so full of it. He acts like a complete punk and idiot then cant figure out the ensuing negativity.

  27. This must be where the idiotic scurge of America go to comment on football. Someone posts something intelligent and gets thumbs down. Most of you are morons.

  28. What is it,………about being a team homer that causes so many to have not a shred of decency in their being?

    It was Fox that blundered, not Sherman. He was simply caught up in the adrenaline rush, of having initiated the play that would guarantee that his team would go to the Super Bowl. You stick a mic in someone’s face at such a moment and you expect them to recite a sonnet?

    But I wonder, how many of you critics there are, who blame Sherman, and not Fox, and then go on to castigate Fox, for its admitted conservative leanings?

    Grow up!

  29. Ali went to jail because he was too dumb to not take a step forward when asked and too dumb to not sign the papers. you can’t be forced to sign a contract. you cant be forced to go to war. all you have to do is not step forward.

  30. What’s funny is IF the posters on here were over 15 yrs old and lived through the Ali era, they were the first to denigrate him and what he stood for.

    Surprising how many on here are apparently frightened by strong people of color.

  31. @trevor123698:
    What in the world are you babbling about?
    When did Ali ever go to jail? You, my friend are the only dumb one here. Or maybe you are just drunk and confused.

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