Richard Sherman got his work ethic from his parents


If you only know Richard Sherman as a shutdown cornerback for the Seahawks on the field and a loudmouth off the field, there’s a lot about him you don’t know.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times has a good piece exploring Sherman’s family, and the parents who instilled his work ethic. Sherman’s father drives a trash truck and his mother works with disabled children, and Sherman said the example they set through their own hard work is a big part of who he is.

“I think it was incredibly significant,” Sherman said. “It forced my brother and me to understand priorities and family. You’ve got to do everything in your power to make sure your family is taken care of.”

Kevin Sherman, Richard’s father, is going to the Super Bowl. But he’ll fly back to Southern California on Monday and be back at work early Tuesday morning, and he says he has no intention of giving up the garbage duties just because his son has a high-paying job.

“People say, ‘Let your son take care of you,'” Kevin Sherman said. “Yeah, but I’ve got a few years left until I retire. Why would I mess up my own retirement? Why should my son have to foot everything? I have a medical plan that will cover me. Why should my son have to pay my medical bills? It doesn’t make sense to me.”

Sherman may be best known for his tirade after the NFC Championship Game. But Sherman never would have been in that position without a lot of hard work. And when it comes to hard work, his parents showed him the way.

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  1. Hey Sherman next time you tip a ball and your linebacker makes the Int, be a sport and mention his name. Without Malcom Smith the game would have continued.

  2. how refreshing! people looking to take care of themselves and not looking for help elsewhere. the president would be none to happy with this

  3. “Richard Sherman got his work ethic from his parents”……This should not be a headline. It should be the natural state of every young man’s thinking in America.
    The fact that this makes headline news is a statement unto itself. I say, “Bravo” to Mr. Sherman and his parents.

  4. So does that mean every time his mother cooked dinner she slammed the plate onto the table and shouted, “Don’t bring that weak Broccoli stuff in here!”

  5. seems like the polar opposite of Russell Wilson, but it appears they have more in common that I thought. It is obvious Sherman is much more emotional.

  6. Stand up guy that Sherman Sr. “I have a medical plan that will cover me. Why should my son have to pay my medical bills?” – Wonder how many kids parents give their boss the finger as soon as their kid gets drafted?

  7. Kudos to Sherman – and his parents. Especially his father who chooses to continue to work in light of his son’s wealth. What some people don’t realize is that getting up and going to work is actually good for you in the long run.

  8. Careful now. Too much info regarding positives about Sherman could start to erode the mountain of negatives we’ve worked hard to create.

    “If you only know Richard Sherman as a shutdown cornerback for the Seahawks on the field and a loudmouth off the field, there’s a lot about him you don’t know.”

    I see what you did there. You made sure the readers knew that you feel he is a “loud mouth”, so as not imply that you actually care about him. OK, got it. Oddly enough, I remember another brash, young black athlete, who people hated because he talked loud and backed it up – Ali.

    Overall, I guess it was fair piece, but don’t forget, “I hate him”, rings loud and clear.

  9. Sherman is almost the perfect role model for young people; he’s intelligent, hard-working, with a commitment to giving back to the community.

    If only he could tone down the trash talking just a little.
    I was never a big fan of trash talking; I hated it when opposing players would do it, and I especially hated it when my own teammates would do it. More than once I had to step up and get between another player and one of my teammates because his big mouth got him in trouble.

  10. Christ….SO tired of Richard Sherman protection…..WE GET IT. Everyone wants us to think he is a great guy….WE GET IT. So,…this story is about a father teaching son. Here is what my father would have said to me if I had done on camera what Sherman did: “SON, YOU’RE A GREAT GUY…WHAT YOU DID ON CAMERA WAS STUPID…IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO FORGET ABOUT IT…YOU KNOW HOW YOU NEED TO ACT ON CAMERA FROM HERE ON OUT”.
    There…..end of story.

    Good guy,…but mouthy….show everyone something else then…it’s not everyone else’s fault!!!

  11. 90% of these people who hate Sherman absolutely LOVE Marshall Henderson’s “passion, fire, and attitude”. I wonder why?

    But I agree, this story is plaaaaaaaaayed out.

  12. Why are we talking about this moron. He had his chance to show the world who he was and he did, now why in the hell is the media trying to glorify this man. First impressions are everything and Richard decided to be a self centred POS, which is truly who he is. I have no respect for Sherman after the end of last game (and I hate the 49ers). Anything but a broncos win would be sheer disaster. Can’t imagine harvin and Sherman with rings. Lots of talents and no idea on how to act in public. Me, me, me attitudes.

  13. Even his dad knows Sherman’s the type of NfL’er that will waste his career earnings by the time he’s 40. Instead of these large 3-5 year contracts they should force some sort of pension on these guys. Since they all come back with attorneys looking for more once they’re done anyway. Then if they come back after the NFL for future damages they lose that pension.

  14. Here is the obligatory overreaction to the negative coverage D!ck Sherman got for shooting his “me first” mouth off. Like someone else said…WE GET IT. The Seattle media wants people to think he’s not the self-centered a$$hat his own actions make him out to be.

    Got his work ethic from his parents eh? Too bad they didn’t teach him about being a good winner and a good loser.

  15. A Steeler fan making steroid accusations; how ironic. Not one player on the Seahawks has ever been popped for ‘roids. Those Steeler teams of the ’70s & ’80s, however…

  16. @ Kevin Sherman “People say, ‘Let your son take care of you,’” Kevin Sherman said. “Yeah, but I’ve got a few years left until I retire. Why would I mess up my own retirement? Why should my son have to foot everything? I have a medical plan that will cover me. Why should my son have to pay my medical bills? It doesn’t make sense to me.”

    Now that is a smart parent. Richard Sherman is only making a little more than the league minimum for a 3rd year 5th round draft pick. He hasn’t yet made “the big money.” In a few years his parents can retire and have health care from their jobs take care of them, buy them a nice condo (60 year old parents don’t need a 10 bdrm mansion with all of their kids grown). Next year or the year after Richard Sherman will get a contract extension making him among the highest paid at his position and I’m guessing that he’ll be good with his money.

    @infectorman, To anyone who paid attention it was Crabtree who was the poor sport, and the cameras just caught a reaction which doesn’t truly show what the man is about. This is like watching 60 seconds of a movie and saying that you know everything about the movie.

  17. Let me get this straight. He’s got work ethic because his parents have normal jobs? What does work ethic have anything to do with people doing what they’re supposed to do? People are supposed to work, good for his parents for doing what most of us do every day.

    But I am confused. Yesterday we’re supposed to feel bad for Damarius Thomas because his family sold crack and are in Prison, and now were supposed to feel bad for Sherman because his parents work for a living. WTF is going on?

  18. Q your thoughts are on point, but come correct on the approach. We’re trying to move past the Ali days brotha. Learn from the past, don’t live in it.

  19. When Steelers fans talk of steroid use, we should all listen. They set the bar. Notice when their team doc got arrested, the team slid into obscurity.

    San Fran fans, shouldn’t you be planning your vacation? Or maybe healing up from your beat down?

    Greenbay , tell your corners to catch and you would have at least only lost in the NFC Championship.

  20. I’m really glad his mom and dad are getting some attention. What this story should show is that even if you grow up in a troubled area, if you have the consistency of a strong family unit with hardworking people raising you, you are much better off. Yes Richard Sherman’s ticket out was his athletic talent to a degree, but I think his non-athlete brother is doing ok for himself as well.

    One of the biggest reasons this country is in the state it’s in is too many baby mommas and daddies and too few responsible parents. This trend is NOT a race thing in any way, it is a generational thing that spans all races.

  21. Love the guys who want to bash Crabtree in one breath but give Sherman the “heat of the moment” excuse when he “act a fool” on national TV when interviewed.

    Hi Pot, you’re kettle.

  22. did your parents teach you the ethics of cheating, putting illegal substances in your body, lying about doing so, being an obnoxious azz?

  23. Judging by the likes and dislikes, it appears a lot of people are behind Richard Sherman. That also indicates the intelligence levels and character of these idiots and trolls out there haha. Sure, this guy has found success, is smart, so are a lot of people, so are a lot of other black people- they just dont run their mouths like a street rat. We will be pumped with feel good mirage stories. Get a grip. Hats off to his success and acheivements, he is fun to watch, but the man is a chump filled with arrogance. I dont care about his outside life one bit. Caring about Dennis Rodmans life though is a whoooole different story!

  24. He was a loudmouth ON the field. That field is HIS turf and he had just finished defending it in the best possible way in front of an adoring, ecstatic home crowd and the fact that within seconds after the gun goes off 1,000 suits and skirts are getting in his face does not change that fact.

    In shooting his mouth off he went a bit overboard.

    Big deal.

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