Richard Sherman wants to be a positive role model


Charles Barkley doesn’t want to be a role model, but Richard Sherman does.

Sherman said during the Seahawks’ Media Day that it’s important to him to be a role model.

“Because I think kids need a positive role model,” Sherman said, “and they need to understand that there are more options to the world than what they just see in their neighborhood. Especially the kids in the inner-city. They need to understand that there’s another opportunity, there’s another path that you can take, and I think if those kids take those paths and use those opportunities, they’ll benefit and our future will be very bright.”

Sherman’s trash talk after the NFC Championship Game wasn’t exactly the kind of thing Pop Warner coaches will be showing their players as an example of good sportsmanship. But Sherman is a good example of the importance of hard work: That’s how he transformed himself from a terrible cornerback to the best in the NFL.

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  1. Ochosherman’s leadership as a role model will mold all little pee wee football athletes into individuals who selfishly taunt and scream at opposing players and parents.

  2. I really like the way Sherman is handling all this. He knows he didn’t portray himself on national tv like he wants to be viewed and he’s doing his own damage control. Listen, Nike isn’t giving big money to guys that come off crazy on tv and Sherman wants some Nike type money. That’s the Stanford education coming out.

  3. On paper he could be a terrific role model. Compton, CA with two blue-collar parents to Stanford to a position switch to the NFL to stardom to the Super Bowl.

    But then he opens his mouth.

  4. Sherman’s a better role model than a lot of guys in sports. He plays really well and galvanizes his team. Nothing wrong with being outspoken.

  5. Too late Sherman, you will always be remembered for that lame outburst and the end of the NFC Championship Game and Madden’s comment.

  6. He screwed up royally Sunday night but if he proves himself sincere the next time someone shoves a mic in his face after he makes the play that saves the game, He is without a doubt a tremendous role model.

  7. How strange is that? I’m confused. Both Sherman and Barkley are black athletes (one former) and they have different opinions.

    Help me out America. Is that allowed? One of them will get excommunicated, won’t they?

  8. Only Michael Smith would think Sherman is a good role model, how to throw the choke sign, proclaim humility, trash talk your opponents and be a team player, yea I think of Sherman! Wonder what Mr. Smith would have said if Brady or Manning had gone off like Sherman. Hmmmmm. I really think Richard Sherman is a role model, a bad one.

  9. And anyone who tries to continue railing against him for 20 seconds, as if it overrides years of positive work are worse than any of the names they have been calling him in the past week and a half.

  10. Sherman is an incredibly talented guy, and he’s a smart guy. That’s why he gets to other players–he’s smart enough to know how to push their buttons and talented enough to back it up on the field. He’s compared his behavior to that of Deion Sanders, and I couldn’t stand “Prime Time” during his playing days, either. That brand of loud-mouth braggadocio is a huge turn-off for me. They’re not bad people, just examples of bad sportsmanship from my perspective. But success breeds imitation. I’m sure Sherman will be a role model for kids who come after just as Sanders was for him. I only hope he tones it down some.

  11. Keep on beating this dead horse. Flay his hide from his bones and then crush his bones to dust. Bury him and then keep beating on him because that is what “journalists” have become.

  12. In the long run, I think he will be.

    The guy said some dumb stuff. But he’s no chump. He’s a smart guy, and yeah, he’s got supreme talent.

    I’m choosing to give him a pass, though I kind of doubt he really needs a pass from me.

  13. We want you to be a positive role model, Richard. We do too.

    It is up to you. It will take a little more than a few words here and there to change your image. The big question is what you do next time you make a great play on a rival receiver. Is it “in your face” again, or do you do something we would want our kids to emulate?

    Ball is in your court, Richard.

  14. Sherman wants to be a positive role model and the minnysoda lavender Larry toads want a Lombardi.

    Thumbs up for Sherman if you think that will come true.

  15. The team that is dealing with a lot of distractions before the superbowl is often the loser. While the Seahawks are dealing with the whole Sherman drama, the Broncos are figuring out a way to win the game.

  16. Richard Sherman is the best. He will respond to any negative comments & fully back it all up. Just a matter of time before the hate comments get here(pftpoet)… youtube Richard Sherman-from compton

  17. In my opinion you already are! A young black man, Stanford GRADUATE, successful and at the top of his profession(even if it is sports). Sounds pretty positive to me. Now I am sure that there will be others on this site that will try to downplay your accomplishments and make it seem like you’re not but, that’s what negative people do. Keep your head up and keep believing in you!

  18. Want to be a “positive” role model Richard? Don’t spout off and sound like an idiot….would be a good start. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck…….

  19. So D!ck Sherman said he wants to be a positive role model? Sure, he’s a great player, and he was a college graduate, but if he wants to be a positive role model, he’ll want to change just about everything he is known for in the NFL (other than being a great CB). You know, stuff like cheating on the field and then whining about getting flagged; cheating off the field and not taking responsibility for it; being a poor loser and a poor winner; and generally making himself look like a self-centered douche.

  20. Sherman has a golden opportunity to be a role model, to show how someone whose sportsmanship makes us cringe can mature into a great example for other young players.

    Will he seize that opportunity? 50/50.

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