Sapp says Strahan doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame

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Warren Sapp was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last year. He doesn’t think Michael Strahan deserves to join him this year.

Sapp said at Super Bowl Media Day that Strahan simply wasn’t good enough to make it.

“I don’t think his résumé stacks up,” Sapp said, via Neil Best of Newsday. “He only has four straight Pro Bowls and a mythical sack record. When you really measure him up he comes up short.”

Sapp has been complaining for years about Strahan’s sack record of 22.5, which Strahan set in the last game of the 2001 season when Brett Favre appeared to slide down in front of him intentionally to hand him the record. Sapp said while they were both still playing that there should be an asterisk next to his record because it wasn’t a real record; Strahan responded that there should be a McDonald’s next to Sapp’s house because Sapp is fat.

But Sapp is wrong about Strahan’s Pro Bowls. In fact, Sapp and Strahan were chosen to the same number of Pro Bowls (seven) and to the same number of first-team All-Pro teams (four).

Fortunately for Strahan, Sapp doesn’t get a Hall of Fame vote. The members of the media who do get a vote will determine on Saturday whether Strahan will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2014.

185 responses to “Sapp says Strahan doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame

  1. I’m a Bucs fan and I can even admit that Sapp doesn’t belong in the HOF. If it came down to these two getting in on a statistical basis, then then Strahan is the better player.

  2. I think Sapp definitely deserved to get in. He was a devastating force for a long time. Haha, he single handedly almost ruined my 49ers season by concussing Steve Young and tearing up Jerry Rice’s knee with a face mask all in 1 game.

    However, him saying Strahan doesn’t deserve to get in is stupid. Hes probably just jealous because Strahan is making like 10m/yr with his various tv gigs while Sapp had to file bankruptcy.

  3. ProBowls? Jeez – Paul Posluszny was in one this year. Brandon Merriweather too. How does the pro bowl even matter?

    Couple of turds here but Sapp… just lives up to his name.

  4. And you call Sherman a loud mouth?

    But seriously this is GREAT.

    It’s OK for players (current or former) not to like each other.

    And wow Strahan – a McDonalds? – wow. Way to take it up a notch.

  5. Reason number 4879 why Warren Sapp should just spend retirement away from the public eye as opposed to pretending to be a football ‘analyst’. The guy sucks.

  6. Strahan is not a hall of famer

    Warren Sapp I thought was premature and borderline. His hit on Chad Clifton during a game I think was awful and so is his attitude sometimes. Strahan is a much better man I believe worthy of more praise than Sapp for not being a turd. Sapp sold his Super Bowl ring on Ebay too.

  7. Sapp is just jealous that Strahan, with a gap in his teeth big enough to drive a car through, is already more successful on television than himself.

    Lol Sapp…

  8. Not a Strahan fan, but after Sapp got in the standards for D lineman has been substantially lowered.

  9. Bankruptcy hearings should come with a gag order. More trash talk from Sapp……what a surprise.

  10. I like how Sapp calls out Strahan on his on the field accomplishments and all Strahan can come back with is a childish “fat” joke. Not too immature there. How about using the oppertunity to make a case for why you believe you belong in the hall or how you would have still sacked Farve if he didn’t roll over for you.

  11. Always loved Sapp but Strahan has crushed all of his career numbers including over 50 more sacks! They both belong in there. Bad blood has distorted Warren’s view a little bit.

  12. Sapp is pathetic. Jealous much, Warren? Bankruptcy has that affect on a lot of people. I wonder if any of those lost championship rings ever turned up.
    I agree with WS on the sack record, Farve tanked it. But I’m not sure how that reflects poorly on Strahan. In the end this likely aids Micheal’s HOF candidacy. It will focus voters on his achievements, of which there are many.

  13. i am really kinda sick of everyone making a big deal about the strahan sack record. did favre basically slide down and allow strahan to sack him? yes. but if you watch the video, strahan had already beaten his man pretty badly and there is a good chance that he would have sacked favre anyway.

    if you want to argue against strahan i would point to the fact that he was on the right side, facing RTs, not LTs.

  14. Warren Sapp: 198 games played, 438 tackles, 96.5 sacks, 19 FF, 4 INT’s

    Michael Strahan: 216 Games played, 667 tackles, 141.5, 24 FF, 4 INT’s

    Both were 7 time pro bowlers, 4 time all pro and 1 time superbowl winners.

    Sapp did play DT while Strahan was on the end….but Strahan played 18 more games in his career to the tune of 229 more tackles and 45 more sacks….

    Sapp may think he’s only making an argument against Strahan but he’s weakening his resume in the same breath…even if he’s already in.

  15. This is great. Sapp is in one year and now he’s the “decider” on who else is worthy. Sapp has always been on the Whiner All-Pros.

  16. I am a Dallas fan who can not stand Strahan and yes his ONE sack against Favre was a joke. With that said he was one of the best in the league for a long time and is the all time sack leader for a team that had LT. He is a Hall of Famer but that record will always have an * next to it.

  17. Sapp’s motto is: “don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.”
    It served him well as a player and continues now in the media.
    I thought sapp was way overrated as a player and find it funny that he thinks someone else doesn’t measure up. Pot=kettle.

  18. Sapp should be more worried about the asterisk next to his credit score than having one next to strahan’s record. Hurts having your past acheivements scrutinized, doesn’t it, Warren? Strahan has been a success on and off the field. You were as great at playing football as you are being a d-bag…

  19. I think the Sapp’s comment would only help Strahan get more vote than he actual might as some of them who votes the ballot simply hates Sapp.

    Hope Strahan gets into HOF.

  20. Sapps statement on Strahan is just another reason why he doesn’t belong on television…

  21. It could be argued that Sapp benefited from the Tampa 2 defense, be allowed to rush the passer first and play the run 2nd. His numbers might have been inflated compared to other DTs that had to play gap control and read the run more than he did.

  22. One should talk. You second career choice you arent any better at, NFL network must be desperate. BAD

  23. In the end Sapp will be remembered more as a clown and complete buffoon than a great player and HOF’er if he doesn’t learn to keep his piehole shut.
    The guy eats away at his own legacy every time he opens it.

  24. Sapp should just drive off into the sunset and he may as well take Charles Barkley with him.

  25. Warren Sapp is just jealous that Michael Strahan gets paid $5,000,000 a year…. and…. he is bankrupt.

  26. When you compare their career statistics, Sapp looks like he was Strahan’s backup.

    Except for a few 90-year old writers, everyone in America knows Strahan was the better player.

  27. It’s called the Hall of FAME. Not the Hall of STATS or the Hall of SUPER BOWL VICTORS.
    Strahan benefited from the NYC market, but he walked Giants Stadium with Lawrence Taylor, holds the the single season sack record, and won a Super Bowl. He enjoyed a long career and if Lynn Swann and Rayfield Wright can be in the Hall, so can Strahan.

    – A Cowboy fan

  28. Sapp has always been classless, but like Richard Sherman – he knows how to “play nice” (i.e., conceal his true self) when it’s in his best interest.

    As for the Favre “slide down sack” — is it Strahan’s fault? No. But Favre did not do Strahan any favors with that. It was the kind of play that did not belong on a competitive football field – and it set the table perfectly for the kind of b.s. we’re seeing from guys like Sapp.

  29. Nearly identical highlights and awards with one glaring difference: Sacks.
    Based on that, why do you think YOU deserve to be in HOF, Warren?

  30. Oh pull-llease, like Sapp is one to talk.

    Here’s a list of other players in the HOF that don’t belong: Joe Namath, Bob Griese, Bob Hayes, Chris Hanburger, Kellen Winslow, Warren Sapp, Dave Casper, and so many others.

  31. Pro Bowl appearances are such an idiotic metric. People should stop citing them as a reason for anything.

  32. Warren Sapp WOULD drive off in the sunset… but… he can’t since his car was repossessed (due to bankruptcy).

  33. Sapp’s trying to stay relevant now that his playing days are over, but his only relevancy in his latter playing days was negative.

    Warren Sapp danced through the Colts’ warm-ups like an idiot one fateful Monday night. The end result was karma “kicking” in and the Colts winning in OT after a mind-boggling comeback. It marked the end of the Super-Bowl Bucs.

  34. Strahan’s sack record shouldn’t count. Favre laid down for him. I would be pissed if I was Gastineau. Cheatin’ Packers!

  35. Those comparing sack numbers between Sapp and Strahan are showing a complete lack of logical thought. Strahan played END, facing many 1 on 1’s vs. right tackles, a MUCH easier assignment than playing the interior and constantly facing double teams.

    For that reason, comparing the two (and comparing DE’s and DT’s in general) is useless. The voters sent their message loud and clear last year when Sapp got in and Strahan didn’t. But I still think Sapp should shut up and try to handle these questions with some class. Strahan should get in soon, although this is another pretty crowded class of candidates.

  36. Things like this make me wish Sapp had never been a Raider. Time and time again this guy just says things that are unnecessary/idiotic about owners, coaches, players, etc. A lot of times people are asked questions, and we only see the answers which are twisted by the media and create an inaccurate picture of what actually happened; but I can safely say, knowing how Sapp is that he is just being a genuine ass. It’s kind of sad that these people get analysis jobs just because they command people’s attention as opposed to actually being knowledgeable a la Skip Bayless.

  37. Previous comment is comparing Sapp’s lack of knowledge to Skip, not saying Skip is knowledgeable. In no world does Bayless have a brain.

  38. Didn’t we hear this same song and dance last year when Sapp got into the HoF? It just seems rather petty of Sapp to not shut up about Strahan.

    Also, the whole “Strahan only faced RTs in his career” argument was debunked as well with examples of HoF linemen who went up against RTs during their career. Specifically Reggie White

  39. Okay I don’t agree with Sapp… but…

    “Strahan responded that there should be a McDonald’s next to Sapp’s house because Sapp is fat”

    Wow, what creativity and maturity ._.

  40. While Strahan was busting on Sapp’s weight, he should have said “Sapp is like 350 pounds. Coincidentally, 350 is also his FICO score”.

  41. Sapp may be right, but he’s still the biggest ass clown; who by the way is probably less deserving to be in the HoF than Strahan.

  42. Loudmouths like Sapp can blow thru mega-millions per year, but it took me an entire lifetime to slowly build up to a million in savings. $1M is certainly not a lot these days, but it does make me a little happy inside to hear that Sapp is stone cold Broke and in Bankruptcy. I’m normally a quiet guy, but would love to mouth off to this guy’s grill some day, just to see his reaction.

  43. Love both guys, they r both differences makers… Seriously SAPP¿ U shouldn’t have got in when u did. They both r deserving….. Never thought I’d say this bout one of the great Miami players, but SAPP shUt Up.

  44. I agree with Sapp. Strahan was a very good player but I think he is getting consideration for the HOF mostly on the back of that bogus sack record. The league awarded Strahan a sack on a play that was not a passing play. It was a called run to the left and Favre kept the ball and ran over in front of Sapp and fell down. To be a real sack it has to be a designed passing play. That most certainly was not.

  45. Pack another dip and shut your mouth Sapp. Strahan was more deserving than you were. Just because Strahan has a career and probably saved his money doesn’t mean you have to be jealous Warren. I cannot wait until you’re out of money and on the street.

  46. This key quote shows you how stupid Sapp is.

    “But Sapp is wrong about Strahan’s Pro Bowls. In fact, Sapp and Strahan were chosen to the same number of Pro Bowls (seven) and to the same number of first-team All-Pro teams (four).”

    Hey Sapp!!! Ever heard of a computer???

    Ever heard of the internet???

    The guy can’t keep track of others … just like his own finances.

  47. By the way Sapp, how are you special when you only had 1 good season in Oakland???

    Face it. If you were better you’d be more scheme diverse.

    At least Strahan had ability to be a 3-4 player.

  48. strahan’s record is legit. favre rolled out right, strahan was right in his face, there was no where else to go but down. the choice was take a hit and go down, or just… go down. wise decision. it was gonna be a sack either way. congrats strahan. you deserve the record and the hall. sapp’s cheap shot on clifton should have kept him from it.

  49. Warren Sapp must have foot-in-mouth syndrome.

    From 1997-2003, Michael Strahan ammassed 96 sacks. For his career, Strahan accumulated 141.5 sacks.

    Howie Long, who was voted into the Hall of Fame for the class of 2000, played 13 years in the NFL and finished his career with 84 sacks.

    Only four players can say they finished with more sacks than Strahan, that’s impressive (Bruce Smith, Reggie White, Chris Doleman and Kevin Greene).

  50. I’m not sure Straham deserves to be in the HOF, but I am sure that Sapp does not deserve to be there.

  51. Warren Sapp needs be careful before his big mouth costs him his NFL Network gig. I already tune it off whenever he comes on, and I’m a football junkie who was tuning him out long before this flap over Strahan.

  52. I really didn’t have a problem with Sapp until that hit on Chad Clifton. It was a very close game, but Sapp had how many tackles? Zero. None. Nada. He zeroed in for that hit for no reason other than frustration. I understand it was legal, but I always thought there was some “honor among thieves” in the league where players (other than Cortland Finnegan) wouldn’t take ridiculous and unnecessary cheap shots. They both deserve to get in in my opinion as they were both so dominant for so long. But yet again, Sapp is a jerk for doing something entirely unnecessary albeit from the safety of a studio. Does he deserve to be kept out because he’s a jerk? No. But does he lose even more respect from fans? You bet.

  53. I’m starting to wonder how many concussions Sapp has had because he is clearly going insane. He needs to keep his mouth shut because Strahan
    not only clearly belongs in the HOF, but also on the first ballot over him.

  54. Sapp, you should just be happy your in! Worry about yourself & try not to go broke again.

  55. Warren,
    Strahan belongs in the HOF, you cried your way in like your sissy boyfriend Mike Irvin. He has accomplished more than you in his career. Its a wonder you still have a job ( thank Irvin again). Your off field record proves that you are not worthy of the HOF, all that Strahan did was cheat on his wife. U treated yours like a running back.

  56. Strahan has over 200 more tackles and nearly 60 more sacks than Sapp. Sapp never should have been considered for the HOF. He never truly was great and benefitted from playing with other more worthy HOF candidates. Strahan for the majority of his career was pretty much the only guy to stop on the Giants.

  57. Strahan’s credentials are beyond repute and clearly at least comparable to Sapp….It seems clear that Sapp’s real gripe is the fact that Strahan has become a post-retirement media sensation while Warren is stuck in the minors with NFLN, DWTS and BBQ shows….

  58. Takes a real man like Sapp who accepts a huge paycheck from Al Davis and then but for 1 season, stinks up the field and turns around and bad mouths AL. Then beats his wife.

  59. This just goes to prove that these rich athletes do not have real problems. Get over yourselves, both of you, and get out there and help people with REAL problems..

  60. Sapp, like Skip, Steven A, and most of the other ESPN fools, says stuff just to say it… they’d like to be able to shut up… it’s just not within their ability.

  61. Strahan actually had 23.5 sacks in 2001, but was never credited for one in week 4 that year against the REDSKINS. I think the video is still on youtube that shows the ball in QB Banks hand when his knee hit the ground.

    Sapp should just worry whether his welfare check will cover his bill at McDonald’s.

  62. We should listen. Sapp knows what it’s actually like to not belong in the in the HOF.

  63. I may be in the minority but I agree with him. Strahan was alright but HOF? I don’t think he was HOF but I do not believe The bus is either and I like him but it the best of the best not the pretty good of fame.

  64. People think that since Strahan played on 2 Super Bowl teams and in a few memorable playoff games that he was on some decent teams.

    Truth is, he played 75% of his career on some of the worst Giants’ teams in franchise history. All of the 90s and some of the 2000s.

    Given that he racked up much of his stats against offenses who had NO reason to throw once they scored 10 whole points on us and given that he was CONSTANTLY double teamed, he is twice the Hall of Famer that Sapp is. On top of that, the defense Sapp was on for much of his career was loaded.

  65. Being selected as a Pro Bowler is meaningless considering how many players skip out. You’re often left with completely average 9th choice players. The Hall should immediately cease taking into consideration number of Pro Bowls unless they were a first choice.

  66. Sapp is a bum (a broke one at that) and is simply jealous of the success that Mike Strahan has achieved, both on the field and now off of it.

  67. I can’t believe that someone like Sapp would be shooting his mouth off about someone not being deserving into the HOF. Coming from a former drug user should not be tolerated. Mr. Sapp is poor excuse to speak of anyone that is being considered into the HOF.

  68. Sapp was sooooooooooooooooooo overrated and was not even the best player on his D in Tampa yet neither Lynch or Brooks are in the HOF? His coach was better and Strahan yes was also better.

  69. Sapp the marble mouth commentator belongs in prison or the circus not the Hall of fame

  70. Sounds like Sapp is jealous of all the Richard Sherman attention so he’s pulling a page out of Sherman’s playbook. Sapp is trying to denigrate another player to make himself look better. Why doesn’t Sapp just say, “Strahan is Sorry” or “Strahan is mediocre”. Then after the fact he can come back and claim it was just the heat of the interview that turned him into a DB.

  71. Warren Sapp was a generational interior rusher and to trying to compare sack numbers from a 3 tech DT to an Edge Rusher is just dumb. Strahan was a very good player, though I never considered him “great”. Other guys at his position did their jobs better than Strahan though none for as long. Nobody could emulate Warren Sapp. Guy was a terror through the line and to say it was based on the cover 2 shows a complete lack of knowledge of the game. DL responsibilities in a 4-3 front have little bearing on what cover formation is called.

    Strahan was gifted the sack record, there is no question about that. That does deserve an asterisk. And though it’s not his fault, it is going to stay with him.

    Also YES…Sapp is absolutely unlikeable and a loudmouth arrogant jackass who can’t shut up. Doesn’t make him totally wrong though. He is easily more deserving of the HOF than Strahan.

    Strahan should probably get in just because of sacks. Though they are inflated sack numbers due to his compiling of them from extended time in the league. He was very good. Many double digit sack years. But then I can see him just as easily not getting in because he wasn’t “great”. To me if Strahan gets in then Jason Taylor, Simeon Rice, both should also get the nod…. and then Robert Mathis, Dwight Freeney and Jon Abraham when they retire. There has to be a line somewhere. And it should not just go to good guys who have good numbers. To go to the HOF you should have had a lasting mark on the game in some way or have been consistently great. Strahan was a very good player. He’ll be an interesting litmus test for DEs imo.

  72. not only does a McDonalds haunt Sapp but a toilet bowl is always following him everywhere he goes because he’a full of chiat. the raiders nation does not claim this fool.

  73. Numbers are not really comparable between the two in order to determine who should or shouldn’t be in the HOF, as they both played different positions, and that would be like comparing apples to oranges. Sapp’s accolades are notable because he did all of that from the Defensive Tackle position, where it is theoretically harder to get those kinds of numbers in those categories…while Strahan on the other hand, did them from the Defensive End position, where it should be easier.

    Michael Strahan:

    Tackles: 854
    Sacks: 141.5
    Interceptions: 4
    Touchdowns: 3

    7× Pro Bowl (1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005)
    4× First-team All-Pro (1997, 1998, 2001, 2003)
    2× Second-team All-Pro (2002, 2005)
    Super Bowl champion (XLII)
    2× NFC Champion (2000, 2007)
    AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year (2001)
    2× NFC Defensive Player of the Year (2001, 2003)
    NFL Alumni Pass Rusher of the Year (2003)
    Fifth in All-Time Career Sacks
    NFL season sacks record (22.5)
    New York Giants career sacks record (141.5)
    NFL 2000s All-Decade Team
    New York Giants Ring of Honor
    Ranked 99th by The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players

    Warren Sapp:

    Tackles: 573
    Sacks: 96.5
    Forced Fumbles: 19
    Interceptions: 4

    7× Pro Bowl (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003)
    4× AP First-Team All-Pro (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002)
    2× AP Second-Team All-Pro (1997, 1998)
    Super Bowl champion (XXXVII)
    AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year (1999)
    NFL 1990s All-Decade Team
    NFL 2000s All-Decade Team
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers #99 retired
    Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee (2013)

  74. The jealousy Sapp has towards Strahan gets old.

    I’m still scratching my head about how Sapp got in the HOF before Strahan.

    The fact the league keeps him employed is mind boggling…..

    The only thing that should keep Strahan out of the HOF is his friendship with Glazer….

  75. Sapp is only good for 4 things. Smoking reefer, blowing his cash, cheap shots, & running his mouth. Be grateful you still have a job & shut up.

  76. Simple questions ISO simple answers…

    Why do I care what Warren Sapp has to say about anything, and why does he gets a ‘news’ article dedicated to it?

  77. In Sapps 12 year career he went to one super bowl and as for the 11 subsequent seasons his teams never even made the play offs. If Warren Sapp can get in HOF , anyone can.

  78. It’s funny how Sapp “lost” his super bowl ring right before claiming he was too broke to pay child support.

  79. Sapp should keep his mouth shut. When ever he opens his mouth without cue cards (incidentally that someone else wrote) his ignorance come flowing out.
    He needs to heed the old saying. “Tis better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  80. Strahan seems like a nice guy, Sapp like a richard. That said, I agree with Sapp. It’s the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of the Good, Solid, Dependable Player.

  81. Eagles fan here – Strahan absolutely is a HOF’er. Consider the source of the criticism – one a the most over-rated players of all time who has smoke-and-mirrored his way into the HOF. Fire up another blunt, fat boy!

  82. Ok…this will be short. Warren Sapp is just another loud mouth who likes to hear himself talk. He’s nowhere near as intelligent as Michael Strahan
    , so when you’re not smart and can’t think of things to say you have to tear other people down. If that doesn’t do it for you, how about stats. Strahan is 5th on alltime sack list and Sapp is 35th….enough said.

  83. robgilman says:
    Jan 28, 2014 8:36 PM
    And Sapp sat on a stump collecting a paycheck for 3 years in Oakland. This guy is the biggest joke of a human being.


    Not really. ’05 and ’06 he was pretty good. I’d take 15 sacks in 26 games from someone in that spot again.

    He really should have been a pro-bowler in ’06. He would have been if he wasn’t a Raider.

    He made the mistake of wanting to play one more year and losing a ton of weight in ’07.

    I hate the guy but gotta give him credit, even in Oakland he was a good player that was past his prime.

  84. I have no respect for Warren Sapp. He grabbed Jerry Rice by the face mask and injured him so severely that Rice never recovered fully from the injury.

  85. Sapp does not deserve to be in the HOF…i watch the NFL closely i follow my favorite team and follow the NFL year after year week after week..and wow the voters really dropped the ball on this one..I cant even Say Sapp is over ratted because i never hear anyone praise him like they do other HOFers far as NFL football goes Sapp is a nobody…

  86. A couple of things many of you have either missed or else you don’t know much about football. First of all, Warren Sapp was an interior lineman and Michael Strahan played defensive end. Anybody comparing tackle and sack numbers between the two is a moron plain and simple. In fact, if my memory serves me, Warren Sapp had more career sacks than any interior lineman in the history of the NFL (either him or John Randle I believe). Anyway, Warren Sapp is a sure-fire first ballot hall-of-famer for good reason. In his prime he was the best defensive tackle in the history of the game. Michael Strahan was great too, but nowhere near the best in the history of the game at his position. The second thing is to all you people defending Strahan’s sack record. The whole play was scripted right from the get-go. TV cameras caught Favre and Strahan having a conversation right before that play. In the huddle Favre obviously told his team to leave Strahan unblocked and he was going to roll right into an unblocked Stahan. From there, Favre simply hot the dirt right in front of him so he could touch him and get credit for the sack. Anybody with half a brain cell could see the whole thing was orchestrated. I don’t particularly like either guy but Sapp was definitely the more dominant player and his first-ballot status is ligitimate.

  87. Sounds Like Sapp has a big case of the ‘denials’. Hey Warren, here’s the only two lines that matter.

    Warren Sapp: 198 games played, 438 tackles, 96.5 sacks, 19 FF, 4 INT’s

    Michael Strahan: 216 Games played, 667 tackles, 141.5, 24 FF, 4 INT’s

    Although let’s be honest, you’d probably do anything to not know what your two numbers side-by-side look like. Because then you’d realize how bitter and bitchy you sound.

  88. C’mon Man! Sapp don’t be the sap most everyone (excluding your mom of coarse) else thinks you are! “Silence is Golden” man! Mom must have taught you that!

  89. For those of you comparing Sapp’s statline to Strahan’s stat line, just stop it. They played two different positions. While we’re at it, let’s go ahead and compare Sapp’s INT total to Deion Sanders’ INT total. Sapp is a jerk, no question about it. But, he was by far the very best at his position for many years. NFL GMs and personnel still talk about trying to find the next Warren Sapp in the draft.

    One could make a very strong argument that Warren Sapp is the best Defensive Tackle to have ever played the game. That same argument can’t be made about Strahan and the DE position.

  90. All I’m saying is that these two heavyweights warriors belong in the Football Hall of Fame! If Sapp purpose was to create a little controversy he adamantly succeeded! Just look at all the posts! But, C’mon man you don’t throw another warrior under the bus because as as firm believer in Karma it always comes back at you! By the way Sap you suck at game time analysis! Get Chucky to take your place!

  91. I wouldn’t take any of this seriously. Strahan has to realize where the comments are coming from. And as a lot have already stated, they are entirely different players who played different positions. Why would Sapp all of a sudden say something offensive about someone he used to play against? I don’t know, maybe he’s sour about something from back then. When it comes down to it, it’s really just non-sense.

    Hey, I’m not part of the committee that decides who gets inducted or who’s rejected into the HOF, but last I checked Sapp didn’t all of sudden become a member of that same committee. Funny though, he’s talking about someone and referring to their so-called “tarnished” sack record as if he’s stats, without any doubt, entitles him to the HOF. Way to be mature, wait, sorry, forgot who I was talking about.

    Think about it, when was the last time Sapp’s name was mentioned in the news wires before him making this comment?

    What’s next, he’s gonna say MeShawn definitely deserves HOF balloting coz he played with him and witnessed him catch the ball?

  92. Not enough cheese in the world for this wine – er

    FYI NFL Network – get him off the air, no doubt many like myself change the channel rather than listen to him open his pie hole

    Michael – plzzzz, take the high road from now on (even tho the McDonalds jab was funny) (= (= (=

  93. People need to pump their brakes, they both belong in the HOF. For the Sapp haters, he was never blocked one on one!

  94. Warren Sapp always has diaryeah of the mouth. I don’t like his fat butt and never have. Michael should have gone in the HOF before Sapp. He sure lives up to last name.

  95. Brett Favre didn’t do Strahan any favors by doing that fall down in front of Strahan.

    Does he deserve that record? no.

    Does he belong in the HOF? Obviously.

    What is wrong with Sapp? What is the upside for saying what you said.

    1) you’re wrong.

    2) There’s not one person who agrees with you.

  96. Sapp needs to slowly roll off into the sunset and to never be heard from again. What a loser. I can’t stand to watch him or Irving. Both are blowhards and need to shut up. I won’t watch the shows they are on for this reason.

  97. I bet if you asked the coaches and the players in the league who the big dog was….they would say Sapp. the O line and the D line are wear Superbowles are won. If Payton gets alot of heat this week, Denver louses!

  98. Why does anyone even lend credence to Warren Sapp? Sapp lost all of his money, filed bankruptcy, spouts off on an irrelevant sports show and is usually wrong about what he is opining on.

    Michael Strahan, on the other hand, has a great morning show with Kelly Ripa, still has his super bowl ring, and is on a Fox Sports show on Sunday.

    If you ask me, someone’s a little jealous about the Strahan’s ability to remain relevant.

  99. Okay I finally unraveled the mystery of Warren Sapp’s dislike for Michael Strahan.

    Warren Sapp was Brett Favre’s boyfriend. Then Brett Favre broke up with Warren on national television by allowing Michael Strahan to sack him and get the sack record. Sapp was furious to see Favre “cheating” on him with Strahan on national television.

    And there you go.

  100. Sapp wasn’t good enough to be in HOF. My opinion is worthless on this. So is Sapp’s. Is Sapp just being vindictive or has some other problem? Why can’t he just wish a fellow former player well and leave well enough alone?

  101. If integrity is a prerequisite to HOF induction then Strahan doesn’t get in. Anyone who watched that faux sack that Favre handed him and who still believes he owns the record is either an idiot, or is just an idiot.

    And, no, he wouldn’t have still sacked Favre even if Favre didn’t lay down for him because Favre wouldn’t have intentionally rolled out to his right like he did.

    One of the most ridiculous plays in the history of sports and everyone glossed over it because of the two future HOF jackasses involved.

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