Sherman says he’s learned not to attack others


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman won’t be meeting with the media horde at the Prudential Center until later in the day, but he has made the ultimate concession in response to last week’s much-dissected remarks about 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree.

Sherman unequivocally has expressed regret regarding his attack on Crabtree.

“No one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is,” Sherman writes in a new column for  “That’s not mine.  It belongs to Irvin Himmel.  Somebody tweeted it at me after the NFC Championship Game.  If I could pass a lesson on to the kids it would be this:  Don’t attack anybody.  I shouldn’t have attacked Michael Crabtree the way I did.  You don’t have to put anybody else down to make yourself bigger.”


The same mentality applies to Sherman’s past attacks on others, where in the heat of the moment that comes from playing in an NFL game or in cold blood while trying to take down ESPN’s Skip Bayless.  The question moving forward is whether Sherman’s new motto will apply only to comments he makes away from the field, or whether he’ll abandon his affinity for in-game trash talk.

81 responses to “Sherman says he’s learned not to attack others

  1. Good for him. I am a 49er fan, but if Sherman really means what he says, it is good for him, good for the Seahawks and good for the game.

  2. So, it appears to be a two-man Super Bowl this year. Richard Sherman against Peyton Manning.

    C’mon man, there has to be something else, some other story about any of the 104 other players wearing Seahawks and Broncos jerseys that showed up in New York this week, presumably to play alongside these two.

  3. In-game trash talk is another beast. Can’t really fault a person for talking smack in battle. Most people talk a bit of smack to friends and family when playing something as little as UNO or Monopoly.

  4. The only thing he regrets is that his outburst was caught on live national television. This is all about PR crap to try to make him seem like a normal human being.

  5. I actually don’t mind trash talking when guys do it within the game. But when they make the details public to the press, not cool.

    I have no respect for name calling but I have a lot of respect for people who can admit they did wrong, and not blame anything but themselves. Kudos to Sherman.

  6. Sherman’s repeated putting-down of others indicates he’s *not* learned not to attack others. His actions speak for themselves. I applaud him manning up however and admitting he shouldn’t have thrown Crabtree under the bus.

  7. Those a great words for the minnysoda lavender Larry toads to live by. Don’t try and Make yourselves out to be something you’re not. You should gladly except your place being buried under the stinking heep of NFL irrelevance.

  8. WOW !!
    That only took him 25 years !!

    Who knows what he could learn in the next 4 or 5 years
    Please and Thank you ??

    What a Guy !!

  9. This guy is smarter than all of you put together…

    First the comments and getting all the free pub; uni sales skyrocket and $5 M in NEW endorsement deals…

    Then a glimpse into who he really is; intelligent, great family, pulled himself up by his bootstraps…

    Finally redemption…

    An American hero and very well could be SB MVP.

  10. Crabtree is the one the media should have crucified. What a little baby. Even if you lose, a guy comes up says good game and goes for a handshake, you don’t shove him in the face. Dramaqueen crabtree. Glad to see he hasn’t grown out of anything he use to do at texas tech.

  11. Wowww our society is sissifying before our very eyes. He didn’t kill anybody, didn’t abandon his kids, didn’t hit his wife. He freakin’ talked some trash after HIS TEAM MAKES IT TO THE SUPERBOWL!

    And for those saying kids are watching, please, spare us the nonsense. If your child acts up watching a football player, you as a parent aren’t doing your job in the first place.

  12. Sherman is smart enough to know that this is a HUGE moneymaker week for him – and that he reeeeally needs to play his cards right to rake in the endorsement money that makes the Federers and Tigers crazy wealthy.

    This is also the grandest stage for Sherman to set up his post-playing career.

    This guy is going to do everything and anything to conceal his true self.

    To Sherman, I can’t hear you talking — because your years of actions are too loud.

  13. I’m pretty sure there’s a “Skip Bayless exception” to that mantra. Lots of people have made themselves great by showing how small that clown is.

  14. Hopefully he means what he says. Like I’ve said all along he’s not a bad guy. All in all good person. He’s just an arrogant jerk. I know plenty of arrogant jerks who I dont like but I know that they’re also not bad people either. You can be a good person and still not be likeable.

    Time to move on America.

  15. And next year Crabtree will have him for lunch, mark my words. CB’s have a short shelf life, he WILL be humbled! Maybe even this Sunday!

  16. Most overrated player on the most overrated team and he’s an arrogant loud mouth to boot. Their entire secondary is predicated on holding and PI.

    And all the Seahack bandwagoners are diluting themselves if they think the League isn’t going to ensure that Peyton gets his second ring, so have fun watching him pick apart your PEDefense.

  17. Over and over, this guy proves that he is so high on PED’s, he cannot control himself, including his mouth.

  18. This young man is a quick learner, so no more rants. Clearly he will not lose his edge on the field. Talking trash is psychological warfare that every competitor uses in every sport.

    To some it’s a stare, or acting above it all, when you score or even a fist pump, others get loud, but every competitor wants the psychological advantage.

    Sherman would be stupid to change the on the field demeanor, that made him the best corner in the game.

  19. I really dont understand why media and ppl on forums are calling sherman classless.

    lets see he did not use any crass language all he said was that crabtree was a mediocre receiver after he was shoved in face by crabtree.. Sherman at that moment only said hell of a game to that ,oser.. lets see how all the madden and other react when someone slaps them across the face and some one asks them a question immediately after that.

    Forty Whiners and their QB can Mock other players , but that is classy.. Hypocrites..

    What Sherman said was very classy considering the timing and Crabtree behavior..any one who was classless was Crabtree.

    I am not a Fan of any of these team, but it seems that media is just blowing it up for no reason.. Sherman handled it very classily.

  20. Unlike many players in the NFL, you will never hear him attack another player again, he is smart, and means what he says. Hate all you want, he is a great dude 99.9% of the time, and the best corner in the league, at least top 3 if you want to be uber conservative.

  21. Now that he’s had time to think about it and being called out on his classless behavoir, he “claims” to have learned. We’ll see. His entire career he’s been loudmouthed, classless, rude, calling out others, etc.

    Just mention Darelle Revis and watch him explode. No one’s buying it (except Seahawks fans).

  22. Ok Sherman, we get it. You have caught major backlash from this incident and are trying to do everything in your power to turn it around but it will never work. You are known as an arrogant pos and outside of Seattle nobody likes you. Yes you are a good player, but you are a lousy person.

    Another thing everyone should be talking about is the fact that in our Nations Capital, the fans are a disgrace. Throwing food at an injured opposing player, way to go Seattle fans, you are officially the cesspool of NFL Fans. How did you get the name 12th Man? Probably by how many hotdogs and sodas you throw at opposing players. I think if the world were to be given an enigma, it would start in Seattle Washington.

  23. I chewed this guy up for his post-NFCC game comments, for 2 reasons: He publically insulted someone else, and his unmatched level of narcissism.

    I have to take back half of that issue. I must admit Sherman gave a very mature response. To put it in writing for a weekly column, for all to read, leads me to believe he’s sincere about it.

    As far as his extremely high opinion of himself, that is unfortunately a by-product of being able to excel at that level. I wish it weren’t, but it is.

  24. He was clearly roid raging on national TV for all the world to see.

    Shame on the NFL for not testing him on the spot and before all games.

  25. It’s a very articulate and insightful article he wrote for MMQB. Not sure it’s enough to make me a fan, but he’s definitely a more complex person than he’s been made out to be.

  26. In other news, Richard Sherman was told by his agent he is risking millions in lost endorsements by being Richard Sherman, and he needs to change his attitude and me first mentality.

  27. For the apologists that tout his intelligence and his changed ways, a reminder:

    Most normal people learn this lesson by about 5th grade.
    What he said about Crabtree in front of an audience of millions worldwide was deplorable and very WWE of him. Excepting that the WWE is fake and 99% of it’s viewers know this BY 5th grade.

    Hopefully he can keep up the 5th graders of the world now.

  28. “Skip, whenever you refer to me, whenever you speak to me, whenever you address me, address me as All-Pro Stanford graduate, because those are some accomplishments you will never — you can aspire to, you will never accomplish,” Sherman said, right out of the gates. “You have never accomplished anything.” __Richard Sherman

    Feel inspired yet?

  29. When someone (like Sherman) is full of adrenaline, extremely drunk or extremely pissed off – the truth, that being how they feel at the deep down core, comes out. It always does.

    Sherman spoke his truth after the Championship game. All of this mumbo jumbo this week is PR and advertising spin. A 5 year old knows that!

  30. Some kid dropped three kernels of popcorn on Navorro Bowman and now the narrative is that the whole city of Seattle was tossing food and garbage on him.

  31. Good start.
    Now if he can keep his mouth shut during/after the Super Bowl, folks might actually believe he was sincere.

    I’m still betting against such, though. Prove me wrong, Richard. Please prove me wrong.

  32. It seems he understands why people didn’t like his post game interview; which is a good thing.

    Until he proves otherwise, I’ll take him at his word.

    I’m still rooting for Peyton.

  33. I hope this is true, however it’s not like the Crabtree thing was one isolated incident. People don’t become completely new versions of themselves. His long history of disrespecting other players including Roddy White. The attack on Skip Bayless was unnecessary. Before the 49ers game in San Francisco he said that the game was a “glorified practice” and after they actually lost the game he said “we expected to blow them out”. I think someone has probably convinced him he took it too far and that may limit his future, whether endorsements, broadcasting, or even just leverage with the Seahawks in negotiating a new contract.

  34. He was fined $7875 for his outburst.

    What if he had just brushed by that silly twit of a reporter and headed straight for the locker room?

    He would have been fined at least $25,000.

  35. I was quick to jump on the guy when he made the remarks against Crabtree, so i feel obligated to weigh in on this. He could’ve easily not addressed the situation in this manner, but he chose to. The way he did it was a great message to send to the younger fans. I must give credit where it is due. Just dont forget it, win or lose next sunday.

  36. “oreo51 says:Jan 28, 2014 12:03 PM

    Some kid dropped three kernels of popcorn on Navorro Bowman and now the narrative is that the whole city of Seattle was tossing food and garbage on him.”

    The video doesn’t lie bro. Navarro Bowman was being carted off the field after a horrific injury and Seahawk fans dumped popcorn on him. Real classy. The Seahawk organization also had to hire extra security after multiple fans from other teams were attacked at Seattle games. Seattle is getting a well earned reputation as a city full of DBs acting exactly like Richard Sherman.

  37. Meh, I found his tirade a little refreshing. In a world where I could watch Hoodie bore me to death vs. Sherman I take the latter.

    I bet if he gets his 10 minute cool down period post game he could less assertively have trashed Crabtree and we’d have hated him less. Oh wait he did.

    I find Sherman’s approach as stated mediocre. “Me-di-o-cre”

  38. It always amazes me how high and mighty you trolls are. Really??? Its entertainment. If I want my kids to learn I teach them. Anything that happens on TV has no affect on my kids. Everything is a teaching moment. If you don’t want your kid acting like that be a good parent. He’s an NFL player, I like watching him. He doesn’t affect the moral compass of America. That’s your job you trolls and you’re doing a heck of a job. Get a life.

  39. Correct, the video doesn’t lie. I watched it. 7-8 kernels of popcorn fall down on the cart as Bowman is being driven into the tunnel. Nothing “dumped” No trash or garbage. No drinks poured. Or any of the other instant urban legends out there. Looked to me like someone’s popcorn spilled as they were leaning over the railing to look down. Zero evidence as to whether it was intentional or not or even whether it was a Seattle fan or one of the many 49er fans present at the stadium.

    As to Sherman, I hope he doesn’t turn into a PR-spun creation. A brash, unfiltered, passionate Sherm is good for the NFL and for fans of the game.

  40. You know what they say about KARMA………on a nuetral field, Peyton will make Sherman and the overactive D.

    Seattle’s D is excellent, BUT, Peyton know where he is going with the ball.

    There will be ALLOT of holding, pass interference not called……but it won’t matter.

    Peyton will be on fire, and Sherman will walk home with his tail beneath his legs.

    But, a classy Peyton will tell him “good game” and mean it, versus what the loudmouth Sherman would have done.

    Broncos 27-17.

  41. “Video only showed popcorn being thrown so that is all that happened”. Just because there is no video of beer ,hot dogs and other items bouncing off of Navarro doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Keep spinning.

  42. If Peyton Manning torches the Seahawks’ secondary, it would be great in the eyes of the Sherman apologist for Manning to say in the post game interview,

    “Why are there 3 All-Pros in that secondary? Those guys suck. Further, the AP voters should have their voting privledges revoked. They’re morons for voting for Thomas, Sherman and Chancellor.”

    That would make Manning the classiest guy ever. Just like Sherman.

  43. The Seahawk apologists make me laugh! They spent all their energy defending him…then when he says he was wrong…which he was….then you start saying “all you high & mighty people, blah, blah,blah”. It cracks me up!

  44. I’ve been saying that Sherman has no class for a while now, but this statement from Sherman makes me think twice.

    Sherman admits that what he did was wrong. Maybe Sherman can learn. I’ll withhold judgement for now, but I like what he’s saying and how he’s saying it.

    I guess everyone flies off the handle now and then. We’ll see if Sherman lives up to his (latest) talk.

  45. sorry but am I missing something ?

    How is “no-one has ever made himself great by showing how small someone else is,” and trying to say how small Crabtree is again, rather than learning from having it done it in the first place.

    “showing how small someone is” ?

    Oh how he’s learnt.

  46. Two replies to two comments: “The only thing he regrets is that his outburst was caught on live national television. This is all about PR crap to try to make him seem like a normal human being.”

    I am SO glad that you can read minds. What a gift that is!

    ““Video only showed popcorn being thrown so that is all that happened”. Just because there is no video of beer ,hot dogs and other items bouncing off of Navarro doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Keep spinning.”

    There is also no evidence that reptile people don’t come out of the ground during a full moon, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    You must have been an A+ student in logic class.

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