Stephen Ross: Dennis Hickey will be “responsible” for Dolphins’ roster

At a press conference introducing new General Manager Dennis Hickey on Tuesday, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said Hickey will be “responsible” for the club’s 53-player roster.

Ross also indicated executive vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte will report to Hickey.

While there had been recent chatter that the Dolphins’ General Manager might not have full roster control, Ross’ declaration about Hickey’s authority is in line with what the Dolphins’ owner said about the General Manager’s role as Miami began its search for Jeff Ireland’s replacement earlier this month.

The Dolphins hired Hickey, formerly the Buccaneers’ director of player personnel, on Sunday.

14 responses to “Stephen Ross: Dennis Hickey will be “responsible” for Dolphins’ roster

  1. From about to be canned in TB to having full control over a roster. Once you’re in the NFL you really never have to worry about falling out.

  2. Well, so much for the “experts” claiming for weeks that the Dolphins organization flow and hierarchy was a mess with Aponte. I guess you and all the Haters will need to find something else to slam the Dolphins with.

    For the record, I am not sure this guy is going to be great, but neither is about 25 other Teams GM’s either. The bottom line is he has over 20 years of Personnel/Scouting experience and has GOT to be an improvement over J. Ireland.

  3. I wonder if Stephen Ross’s wife is upset that Dawn Aponte gave him a Hickey.

    Note to guy who posted earlier: Hickey came from Tampa, genius. He was already in Florida.

  4. What Ross said is Aponte will “report to” Hickey, but he didn’t say he has the power to have final say over her. When it comes down to a disagreement between Hickey and PhilAponte, Ross will still have last word. A true GM has full power, but this guy is just glorified scout who got the job because no one else was as desparate. Last season I wisely cancelled my NFL Ticket once Ross retained Philbin & Ireland because I knew things would be bad, and I was right. This year, with Philbin still on board, things will be worse.

  5. So all the responsibility but not the authority. This will end well.

    Ross should just name himself GM. Anyone who will take the job in that environment is unqualified by definition

  6. Oh my we may have gay GM on our hands. Did you see this guy press conference? I know he says he married with children. I just dont see a straight man making those kind of movements with his body when talking

  7. If the phin “phan” could only reverse their “polarity” to “positive” …

    the power resides in the house spirit
    the house spirit can carry the team

    phin phan you have to rise up
    pretend you are at your kids game and support your team like you would your kids. win or lose

    folks, negativity begets negativity
    downer debbie and negative nancy maybe just find something else to do with your time?

    slates clean every fall try to appreciate that.
    it’s a season and how many will we get to watch?

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