Tebow to co-host GMA on Friday


In Denver, Tim Tebow jumped a spot on the depth chart.  In his new place of employment, Tebow is jumping past a lot more rungs than that.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tebow will co-host ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday.

The connection is obvious.  Tebow now works for ESPN, and Disney owns both ABC and ESPN.

Still, it’s a meteoric rise for a guy who, despite having a clear connection to the location of the game (he played for the Jets) and one of the teams involved in it (he played for the Broncos), remains as green as green can be when it comes to the world of TV.

Still, Tebow continues to sell to a mainstream audience, which is precisely the demographic to which the morning shows cater.

The development comes in the same week that ESPN’s Skip Bayless actually wondered aloud whether Tebow could have led this Broncos team to the Super Bowl.

32 responses to “Tebow to co-host GMA on Friday

  1. What’s the over/under on how many minutes into the show before Tebow accidentally breaks into a “PRAISE THE LORD! WOOOO!” shout?

  2. Thanks for the warning. Now I know to avoid GMA Friday. I will only rip on St.Timmy of Gainsville, I refuse to acknowledge him as a Quaterback. Bayless be damned.

  3. I thought that the “First Take” producer was reportedly taking over the “Today” show.

    Apparently it doesn’t take much for a program to be stupid.

    What a disgrace his presence when Amy Robach is fighting breast cancer and Robin Roberts has done everything she can to overcome it.

  4. This is disgusting and what’s dumber is that the other physical waste of space (Bayless) still has a job.

    Bayless and Tebow are meant for each other because they’re glorified Kardashians.

    Talentless hacks with too much air time.


  5. The two wastes of airtime and space, Tebow and Bayless, should co-host and the producer should have Richard Sherman pop up as a surprise.

    Then Sherman could make the show less dumb by pointing out something truthful and smart: he’s better at life, academics, sports, and speaking than Bayless and Tebow are.

  6. Guess I’ll be watching TODAY on Friday.

    Other than selling his ‘religion’ for personal gain and profit, what has this guy done again? Oh, that’s right. Nothing. Enjoy your idol, sheep.

  7. Tebow is probably better at life than Bayless. So the mainstream audience will get a chance to see if broadcasting is the way for Tim, to go with his future.

    But Timmy, whatever you do, don’t give in to the temptation to take off your shirt and flex your triceps for the desperate housewives of America.

  8. Just what I expected to read. Blogs from jealous heathens. Those who never stood a chance to achieve any of the things Tebow has, plus didn’t have the smarts to know that only through God is anything possible. My prayers for the poor lost souls and prayes to Tebow for staying true to his beliefs and knowing who he is.

  9. This guy is an enigma to me. He stinks as a QB and yet he gets all these offers to do stuff like this.
    I just don’t get the fascination with him, I really don’t.
    I don’t dislike him, but I do wish he’d go on a mission somewhere in a place like Nigeria for the next 10 or 20 years. Because after all the ballyhoo here in NY, I’m sick of hearing about him.

  10. If you talk to players that were his teammate you will find they all liked him. Very hard working, friendly and just an all round nice guy.

    I guess most of the posters have never seen Michael Strahan on Live! with Kelly and Michael. He does a great job and is making millions$. I believe the networks are testing Tim Tebow for a similar role.

  11. ABC is just trying to remind everyone that they exist, since they do so poorly in the the morning show race and in the over all sports broadcasting field.

  12. “If you talk to players that were his teammate” …

    They talk about him the way you talk about a golden retriever, or someone who rides the short bus to school.

  13. Tim Tebow can’t find a QB job. I blame Jesus. Neocons, I pray for you to wake up from your Tebow Idolatry and admit you were wrong. Oh wait, as Christians, you’re never wrong.

  14. Well, he worked hard for it …WTF am I saying? Exactly what on his resume qualifies him for that? Meanwhile, unemployed journalists walk around begging for jobs and the GOP calls them lazy.

    This is exhibit #1 why many are unemployed. They don’t have that name or connection.

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