Tebow to co-host GMA on Friday


In Denver, Tim Tebow jumped a spot on the depth chart.  In his new place of employment, Tebow is jumping past a lot more rungs than that.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Tebow will co-host ABC’s Good Morning America on Friday.

The connection is obvious.  Tebow now works for ESPN, and Disney owns both ABC and ESPN.

Still, it’s a meteoric rise for a guy who, despite having a clear connection to the location of the game (he played for the Jets) and one of the teams involved in it (he played for the Broncos), remains as green as green can be when it comes to the world of TV.

Still, Tebow continues to sell to a mainstream audience, which is precisely the demographic to which the morning shows cater.

The development comes in the same week that ESPN’s Skip Bayless actually wondered aloud whether Tebow could have led this Broncos team to the Super Bowl.