Terrance Knighton: San Diego loss showed us we couldn’t just show up in playoffs

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It probably comes as no surprise to you to learn that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning generated the most attention at Broncos Media Day on Tuesday.

Somewhere behind the scrum waiting to hear from Manning were members of the Broncos defense, a group that hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention as Manning and the offense even after they picked up their game in the final weeks of the regular season and playoffs. Broncos defensive tackle Terrance Knighton said that he felt the the defensive resurgence began with a team meeting after the Week 15 loss to the Chargers.

“The whole defense got together after the game, huddled up and guys just said how they felt about how we were playing and that it was about that time we step up and peak at the right time,” Knighton said. “I told everybody how I felt … you can’t just show up in the playoffs and start playing well.”

Linebacker Wesley Woodyard said that every loss teaches you something about yourself as a team and as a player. For linebacker Danny Trevathan, the lesson was that the defense couldn’t leave all of the pressure on the offense to bail them out.

And that’s just what’s happened. After allowing more than 26 points per game over the first 14 games of the season, the Broncos have allowed just 15 points a game over their last four as they’ve advanced to Super Bowl XLVIII. More of the same this Sunday will put the Broncos in good position to make it a sweep of the final five games.

13 responses to “Terrance Knighton: San Diego loss showed us we couldn’t just show up in playoffs

  1. Well they barely showed up for the playoff rematch with SD. Luckily for them SD never showed up at all and they skated out of there with a win.

    You’d think they’d have learned that lesson last year when the Champs put them down at their house.

  2. man, the broncos d-line got that right. they rushed and put a lot of pressure on Rivers for 3 quarters. May the best team win the superbowl this year.
    — from a charger fan.

  3. Sometimes, you have to reach rock bottom in order to find yourself. The talk has been all about the Hawks D, rightfully so, dont be surprised if the Broncos D plays out of their minds Sunday, cant wait.

  4. Sounds strangely like the Colts D resurgence in 2006. They allowed about 375 rushing yards to the Jags in a blowout loss about week 12 or 13, then got things in order, replaced Gilbert Gardner with Rob Morris at Sam, got Bob Sanders back, and went on a defensive tear. Made life a little easier for Manning and co. Beat the Pats in the AFCCG… I’m seeing a pattern here.

  5. Yeah Ben, he looked very embarrassed throwing 400 freaking yards and holding the Lamar hunt trophy. The broncos defense was also embarrassed about giving up 16 points to the patriots. shame, shame, shame

  6. The reason Peyton is so good is because he looks for the short route first. As Chris Cooley recently broke it down on sports radio, most QBs go for the big play first, whereas Peyton will always take the open man short. He reads short to long to the outlet receiver. That is what makes him great – risk management! Most NFL personnel men and coaches are horrible at risk management.

  7. NY Giants put up 23 on Denver, 0 on Seattle.
    Dallas put up 48 on Denver, last year 7 on Seattle.

    Denver hasn’t played anyone nearly as good as Seattle on defense, and Denver’s defense has benefited from an offense that can run away.

    Won’t happen this time.

    Only the refs can keep it close.

    Double digit win.

  8. Oh two can play that game. Denver scored 51 on the titans. The seahawks scored 20. Broncos scored 37 on the Texans. The seahawks scored 20 on them. That’s a 31 and 17 point differential while Seattle won both by 3.

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