Vilma shares the secrets of beating Peyton Manning on Super Sunday

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Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk at the Super Bowl included a visit from Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who knows a thing or two about the Super Bowl — and a thing or two about beating Peyton Manning in a Super Bowl.

So what did Vilma and the Saint do to pull off a victory over Manning’s Colts in Super Bowl XLIV?

“In my opinion, you have to study him,” Vilma said from the 30 Rock set of Pro Football Talk at the Super Bowl.  “Don’t just study the offense.  You’ve gotta study him.  His mannerism, his throws, who he likes to throw to. . . .  I would say I was blessed that I had those two weeks to prepare for him, because the first week I couldn’t really get it all.  Then there was the second week I finally started to get a bead on [him], this is literally after practice, hours of watching film on just him.”

So what did Vilma learn?

“I learned, back then, I learned that he didn’t like the back shoulder,” Vilma said.  “He didn’t like the back shoulder throw.  Especially down the seam, it was always lobbing it over.  I learned some of his signals, I learned at the time, that he gives signals, if he’s really audibling or not, and this is back then, I don’t know what he’s doing now.  There were a lot of things I was able to pick up.  Then once you go into the game, it started to just come to me, it became second nature, and I was fortunate enough to have [defensive coordinator] Gregg Williams, so on Peyton they gave me that freedom to make the checks.  If you see it call it, if you don’t, don’t, and if you’re wrong so be it, we’ll live for another day but it was great for that.”

Vilma wasn’t the only Saint who put in extra time.  Cornerback Tracy Porter attributed his game-clinching pick-six to “great film study.”

Which means that, four years ago, Peyton had a tendency or a tell.  The challenge for the Seahawks is to find whatever hints and clues reside in Manning’s game now.

The only way to get there is to study, study, and study some more.

48 responses to “Vilma shares the secrets of beating Peyton Manning on Super Sunday

  1. You mean he shares his secrets for beating Peyton Manning and a Colts team he played on five years ago? Very helpful. Did his suggestions include getting Pierre Garcon to make a critical drop?

  2. Tell me one secret in this article that Vilma shared?
    Manning doesn’t like the back shoulder…but what QB does?
    It’s a low percentage throw unless you have Megatron or Fitzgerald on your team

  3. Mike Tyson, of all people, likely knows the secret when he stated something to the effect, “Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face.”

  4. The vikings will always be better than the packers and their fat boy fans.18 division titles the most in the north the packers will continue to be one and done in the playoffs.#SKOL!

  5. A well disciplined defense can hope to contain Peyton Manning. At least they don’t have to worry about him rushing for yardage so that gives them a fighting chance to shore up their odds by planning really well. Maybe they can find a way to create an INT or two. At some point Peyton should call an Omaha QB Draw, they won’t be expecting that and it could be good for like 3 TDs.

  6. How about boneheaded onside kick to start the half that you got lucky to recover, or a bounty on Peyton’s head that earns you an extra $1000..

    If Im Vilma or any other defender tied to that embarrassing bounty gate, I’d shut up and be glad I only got suspended for the few games I did, and let my Def Coordinator and Head Coach take the brunt of it..

    “If you cut off a snake’s head, the body will die” DISGRACEFUL..still

  7. I’m glad the Viking fans can Bragg about winning division championships!!
    Can’t blame them for keeping their expectations low because they simply have won nothing… Period..
    If you don’t win a Super Bowl you are no different than the other 31 teams.

  8. We don’t need secrets to beat Manning in the Super Bowl. We got this!


    Legion of BOOM!

  9. Everybody knows when game is on the line that Peyton will throw into tight coverage. Thats why he has so many one and dones in playoffs. I thought he would do the same against New England but he really stepped up. I see him throwing 2 pickS against seattle to lose the game

  10. I really don’t see how the secrets to allowing manning to throw for 350 yards will help the Seahawks. My guess is Manning will throw for more than 1 TD this time around. If he hits 350 and multiple TDs, I don’t think the Seahawks have the fire power to match. Lets be honest the Saints won that Super Bowl for two reasons: (1) Pierre Garcon’s drop, which if completed may have led to a TD drive (the colts were rolling early), and (2) the ambush to start the second half. Thankfully, the Broncos do not have Hank Baskett to fumble the onside kick! I will never look at the Saints as a legitimate Super Bowl winner because of the onside kick. In my view, they could not beat Manning straight up and had to get gimmicky. I want the two teams to duke it out straight up and win based on talent, not trick plays at random times.

  11. I must have watched a different game, the Saints dominated the Colts the last three quarters, outscoring them 31-7. Brees completed 82 percent of his passes and Porter sealed it with a pick 6.

  12. I don’t know if I would agree with others who state the Saints only won due to a dropped pass or an onside kick. The Colts were winning 10-0 at the end of the first quarter. The Saints went on to outscore the Colts 31-7 for the rest of the game. It seems once Williams and Vilma gave enough time for Manning to reveal his tells he was figured out. I do remember watching the game and seeing Manning stare down receivers and call audibles back to the same plays again and again. In fact, Tray porter stated after the game that he attributed his famous pick-six to reading Manning before the play and knowing he was going to throw it to Reggie Wayne (Porter’s assignment) again. Manning is a very good quarterback but Vilma is correct-he is not invincible.

  13. Some of these comments are so funny. Garcon dropped the pass, got lucky on the onside kick, got lucky on one play, Hank Baskets drop of the onside kick…ever stopped to think that the Colts did not play as good as the Saints did that day?
    Oh, regarding targeting Warner, and Favre, I’m sure none of the other teams in the NFL try to put a clean, yes I said it, CLEAN hit on opposing QB’s…The Saints won the Super Bowl by playing smart, tough football, so cry all you want about bounty gate and luck, it does not change the outcome…

  14. The easiest way to beat Peyton is to have Tony Dungy foist an incompetent head coach, Jim Caldwell, on him.
    Though I do wonder why Tony so hated Jim Irsay and the rest of the Colts to handicap them so.

  15. Freeney’s lis franc injury at the end of the Jets game was huge factor. Freeney was playing great, and was a shell of himself in the Super Bowl. Without a pass rush, and a suspect secondary, Drew Brees was able to pick the Colts apart.

  16. The Saints held Peyton to seven points in the final three quarters, so yeah, I’d say Vilma and the Saints defense had an idea of how to play him. He can be beaten. I think the most important thing for Seattle is to be extremely physical with Denver’s receivers. Disrupt them at the line, mess up their timing and blow up their pick plays, and it all falls apart. That’s gonna be especially important if the front four of Seattle can’t get to Peyton on a consistent basis.

  17. Ambush!? are you kidding me !? Its called good coaching, played a large part in why they won the game….pick 6 anyone? 18 unanswered points?? … A win is a win, especially in the superbowl doesnt matter how you cut it up. No such thing as 1 1/2 super bowl rings, plain and simple, Payton out smarted and out coached Caldwell.

    Seattle D > Peyton ” Choke in big games ” Manning

  18. Here’s another “secret” move payten off his spot. You don’t have to sack him, just make him move around. This will throw off his timing with his receivers

  19. Gee coltssteve, bitter much. How about the Saints outscoring the Colts and the vaunted Peyton Manning 31-7 after the first quarter and 25-7 in the second half. That may have had something to do with it. Manning, ONCE AGAIN, choked with all the marbles on the table. As usual.
    All you “Bountygate” losers should get a life.
    The only chance Denver has is to establish a good running game. If you leave it to Manning, game over.

  20. So… onside kick is “gimmicky”, but Manning doing all his gestures and calls at the line is not. Riiiight.

  21. 80% of comments……….

    Any team PManning is on that loses a game…it’s everyone else’s fault.

    Any team PManning is on that wins??????Its all due to how great manning is, how much he prepares, his work ethic,…..yadayada

    That pick 6 against the Saints….you guessed it, ALL RWaynes fault…….

    GO hawks!!!!!!!

  22. OK, some of you have not been paying attention! The whole “bounty” thing was a fabrication. The Saints are no different than any other team in terms of having a defense that tries to hit the offensive players on the other team.

  23. Dave61548, Now you know that N O did not have a bounty thing. Only N E and Bill B. ever did anything wrong. Just listen to some of these fans that do not like N E and Bill B. They will all tell you that N E and their coach Bill B. are the only team and coach that ever did any type of wrong in the last 35+years. According to them, all N F L teams and their coaches are all Angels with the exception of N E . So that would tell me ,that according to these different N E and coach Bill B. dis liker’s that you keep seeing and hearing from on all of these different web-sites, N O and all of their players were real nice guys and never did any thing wrong at any time.

  24. The Saints Really out Coached them in the Superbowl. Jim Caldwell is a poor head coach, or at least was a poor head coach, hope he does a better job now.

  25. What’s considered cheating, hitting your opponents players, QB hard with referees standing there that can throw a flag, OR videotaping your upcoming opponents sideline signals and using it to figure out the next O or D play. Then watching through binoculars from the press box during the actual head to head contest and radioing down to your O or D captains to adjust on the field?

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