Zach Miller: Practicing against Kam Chancellor is no fun

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The Seahawks allowed fewer passing yards per game and per play than any other team this season. What’s more, opposing quarterbacks combined for a league-worst 63.4 passer rating against Seattle, which led the NFL with 28 interceptions.

Yes, the Seahawks are just a little tough against the pass, which is one of the many reasons Super Bowl XLVIII is so compelling, given Denver’s wonderful passing game.

Seahawks tight end Zach Miller knows Seattle’s secondary well, and take it from him — even practicing against this defensive backfield is no picnic.

“In training camp, we go against those guys all the time. Really, they are physical, and it’s tough to practice against them,” Miller said Monday, according to a transcript from the NFL. “Practices against [strong safety] Kam Chancellor is one of the toughest things I do all year. He’s such a physical safety. He’s huge for a safety that can run, and he can hit.

“So having that guy, and the corners obviously; I don’t go against them quite as much, but I see them play constantly and we battle at practice. Receivers are battling against the corners, tight ends against safeties, linebackers, that sort of thing.

“They’re just physical. Sometimes it seems like it’s illegal because it seems like it’s not fair, but they’re just winning. They’re jamming you up, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it.”

The Broncos will have a chance to do something about it on Sunday night, but if they experience firsthand how Miller feels in practice, the Seahawks will be on the right track as they try to win their first Super Bowl title in franchise history.