Derrick Coleman: I don’t use my hearing aids as an excuse


Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman wears hearing aids and doesn’t always catch everything the quarterback says, but he doesn’t think it’s fair to blame his hearing if he misses something.

Coleman told reporters today that he relies on his lip reading and doesn’t think he has any more of an excuse to miss an assignment than any other player.

“For me, I just read lips,” Coleman said. “I never really had any or caused any problems, and if I ever did, I made sure it was corrected before I ever went out there. I don’t ever really use my hearing aid as an excuse. I’ll find a different excuse before I use my hearing as an excuse.”

Even with his hearing aids Coleman can’t hear as well as most people, but they improve his hearing significantly.

“I always use a scale from zero to 10, zero being completely deaf and 10 being perfect hearing. About eight, nine, 10 is everybody else – normal hearing. Without my hearing aid, I’m probably about a two. With my hearing aid, I’m probably about six, seven, eight, depending on the day,” Coleman said.

A six, seven or eight is enough for Coleman to do his job, with no excuses.

16 responses to “Derrick Coleman: I don’t use my hearing aids as an excuse

  1. Amazing what he’s been able to accomplish in the NFL after a 15 year pro basketball career.

  2. The people that don’t understand the trials of hearing impairment are those who have no problems in that regard. DC has lived with his problem, 24/7, for his entire life. Sure, he could have given in to it early in life, but not only did he rise above it, but has gone on to have a career in a capacity that so many of us “normal” people can only dream of. I say, more power to him.

    That he has such a likeable personality is even more to his credit. There are so many with physical abnormalities that are mean-spirited and hostile to the “normal” world. Take pftpoet for example.

  3. I notice the “journalists” weren’t bothering with Mr. Coleman yesterday. I’m sure his comments would have been compelling. Of course, inspirational and deserving doesn’t sell or offer sufficient click-throughs, or those currently suffering heart failure over the fact Marshawn Lynch didn’t spend an hour expounding on his favorite Real Housewife yesterday would have spent their time talking with Derrick Coleman, Michael Robinson, or the undrafted Doug Baldwin, Jr.

  4. hat off to this guy who’s overcome his own adversity. You have to win your battle first before helping other to win and this guy has done it. Congrats making it to the superbowl. Best of luck in the superbowl.

  5. Yeah seeing how the Vikings will miss the playoffs again it is unlikely that Seattle and Vikings will play.

  6. The Seahawks are a tale of two teams.

    The offense is full of classy individuals with great, feel-good, backstories, who actually look like they’ve been there before when they win.

    The defense is full of loud mouth, unlikeable, classless sore winners, no matter how they try to spin it in pre-rehearsed press conferences.

    If you heard sound bites from these two units without knowing the identity of who said them, you would never, ever guess they were in the same locker room.

  7. For some reason I just dislike the Seahawks but the more I find out about the rest of the team, other than Richard Sherman, the harder it is to dislike them. There are some real class acts on the Seahawks and as a Ravens fan, I can’t believe I am posting this.

  8. I wonder if his lip reading comes anywhere close the “Bad Lip Reading” takes on the NFL. Google it if you haven’t seen it.

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