Dolphins announce they’re parting ways with Brian Gaine

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Throughout the meandering search for a new General Manager in Miami, it appeared incumbent assistant G.M. Brian Gaine was interviewed as the fallback position, in case no one else wanted it.

Now that they’ve hired Dennis Hickey, there’s no room for him.

The Dolphins announced they had mutually parted ways with Gaine, after he was passed over for the job.

“I want to thank Brian for his contributions to the Miami Dolphins,” Hickey said in a release from the team. “We both agreed that this decision was in everyone’s best interests going forward. This will allow Brian to move forward in his professional pursuits and the Dolphins to move forward with our 2014 plan.  I want to wish Brian the very best in the future.”

Such a split was inevitable, as the Dolphins try to bring their splintered power structure back together. Being too close with fired former G.M. Jeff Ireland proved to be a hurdle that was too great for Gaine to overcome.

14 responses to “Dolphins announce they’re parting ways with Brian Gaine

  1. You seemed to ignore the part where they said “mutually parted ways”. It’s more likely that Gaine, after not getting the GM gig, decided Miami wasn’t the place for him anymore realizing he had no opportunity for further career advancement than what your saying about his relationship with Ireland being a factor. But…nice article

  2. “This will allow Brian to move forward in his professional pursuits and the Dolphins to move forward with our 2014 plan.”

    … so you’re saying we do have a plan? hmm, that sure escalated quickly.

    Accepted the job on Sunday.
    Has a plan for the entire year on Wednesday.

    Wow, no wonder Ross really wanted THIS guy (cough cough). If he can work this fast, then I don’t know why more people weren’t knocking on his door over the last month.

  3. It blows my mind that by this time next week Miami’s front office will be probably me the former #1 and # 2 from Tampa Bay???? Tampa has picked up some decent players that past few years but they have accomplished nothing. What are the Dolphins thinking?

  4. Yes, I’d say they mutually parted ways. Not only was he passed over by Hickey, a man with an uncertain future with his former organization, but the job was offered to 3 or 4 other candidates and turned don by most of the lot. Now they want him to come to work under a man who was considered to be last on the list. Damn, Ross.

  5. Most of you tools have no clue and post nonsense. This was Ireland’s main assistant, his wing man the assistant GM. Of course he was going to be let go if he didn’t get the job. Hickey will bring in his own assistants, that’s how it works.

  6. You claim he has accomplished nothing in TB he was apart of TB winning the SB. He was there for 18 years. Being in one organization for 18 years is an accomplishment.

  7. It’s amazing how many people are trashing everything Miami does. They were one win away from the playoffs, and beat 4 of the teams in the AFC playoffs. All Hickey has to do is improve 2 or 3 guys on the O-line and keep the defense somewhat intact and this team is in the playoffs.

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